I'm Laughing At Clouds Up Above… – Yours Truly

Scattered showers, a wintery chill in the air… What better to do on a lazy Sunday than spend it with a close friend being thoroughly leisurely? We started the afternoon with a delicious roast lunch, taking our time to finish our drinks and chat, before heading off for a little woodland walk…

These photos were taken at a place called ‘The Rye’ which is a large park on the outskirts of our hometown. This little man-made waterfall is hidden away right by the back and unless you knew it was there, you probably wouldn’t stumble upon it!

I’m wearing my trusty new H&M faux fur stole, Zara winter coat, Topshop trousers and my favourite vintage blouse from the lovely Alec & Margaux at The Splendid Suitcase. The fit is incredible and the fabric is such a good quality that you certainly wouldn’t find anything like it in modern retailers nowadays!

It feels tremendously Katherine Hepburn-esque! Which of course can only be a fabulous thing! Richard…looking very much the Sunday explorer…

A close up of the waterfall…

And Autumn leaves! I LOVE Autumn, it’s my favourite season so I can’t wait for it to be in full swing. All those pretty colours!

Speaking of pretty colours, look at these gorgeous rowboats and their bunting! We’ve used them in the past but unfortunately today they were closed, so a row down memory lane wasn’t possible.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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