It's my Birthday & I'll buy if I want to…. – Yours Truly

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and to start – I’m going to Paris in September as my present! I can’t WAIT! I’m going to start researching some good shopping districts for vintage finds and find out where’s good to eat! I hear Paris is notorious for it’s tuna steaks!! (can you tell I’m excited!) So back to the days celebrations! The boy and I packed off to Brighton for the day, for some sunny seaside adventures. We were tottering off after parking the car when what did I spy?

A Nissan Figaro in Mint Green – the exact kind of car I am lusting after.

We larked about on the beach for about an hour or so, juggling pebbles and trying to skim the furthest. I fell in love with this Merry-Go-Round, it had a segment on the inside with a little mechanical band playing the music. (I love Merry-Go-Round music!)

And check out this super cool Chopper!
Look how blue everything is!! It was truly a beautiful day!
Then we hit the pier with the arcades, amusements and RIDES! whee! There was no way in hell you were going to catch me on this one…

We then met a very proud Italian seagull…

And in the market place spied some mouth-watering watermelons!
After a quick refuel of Club sandwiches in a side cafe, we went for a mooch around town – I bought some DVD’s I’ve been meaning to get for ages including ‘Lolita’, ‘Virgin Suicides’ and ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ all 3 of which I watched painstakingly episodically on youtube! An adorable shop with a positive outlook (it sold birthday cards and wrapping paper)
As we walked past this garden I was stunned by how much life they had crammed into such a small space! That evening we drove up to my parents and my Mumma made a delicious homemade pasta bowl…I ate like a pig!! Here are some of my finds from the vintage stalls in the Brighton Lanes. This gorgeous tin jewellery box was something I was unable to resist despite how many I already have! For £3 it would have been a crime not to buy it! These bits are some props for a shoot I have planned – and some NERDS from Cyber Candy, a retro sweet shop that sells sweet treats from all over the world! There’s one in Brighton and one in London – near Covent Garden I believe. I had a wonderful day – good food, fun and some adorable finds! I have another post to quickly follow this one – I have had a revelation in my 23rd year already!