I would love to raid the wardrobe of…Iekeliene Stange – Yours Truly

How refreshing Iekeliene Stange is! The Holland native stands a mile out from the dull ‘off duty’ uniform of other models, wearing their skinnies, leather jackets and worker boots (which by the way – I am SICK of!) With a childlike naivety to colour, and a fondness for over-doing the accessories, Stange has become one of my favourite models – and those cheekbones! Ooh they could cut glass! I love the way she clashes hoisery with her outfits, and over-indulging in pins badges and brooches…time to raid my own collection I think!

Back stage at Galliano – Stange has developed a taste for photography, extending from a childhood hobbie, she is often seen with her camera backstage of shows.

I love femininity, her boldness, and her incredible spectrum!