I'm Sticking With You… – Yours Truly

Good evening from a cold and rainy England! First of all, hello to my new readers who may have stumbled here thanks to my recent post on Modcloth. Pop the kettle on, pull up a chair and make yourselves welcome! This weekend was spent in the ‘Shire with Joshua and his family… I nabbed this little floral skirt in one of the nearby charity shops for a measly £3.50! Wonderful!

I’ve also (serious face here..ahem) recently found a new winter coat from eBay, which although I was a bit dubious about at first (there is so much fabric!) is actually growing on me. Gotta love 3/4 length sleeves (for those of use who aren’t blessed with never-ending limbs!)
I’ve lately been inspired by the look that Gwyneth Paltrow adopted as Sylvia Plath in the2003 biopic when it comes to my hair (which is need of some dye!) I love her loose, neat curls – and the costumes she wears are also very inspiring. Just don’t go sticking your head in an oven please. Another serious photo(pout pout pout!) believe it or not Josh caught me unawares with this one…

Josh makes a feline friend…

After our ramble in the woods, we stopped in at the local bakery, where they made me possibly the greatest Christmas sandwich I have ever had! It was just too delicious!

The next day it was off for a bit of a creative afternoon! I wore my new H&M high-waisted shorts, with a tweed bow tie and old Topshop mustard tights…

We went with Josh’s sister and her husband to take Josh’s nephew to paint some pottery!

Which of course meant paint nearly everything besides the pottery!

Josh was engrossed his vase project…

Lots of fun that has left me knackered now! Thank you to everyone who has entered the Modcloth giveaway so far! I’ll be announcing the winner this week, so if you haven’t entered..What are you waiting for! Hope your Christmas shopping is going well!

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