Life Is Beautiful… – Yours Truly

I’m afraid this is a bit of a mix n’ match post! However…First things first! How do you like my new hat?!

I picked it up at a decor market stall in Italy and I’m pretty certain the lady who owned the stall thought I was stark raving mad, judging by the looks she gave me as I tried different styles on my head (“It’s no hat!” She tried to say in English!) However perhaps she didn’t realise that her decorative item was going to undergo a bit of tomfoolery with my glue gun and a slide grip…and Voila! Being born again as a cute little fascinator!

Which quite incidentally was a perfect match for this recently acquired skirt (previously a dress that I modified). They just seem a match made in heaven! The skirt/dress was an eBay purchase, the blouse is from Topshop and my sandals are by Office. They are the only shoes I can wear right now…Check out my rather fetching bandage!

We spent a very relaxed day on the beach and pier (I’m not too proud to say I was actually pooped on by a seagull prior to the photos above!) before heading to our friends home for evening drinks and a good catch up…More on that another time! (I promise it’s exciting news!) Look at him being all happy at being tall…!
The evening before we had dined at ‘Bills’ which is an organic specialist restaurant and market…It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had! And how adorable are the table settings?

And prior to that? Well I went along to celebrate this little guy (Joshua’s nephew, Taylor) turning three years old! Guess who’s been tucking into an ice cream!

It was a wonderful party for the little guy, with miniature steam trains for the children to ride on, food to nibble at, and a bouncy castle to exhaust yourself upon! (I had to opt out of that one…pout!) I also made a new friend, in eighteen month old Evie…Isn’t she just too sweet?
I also attended my school friend Sarah’s wedding to her childhood sweetheart a little while back. Doesn’t she look beautiful? I was meant to be a bridesmaid too, but unfortunately at this point I was still pretty bad at walking and I didn’t want to take any attention away from Sarah on her big day!

Myself and my dearest Gemma (the friend who I went on a countryside walk in a previous post!) at the wedding reception…

I also saved a butterfly! It’s a terrifically long winded story, but suffice to say with a bit of rest and TLC this pretty little thing set off out of my bedroom window and into next doors garden!
And I also received some Get Well (and please stop fighting mopeds!) flowers from my friend Richard…Aren’t they just beautiful? My room smelt heavenly for days!

Sincere and massive gratitude to everyone who commented on the post below. It’s so very touching to read the sweet things you have written. I hope these photos reassure you all of my well being, and how happy I am to be hobbling around still! I still feel so very lucky. Give me another three to four weeks for toe healing time, and I’m gonna learn to cartwheel in celebration!!

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