International Women's Day – Yours Truly

To all my female readers…Happy International Women’s Day! Three cheers for being a girl! Obviously I am aware that I’ll never know what it’s like to be a man, or to operate in an ‘XY’ kind of way, but for the record, let me state – I love being a female! I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I have freedom to be whatever kind of woman I want from one day to the next. I can express myself verbally and creatively in any way I choose, and I suppose if there was any day to count your lucky stars then today would be it. Hat – Borrowed from Becca, Pintuck White Shirt – eBay, Taupe Mac – eBay Tan Leather Belt – H&M, Stripe Necktie – Car Boot Sale Gold Iris Brooch – My Nannas, Vintage Black Wool Trousers – Beyond Retro Without being entirely aware that International Women’s Day was approaching (I had a vague memory of its date!) I coincidentally spent some of my free hours this week reading about some of the atrocities forced upon women and girls around the world, provoked by a link to this article. The nature of these articles can quite literally make your heart ache, leaving you overwhelmingly sad for the mindless pain and torture inflicted upon girls as young as six. My own memories of that age are nothing but sun-infused snapshots of happiness, with the knowledge I was safe and loved, content to play outside with my siblings. Becca has convinced me – I’m definitely getting one of the hats for myself! A campaign I have long supported and been moved by is ‘It’s a Girl’  a documentary film and thought-provoking organisation that highlights the female ‘gendercide’ occurring in India, China and other parts of the world.  It never occurred to me, and I doubt it has to many people, that simply due to the geographical location of my birth, and laws and society I was born into – my parents were filled with nothing but joy when their baby girl was born. Not once was I considered a burden, or a costly mistake – there was no dowry lurking in my future, and I would have the same rights to an education, a job, a house, and any lifestyle choice I desired in my life as my elder brother. That awkward moment it starts to rain quite heavily during your outfit photos… Last year I took part in a photographic project by the very talented film-photographer Sophie Davidson. She created a zine called ‘Girls’ featuring nineteen young women (including myself) talking very openly, honestly and sometimes explicitly about how it feels to be a female.  The pleasures and hardships, the pros and cons, the biological idiosyncrasies that separate us (sometimes dramatically!) from the opposite sex. The magazine is available for PDF download here. I really recommend giving it a read – it’s pretty inspiring stuff and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. Channeling a bit of Annie Hall perhaps? I love the pin-tuck bib on this shirt! For what it’s worth, my own views on what it’s like to be a woman (as I mention in ‘Girls’) is based primarily on the women that I consider inspirational to me.  Writer Maya Angelou, artist Frida Kahlo, singer and activist Joan Baez, actress and activist Mia Farrow – just some of the famous women who I feel an affinity with. My incredible Mum, who provides me with unquestioning, unequivocal love, support and friendship, and has done the whole of my life. My little sister who in the face of adversities she faced last year, remained strong, elegant and so beautiful, with a ready smile and her unyielding capacity to care for others. In determining who they were, I found they all had a common feature – their strength. I painted on false eyelashes with my liquid eyeliner, a little more subtle that the full 60’s look! The lipstick is Rimmel 110 from the Kate Moss range. I adore the female capacity of strength. The strength of love, courage and tenderness. The strength of power, both physical and mental. The strength of character, integrity and justice. The strength that every Mother in this world has had to push another human into the world – I mean seriously! As someone who has yet to experience childbirth first hand…I’m in awe! The full outfit – I am living in these trousers right now! They fit so well! My white brogues are old ones from Topshop. I’ll leave this post with the closing paragraph I wrote in Sophies zine.  ‘My personal definition of being a girl is the ability to be a completely unique, multi-faceted person from one day to the next. Being a girl brings a magnitude of abilities which I think are so delicate and inexplicable. There are so many personalities and fractions of characters that I don’t think the modern girl could be described very easily at all. And I suppose I rather like that.’ Now ladies, won’t you join me in a dance around the bedroom to this…! Ps. Photo credit – Becca Field