Jewel Stones & Clashing Tones… – Yours Truly

Every cloud has a silver lining. Firm believer of that one personally. So when my clothes rail collapsed last night with a tremendous crash, I set about laying the poor garments on my bed until I could figure out the type of surgery the dilapidated rail required… And these two were flung together like a pair of star crossed lovers…

How have I never noticed their glorious Quality Street wrapper clashing tones before? Ah because geek that I am, I keep my wardrobe in colour order, so they had never met!

The jacket and dress were both from a small charity shop in Reading, where I used to live. From what I can recall they were both obscenely cheap too!

This adorable frog ring (I have a bit of an affinity with frogs thanks to a childhood nickname!) was from a market in London a few years ago…I love how it looks like he’s clinging on for dear life!

You may also notice the little gold saracen sword necklace I’m wearing. It was originally my Nanna’s…how bad ass was she?!
And thank you to those who have expressed concern, the rail is holding up fine. We had a few shaky moments last night when it was kept under observation, but thankfully this morning it seemed back to its old self… What it doesn’t know is that two new dresses are arriving from eBay soon! Whoops! I won’t tell if you don’t! Ha!