Little Thing… – Yours Truly

So just a very quick little something I wanted to share with you all. A while ago I was approached via my lookbook account by Little Thing magazine – a completely gorgeous Chinese magazine with fantastic editorials, off the beaten track articles and really unique styling, so of course I said yes! Below is the copy of the magazine that they were kind enough to send me. The best bit was showing my parents! Although I’ve had some recognition for my style before with ElleGirl and the Rankin exhibition this was the first foreign magazine they had seen with my style in it! ( I was also featured in a Brazilian magazine but they didn’t send me a copy! Rubbish!) I think the fact it was something they could psychically hold made a bit more real for them…ahh bless!

I’m really happy with how they formatted the pages, and I love how certain english words pop out of the script!