Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon… – Yours Truly

Well…That is if you consider cross country hikes lazing! I consider myself pretty lucky to live an area surrounded by such pretty countryside, the perfect way to escape the concrete jungle that cities and towns can seem like after a long week! So after a week that really dragged along, my friend Gemma and I went off for a ramble in Marlow… (Note to self, don’t rely upon Gemma for outfit photos again! She makes me giggle so much that I end up with about twenty unusable shots!) My outfit was inspired ‘Bright Young Things’ and the character Agatha, who wears masculine attire throughout. In the heat however I left the wool slacks at home and opted for a pair of skimpy shorts – tres risque! I was also inspired by the beautiful jewellery designer Jessica De Lotz, and her penchant for unusual headwear! The gorgeous blouse I’m wearing is from a new vintage seller I have recently found, and promise to share with you soon (very excited about this one!) The waist coat was from a charity shop and my little wicker bag is an old Topshop find would you believe it?

Proof I am fighting fit…!!!

I’m pretty much entirely recovered from all of my ailments now, and it’s lovely to finally be wearing proper shoes and not having to rub aloe vera gel into my cuts and scabs! I don’t think I’ll ever take walking normally for granted again! (I developed a horror-movie-esque lurch in my first few weeks of healing!)

The town and river were bustling with life, both animal and human!

A pretty little church sitting right on the River Thames…

Sheep who didn’t take a blind bit of notice of us!

The pretty English countryside…

A passage we should have in retrospect, explored further!

This week I’ve also been keeping busy, raiding all salvaged bits and pieces of fabric I own and preparing them for a huge patchwork quilt I intend to finish before Christmas time (ie. when it starts getting really bloody cold!) I’m still in the compiling stages right now, keeping my eye out for sweet vintage fabrics and swatch books in charity shops!

I’m also investing in a new sewing machine in a couple of weeks time and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start making bits and bobs again! All of which, whether successful or not I shall share with you! Hope you’re all having a lovely week!

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