If At First You Don't Succeed… – Yours Truly

Proceed to make an idiot of yourself! Or at least that was my philosophy First of all let’s get the outfit photo out of the way! I’m wearing an old Topshop playsuit with a jersey shirt and my new H&M jumper over the top. Comfy and warm…bliss! The scarf was a present from a couple of Christmas’s ago and my boots were from

My younger sister Chloe and I went for a picnic today…However the weather had something else in mind and we ended up drenched and cold, huddled under a tree waiting for a taxi to take us to her place! For further evidence of this please view here!

Back in the warm and dry and our picnic commenced with red pepper humous, olives and pitta! Yum!

And a cheeky little treat of Mississippi Mud Pie cupcakes!

Chloe with her two childhood toys, ‘Humphrey’ the Hippo and the imaginatively named ‘Snowman’! My elder brother and I used to tease her rotten by making Snowman ‘fly’ across the room! Poor Chlo!

A photo on the drawers in her room..I’m probably about seven or eight here, making Chloe three or four. The dog we have with us is Meg, who unbelievably only passed away this year, a few weeks short of turning 18!

Now do you remember readers, how after my moped accident I swore that I would finally learn to cartwheel in celebration? Well I’m true to my word, and the following are my attempts! First of all…Chloe is the MASTER of cartwheeling! Not only does she make it look so easy but she can do it perfectly, time after time after time!

Here I am nervously preparing for hurling myself over the wet field…Readers, what follows is by no means graceful!

Most of which resulted in my nearly falling over, either from a lack of balance or a fit of giggles! My second round of attempts….(oh dear god!) What I lack in grace I certainly make up for in perseverance. However it seemed the weather took pity on me, and the heavens opened once more resulting us having to run inside again! I look like a broken Barbie doll for crying out loud!!

Thank you for all of the questions I’ve been receiving via my tumblr or email, some have really made me laugh! I’ll be working on the FAQ feature within the next week or so. I also have some really exciting posts in the pipeline which I’m so excited about but I can’t share with you yet – hurumph! Hope you had a great day too!

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