Ice Cream, Cupcakes and Your Sweet Love… – Yours Truly

It would appear England is actually having a Summer this year, as yet again the weekend was a scorcher! I find hot weather so awkward…I love wearing layers and the hot weather definitely makes this a non-negotiable no no! (Telling an elderly gentleman he could walk past, as once again I disturb commuters for the sake of an outfit photo! Oops!)

These pretty little Bee print shorts I’m wearing were a birthday present from my younger sister from Urban Outfitters, they’re so light and cool! My jersey blouse is Topshop and the bag is Celia Birtwell, idea for carting my numerous bulky cameras around in!

This weekend was Joshua’s 21st Birthday. Yes that’s right! Our Birthdays are in fact 5 days (and..ahem 4 years!) apart! I had the whole day to set up the his house (with help from lots of friends!) with balloons and streamers and of course, embarrassing baby photos! My friend Gemma and I also got creative in the kitchen! Joshua is a sucker for Strawberry Cheesecake (his dessert of choice!) so we created these (I’m sorry to brag but they really were!) GORGEOUS Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes from scratch!
On Sunday after the party madness, I had a few hours to myself in Brighton whilst Josh was at work. I stopped in a little cafe on the lanes and set up camp with a cup of jasmine tea, and chorizo and wild bean pancakes…Yum!

We then proceeded to spend the remainder of the day, basking in the glorious sunshine on the beach!

Summer is definitely here if it’s hot enough for a 99!
Below I’m attempting to align the instax image…it’s harder that it would seem! (Plus you get some VERY funny looks!!)

In other, perhaps more exciting news we are Italy bound in one week! I’m so excited! I’ve started gathering all my holiday bits together and I just can’t wait! I’ve also got heaps to share with you all, including some very exciting vintage themed news! Ps. For those who enquired via my tumblr the link for some eBay bits I’m selling is HERE. I’ll putting much more on after my holiday too, so I’ll pop another link up then! 

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