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Well first of all, I have a new header for the blog! I thought it was rather overdue, as the old header was taken from a photo in my old house! The new version, features the top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom. As you can see I have an antique Singer sewing machine (1891!) and Hermann the Antique monkey who hails from a Berlin flea market. Accompanied by trinkets such a Welsh lady bells (previously belonging to my Grandparents) a taxidermy butterfly, various perfumes and a shell lamp that was my parents right up until I moved out to go to University! I have also have stones from Brighton beach which are dated from special occasions I have had there. I love how much sentimentality you can pack into one little space! Anyway! Remember a while back I mentioned getting a Fuji Instax 100 on eBay? Well here are some of the snaps I’ve been collecting since then…

Joshua and I went for a night out in Brighton together, first of all stopping in to see a Blues musician called Louis B, before going to dance ourselves silly at a retro music themed club. Unfortunately we looked a little less immaculate hours later!

Walking back from Sainsburys with bags of shopping in the pouring rain, I noticed how beautiful this garden looked…So beautiful I dashed back out despite the torrential weather and snapped this surprisingly sunny looking shot!

Brighton seafront, I gave Josh my ice cream to hold whilst I took this…and it came back nearly finished!

Getting excitable at a boat race in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

Joshua, his sister Natalie and her adorable son Taylor, who is showing you his belly button!

Joe and Emma’s fledgling garden.

The Brighton Pavilion at dusk.

All dressed up for my younger sisters 21st birthday.

Flowers at a graveyard we visited

I love his obsession with colourful 1970’s shirts… ♥ I hope to take this camera to Italy with me, along with plenty of film! PS. Don’t forget you can now follow this blog via facebook too! PPS. And if you haven’t already, have a go at entering the Material Girl magazine giveaway on the post below! 

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