Julie Verhoeven – Yours Truly

I have been a fan of Julie Verhoeven for ages! I first discovered her in a newspaper cut-out in my school art room, and I’m not too proud to say that I stuffed the cutting into my sketchbook! I love her vibrancy, and the sketchy and surreal style with which she illustrates. So imagine my delight (that quickly turned to disappointment!) when I saw that she had illustrated some soft furnishings for H&M (only available everywhere but where I am, hence disappointment!) Below are some of the pictures from the new collection – which I LOVE! And of course, some examples of Julie’s incredible style.

Oh I WANT that duvet set so bad!

( I love both the outfits above and below, and yet they’re so different! That jacket is amazing!)

Isn’t she awesome? I have a tear-out of a magazine from ages ago, where she talks about her style and her influences, it’s now on my mood board. I think I might try and be a bit more colourful this week!