London Dates… – Yours Truly

Well firstly, I live about thirty miles away from London in a market town, and my boyfriend lives (as if you hadn’t twigged by now!) in Brighton. So meeting up can be expensive, take a lot of planning and one of us has to do all the legwork, depending on who’s visiting whom.

So! Brand new solution that we’re hoping will become a more regular occurrence, when obligations prevent us from sharing our weekends – we’re starting London Dates!

It’s about as close we’re going to get to the half way point between us, and London is a hub of hidden treasures and delights waiting to be discovered!

So without further ado…our first trip!

This gorgeous dress I’m prancing about in, is a vintage find from Beyond Retro. It has a breathtaking shoulder-less scalloped design, and fits me perfectly on the waist which is such a rarity in vintage!

To give the dress more volume I am quite literally wearing every tutu skirt I own underneath it!

We visited two museums in London, the second of which I’m showing you guys today was the Museum of London, Barbican. For a start it’s FREE! As are most of the London museums and galleries so you can return as often as you like! The museum documents London history throughout the ages, and whilst the ‘Great Fire of London’ held a lot of interest for me, it was the 1920’s- 1940’s section that really had me foaming at the mouth! Check out this 1930’s taxi cab! Imagine riding in that to get to work!

Or these exquisite beaded flapper dresses from the 1920’s….

I recently ventured into modern terrain and bought a new mobile phone, my previous one having lasted me six years…perhaps not quite this model…
I also loved all the Royal Memorabilia displays, there is something so fantastic about the monarchs of the last century…

How adorable is the print on this little girls Coronation Day dress? If only I get one in adult size!
The displays also continue right through to the modern day. How amazing are these BIBA shoes from the 1960’s?
There was also a section with children’s toys and TV shows from the 1950’s…unfortunately it was pretty dimly lit so my camera wasn’t having any of it! Did manage to snap this cute dress up toy though!
So there we go! As I mentioned, the Museum of London was the second we visited, so in a future post I’ll show you where we went first. Hope you’re all very well, Ps. I just realised Joshua doesn’t feature in any of these photos, so it looks like my date was a solo affair! Oops!