J'aime Nos Dimanches Paresseux! – Yours Truly

Believe it or not….I’m not in Brighton in the following post! Joshua came back up home for the weekend, which meant we could give poor Brighton a well earned rest from my blogging! Instead we pestered the Thames in Henley (the town where my new job is!)

I’m wearing a bottle green felt hat from Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane, a H&M cardigan and bamboo tights, a cute little tea dress from eBay (I love the waistband!) and my brand new two-tone brogues which were sent to me by the lovely people at Modcloth (more on that another day!)

It was a bit of a battle to get some photos where my hat wasn’t being blown off or hair wasn’t obscuring me completely! Talk about adverse elements! And yes…That poor little vanity case is still being lugged around! I just adore it!

We had a wintery stroll by the Thames (after I put my coat back on!) It was so lovely and peaceful…

Having a bit of a chat with the puddle ducks (including a punk-duck with his little feather mohawk!)

And then a first for all of us (Josh, his parents and myself) We spotted a black swan on the Thames. Apparently this is very unusual as they normally dwell in lakes and only stop over in these parts during the Winter (Josh’s Dad is like a walking Wikipedia!)

Then when the cold got the better of us we started walking towards the centre of the town…Pausing only for an ogle at the patisserie goods!

Before arriving at the rather grand Town Hall…

For a vintage fair! Wohoo! Anyone would think I planned it all along (wink wink!)

Josh was wearing his new vintage Levis shirt/jacket from Brighton market, with a vintage print shirt, and a ‘three pence’ medallion…Oh swoon! He has the patience of a Saint being dragged to these things! Thankfully he’s a bit of a vintage lover too… Isn’t the decor lovely? The duck egg walls were such a pretty surrounding for all that gorgeous vintage!

I don’t think Sundays could get any better! Hope you’re all very well and not getting too stressed with your Christmas shopping!

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