Liberty Love…

For a start, let me just say that 5.30am is not a time that really exists in my world.
Gone are the days of my ‘sensible office job’ which required early awakening, and to be honest, I rarely crawl home in the wee hours anymore either.
So should you want to find me at that time, best bet is that I’m enveloped in my duvet!
However, always up for a change of pace – I quite willingly arose at the ungodly hour a fortnight ago, to venture on a commuter train to London, with one dreamy destination in mind!
I had been invited to Liberty, for a scarf styling breakfast, where over nibbles of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee we were going to be taught everything we wanted to know about their iconic silk scarves!
I woke up bleary-eyed, but a woman on a mission! Pulling together an outfit of H&M tights, an eBay paisley dress and favourite Topshop brogues, I was out of the door in about fifteen minutes flat…
And packed in my ever trusty vanity case, all essentials for a day of blogging. I have to say, it felt wonderful to have a day solely dedicated to Yours Truly!

And although she features in the photos below, now would be a great time to say that I had the pleasure of meeting Kristabel of ‘I Want You To Know’ (as well as the lovely Camilla of ‘Into The Fold’!)
Kristabel very kindly took these outfit photos for me. It was wonderfully deserted when we started to snap, then every man and his dog decided to appear! Typical eh? Thanks Kristabel!
Back to the scarves! For those of you who don’t know, I actually specialised in Print Design during my fashion degree, and have always adored the insanely beautiful prints that Liberty create.
With that in mind, I was delighted to meet this lovely chap, who designs the Liberty scarves! He has full access to the archives at the click of a button and was able to talk us through the varying prints and how he develops and tweaks them to keep them fresh each season.
The print geek in me was practically frothing at the mouth as we talked through his creative restraints with regards to Liberty’s heritage.
Now there’s a dream job!

Myself, Kristabel and Camilla with our first attempts at scarf styling…

There were several scarf ‘specialists’ on hand to talk us through the scarves, and show us varying ways of styling them.
Not only was I delighted to be playing freely with the expensive silky beauties, but I was amazed by the stylists knowledge and enthusiasm for their work.
What this wonderful lady didn’t know about scarves, seemingly wasn’t worth knowing! Drawing her inspiration from all corners of the globe, her passion was infectious!

A cheeky pose with my stylist! I loved this chunky braided style I’m wearing.
The beautiful Liberty ladies…
So many colours! Urgh! So much beauty!
Myself and Kristabel with the braided style – perfect for hiding festival hair or in my case…Dark roots creeping in!

I’m going to work on a scarf-styling post inspired by the wonderful creations Liberty showed us. I can’t wait to show you how simple they all are!

Thank you so much to Liberty for inviting me, and what a delight it was to meet Kristabel and Camilla (and have a cheeky lunch with Dulcie who is lucky enough to work there!)

Also please check reviews on outdoor cat shelter on my friend’s blog.

Love Yours Truly, x

Brick Lane

Last Thursday I journeyed up to London in the rain and gloom, with the sole purpose of trawling the notorious vintage haunts for something truly special to wear to an event I have coming up.
Believe me, I know better than most that my wardrobe is already filled to bursting (a perpetual ‘clear out’ situation always seems to be in motion!) but sometimes it’s just lovely and frivolous to have something new to wear to an occasion, and to feel all the more amazing for it!

With a bit of change in my pocket, and comfortable shoes on my feet I set off! My main port of call being Brick Lane and the Shoreditch area – where row after row of second hand clothing shops sit neatly next to each other, all a stones through away from the famous Spitalfields Market.
The skirt I’m wearing is a fairly new find courtesy of eBay, I love the slightly abstract palm print, though I did have to make some amendments to the cut with my sewing machine – I don’t think anyone but Jessica Rabbit has hips that curved!

My insect bracelet is an old favourite from my Uni days (it’s battered and falling to bits!) and my nail polish is by ‘& Other Stories’ – I am literally obsessed with their brightly pigmented beauty products lately!

My camel jumper is from Topshop a couple of years ago, worn with a velvet bow tie from H&M. 
My coat and vintage vanity case were both eBay finds, and my blinding gold shoes (which remind me of exotic old ladies!) are from Primark (I couldn’t believe it either!)

As you can see I’m still enjoying being reunited with my yellow eye make up! Worn with ‘So Chaud’ lipstick by Mac. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying wearing bright cosmetics again, especially when the weather is so grey!

And so what treasures did I find on my little shopping excursion? In all honesty – not a lot!
Isn’t it always the way when you have a bit of free money to spend?
I tried reliable favourites like ‘Beyond Retro’, and ‘This Shop Rocks’ but alas nothing really jumped out at me!
I guess the real success of vintage shopping is to not be searching for anything in particular.

So with my event looming this week, I still haven’t a clue what to wear, but I’m optimistic!
I know I’ll hash together something out of golden oldies in my wardrobe, and then probably feel ten times more confident and comfortable than had I been wearing something new.

Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
I look forward to sharing the results with you!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Back To Blogging…Again!

Well…Long time no see eh? After a month or so away from blogging, I realised I’d had a little break about the same time last year.
It was much for the same reasons to be honest. It’s nice to step away from madly trying to document everything, to enjoy the Summer, company of friends and seeing new places.
That being said, I still found myself carrying my camera around, even if I wasn’t always snapping outfit photos! Doh!
A few weeks back, I went to London to visit my friend Richard to go view The British Music Experience at the O2.

I based my outfit on a pair of textured black skinny trousers (unfortunately the amazing black-on-black pattern doesn’t photograph very well!) teamed with a beautiful velvet smock dress from Monsoon, that I found for a snip on eBay.
My cardigan is H&M, the coffee pot necklace was my Nanna’s and the scarf worn on my head was a thrifty find from Berlin.

I had a bit of an epiphany lately when it comes to my sartorial choices. I felt that I had been playing it safe when it came to colour in my outfits.
I recalled how adventurous I was in my late teens, wearing blindingly-bright theatre paint on my eyes, and lusting after anything multi-coloured or visually interesting.
Whilst those foundations have remained, I have felt a little uninspired lately (perhaps another reason for the break!)
So although still relatively subtle, this outfit felt like a step in the right direction – I even reunited my eyelids with yellow (in shadow not theatre paint this time!)
As for the exhibition…It was awesome! Richard and I have long bonded over a shared passion for music, and this amazing exhibition had us dancing and singing all the way round!
And despite being told off for taking a photo, I couldn’t resist slyly snapping a few more for you to see!
There are six different rooms which each contain a different decade, and all the music, paraphernalia and social history, to give you a full idea of how British music evolved and developed.
The Beatles obviously got a little mention…

1960’s frocks that were worn by Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark…
Glam rock! As a huge fan of T-Rex and Mr Bowie, I loved this room!

And of course, a healthy dose of the Rolling Stones, including this daring catsuit by Ossie Clark, worn by Mick Jagger (phwoar!)

The information that the exhibition provides is so interesting! Learning about how America and Britain competed to get ‘the latest sound’ and how political and social events influenced what we listened to was great to found out about!
Plus with so many soundbites, videos and headphones dotted around – we were literally in musical heaven!
After all that excitement, an iced tea was deemed essential!
And although I haven’t been blogging, I have kept up with sharing on instagram, including some recent purchases, like this retro fabric duck (a surprise car boot find!) a beautiful woven kimono jacket from the Zara sale, a new bedside lamp fromMade and a whole heap of beautifully coloured cosmetics from & Other Stories!
I also holidayed in Berlin with Joshua (a post to come soon!) visited Arundel Castle with some friends, had a giggle and a catch up with my younger sister, and celebrated Ava Lily turning two! 
And news just in (well about a week ago now!) I had my hair chopped off even shorter!
I’ll give you all a proper look soon, but suffice to say I am thrilled with it – the hairdresser did an amazing job!
So there we have it! I’ll be posting regularly from now on, and have quite a lot of backlogged adventures to share with you too!
Thanks for sticking around!
Love Yours Truly, x

Betty Magazine…

Some of you may remember a while back I did a post featuring my favourite magazines. Entitled ‘One of My Little Pleasures’ I showcased some of my favourite publications and reasons why I adored each. It was a fun piece to write and great to share with you all – never did I expect anything to come of it!
So imagine my raised eyebrows and excitement as an invite from the editor of Betty Magazine (one of the magazines I’d featured) was found in my blog inbox, asking me to attend the Betty magazine Summer issue launch…Umm..Yes please!
After much deliberation (and discarded clothes covering my bedroom floor!) I picked my outfit, which is surely the hardest part of any important occasion!
The floral corset top is originally from Topshop (I found mine on eBay)I teamed it with a vintage high-waisted cream skirt, in the hopes of looking fresh, and not too twee!
May we also take a moment to mention these absolutely gorgeous wedge heels? Originally from Office (again, another eBay find!) the bright tomato red is eye-popping! And as unbelievable as it might sound, they are incredibly comfortable! Always a bonus!
Now where would be the fun in such an event if I didn’t have someone to share it with? 
So I asked the beautiful London-dwelling Dulcie of Human Sea if she would like to come with me, and thankfully she did!
Dulcie is ever the lady, wearing a vintage peter pan collar blouse, with LK Bennett shoes and cardigan, a vintage poodle brooch and her enviable Orla Kiely rivera silk skirt. I just adore that print!
Seemingly quite co-ordinated! I promise it wasn’t planned!
My vintage vanity case rubs shoulders with Dulcies Orla Kiely ‘Mabel’ bag…Match made in heaven right?
With our outfit photos completed we headed to the venue of the launch, ‘The Apartment’ in the incredible Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I mean seriously look how wonderful this place is…It was hard not to be distracted!
The chair in the corner picture is an accent chair I just bought, you can read reviews about it at the article – cheap accent chairs under 100 & 200.
Now for the record, I don’t often waltz off to magazine launches or such events so as we entered, nerves certainly arrived! Fortunately adorable Betty cupcakes had been provided as well as delicious cocktails served in jam-jars with pastel paper straws…So we got stuck in!
The photos below were taken by the events photographer Katie Heath – she captured my vanity case (which by the way weighed a ton that night!) with the new issue on top it!
There was also a showing of the new Betty launch film, entitled ‘There’s Treasure Everywhere’ which you can view here. I really recommend you to have a look – it’s a wonderful concept, filled with beautiful clothes and filmed at a scenic location in Whitstable!
After a wonderful evening talking to many interesting people we returned home, armed with the new issue of Betty to enjoy!
(The middle issue)
It does not disappoint! Page after page of pure loveliness! Including recipes, editorials and inspiring articles…
Including this incredible editorial which I can’t stop drooling over!

And because I had two copies thrust into my arms at the launch, I have decided to give one copy away to a lucky reader!

If you would like to win the new issue of Betty magazine then all you have to do is ‘Like’ Betty on facebook and leave a comment below telling me a Summertime adventure!
I love reading your stories!

I’ll be announcing the winner on my next post!
Good Luck!

Also, enjoy your picnic with a folding picnic table, see the best ones at here –
Love Yours Truly, x

London Calling…

Much as I adore Brighton, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble down here! There is a completely different pace of life and whilst the rest of the country were being driven bonkers by the snow…We had a few flakes scarcely worth remarking on at all.
So with that in mind, a recent trip to London with an old friend was exactly what I was after!
Dressed completely impractically, considering the chill in the air – I was utterly determined to feel like Spring was on its way!
My beautiful coat is a vintage piece from Beyond Retro –  it reminds me so much of Jane Banks from Mary Poppins  it is now lovingly referred to as my ‘Jane Coat’.
I wore one of my favourite white shift dresses (the very same which I seem to have worn on my last two birthdays!) with a H&M basic mustard cardigan and a vintage red felt hat from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane.
The more practical side of blogging…Emptying your pockets into your handbag! 
My vintage vanity case handbag was an eBay bargain, and my gorgeous red mary-janes were originally from Office, but I picked my pair up on eBay (seeing a pattern here anyone?)
Also worth a note is the ruddy great ladder I managed to gain within five minutes of leaving the house…Doh!
I met my friend Richard (more on him in a sec!) and our first port of call was the National Portrait Gallery. We went to see an exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe (it was an enjoyable, albeit very small exhibition) however unfortunately it did not allow photography, which always annoys me. 
I did however get this cheeky snap of some busts in one of the sculpture halls – before being reprimanded and sheepishly putting my lens cap back on…Oops!
We then left the gallery, eager to be outside on one of the first sunny days of the year! We walked down the road a little bit and found ourselves here….Trafalgar Square!
It was here that we posed for a ‘tourists in our own country’ type photo! 
Now as I mentioned previously, Richard is an old friend – we’ve been close for ten years this year in fact! And it was only when I got home and was editing the photo above, I remembered…Nearly ten years earlier we had posed for photos in the very same place!
Whilst pretty embarrassing to look back on, I am so glad to have had Richard in my life all this time!
The fountains in Trafalgar and very blue sky!
Big Ben hazily in the background…
We then set off (so much walking was done on this day!) for a stroll around St. James Park and a hunt for the pelicans which famously reside there!
The waterfowl of St. James Park… Upon getting there and not instantly seeing scores of pelicans, this reassured Richard that I wasn’t in fact making it up!
So we decided to walk all the way around the lake, on a hunt for pelicans! We saw heaps of pigeons, squirrels, ducks and geese of many exotic varieties! Including this little chap…
But no pelicans! Until…Wait…is that….I think it’s…. IT’S A PELICAN RICHAAAAAAARD! (The poor guy…It’s a wonder he still goes out in public with me!)
Now whilst I was happy to have seen one, I was a bit disappointed about how far away it was.
But in further proof of ‘You never know what’s coming for you’ a couple of minutes later…This happened!
Now that was unexpected! And let me tell you…Pelicans are BIG!
With our bird-watching sensibilities satisfied, we then decided to head towards Buckingham Palace which is located at the tail end of St. James Park.
It was a lovely place to be in the last few hours of sunlight, and had it not been absolutely rammed with tourists and half-term holidaying families, we probably would have stuck around a bit longer. 
Instead we had a quick chortle at this unfortunate statues expense and then hot-footed it to Covent Garden.
Where we had delicious macaroons from Ladurée, a bit of a mooch around the covered market and watched street performers entertaining the evening crowds.
We then headed out separate ways, Richard was off to an Arsenal football match, and I was going to see a Time for T gig in Balham.
All that walking certainly made for a knackering day, but it was so lovely to see an old friend for a catch up, and to see so many lovely (free!) parts of London I haven’t taken the time to see as much as I should.
Apologies for the photo-heavy post! I couldn’t narrow it down!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x

Birthday Girl…

Twenty six. Ouch! 
Fortunately I don’t act, look or acknowledge my age, so this is not as issue! (She says hyper-ventilating into a paper bag!) 
For my birthday this year I was treated to two very lovely days in London, one of which was with my younger sister Chloe. 
We spent the day shopping, and having a good nose around London, including this beautiful little park…
The dress is one of my ultimate favourites – it’s so simple and pretty, in fact the incredibly astute amongst you may recognise it as the dress I wore for my birthday last year! (Perhaps I’ll start a little tradition!)
Larking about… 
(sometimes outfit photos in public places are just the most face-reddening experience ever! Garggg!)
My perfect vintage tweed blazer that I am lately wearing unhealthy amounts… I just adore it!
And I cannot fail to mention these new polka-dot beauties! A bargain find in the Asos sale, they are not only stupidly high, but all things considered pretty comfortable too! And of course…Ten times better when teamed with little ankle socks!
Ahhh freshly dyed hair…Nothing better! 
The park is called ‘Postman’s Park’, located near St. Pauls in East London. Although a very pretty park, with quite an interesting history (it’s built upon an old burial ground – which is why the park is raised above every thing else surrounding it) it is most commonly known for the ‘Memorial to Self Sacrifice’.
Beautiful tiles line across a wall within the garden, each commemorating a different individual who gave their life to save anothers.
I tried to snap some examples, but as we visited near dusk the light was a bit funny and the gardner was locking the gates (queue frantic photographing!) I think you’ll get the idea though!
This one really got me…(and it’s so aesthetically beautiful too)
The memorial was created by George Frederic Watts, as a consequence of reading about Alice Ayres plight in a newspaper. After his death, Georges wife continued his work, creating a wall which, to date has 54 plaques.
I really recommend having a read about this garden if you have a spare minute or two – there’s so much history in such a little space!
And if you think you already recognise it, it may be from the film ‘Closer’ as several key scenes with Jude Law and Natalie Portman take place within the garden…


Anyway! I digress! Back to Birthday tomfoolery!
After a good shop, my sister surprised me with afternoon tea for two in Kettners, a beautiful converted Georgian house which now makes for a elegant little tea room!
We had the works! Little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cakes, scones and trifle! And so much more! We were so full when we left!
The chef even scribbled ‘Happy Birthday Kerry’ in chocolate sauce for me around our mini treacle tarts and raspberry and pomegranate mousse…Tasty stuff!
Chloe in the tres elegant powder room! Ooh la la!
A gorgeous white grand piano, which is played on Thursday evenings apparently! It would have been perfect had someone been sat there, tinkling on the ivories whilst we nibbled our way through enough to feed a small army!
Guess who wants the last Chelsea bun?
After the loveliness of Chloes surprise, I informed her I had one of my own up my sleeve for her too! You should have seen her little face when I told her I had booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that night!
The whole production was incredible – I had those nerves when you think something you really love is about to be ruined (Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies!)
Fortunately, a lot of time and effort has evidently gone into this production, and it was a very faithful adaptation, which at some points left us literally gasping in awe!
Thanks for a lovely day Chloe!
And because I wanted to share the following photos with you, it’s worth a mention that on my actual birthday (when I had to work – boo!) I spent the evening with Joshua and his family, having a gorgeous meal out in the sun…
Ava and her Uncle Josh..Who can blame her for being curious about that hair!
Meanwhile Taylor was intent on messing mine up with one of those head massaging things…
But he did help me blow out my candles (I find the birthday cake experience, lovely but mortifying in equal measure!) taking some of the attention off of me and my mullet-esque hair!
So there we have it. Twenty six. 
Nothing to do but get on with it (and pretend you’re still twenty one!)
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

London Dates…One Year Later!

This week Joshua and I met in London for another date, and coincidentally it just so happened to fall on the day on which we met, one year before!
Despite the cloudy greyish day we had heaps of fun, and decided that one of the best things we love about London is that you can just walk around and stumble across incredible finds without even trying, some of which you never even knew existed!
Like this stunning monument for Prince Albert!

It was commissioned by Queen Victoria after her beloved husband died of Typhoid in 1861. We were overwhelmed by its grandeur and elegant style! It surprised me that neither of us had ever come across it before, particularly as Victoria is one of my favourite British Monarchs!

My dress is a vintage find from eBay, with my H&M stole (again! Sorry guys!) and vintage Dior stockings. I’ve actually lost that umbrella four times (once for a whole year!) but it always finds its way back to me! What a loyal brolly!

Surrounding the memorial at four points are tributes to Africa, Asia, Europe and America, each with an animal. We liked the Asian elephant the most…

A long stroll later and we found ourselves in Hyde Park, having a lovingly home prepared picnic by the Diana memorial. It was wonderful, and felt very quintessential british to be drinking lemonade and eating sandwiches in a London park! Enjoy picnics with your friends and family with a picnic table, let’s check best folding picnic table reviews!
And desert? Strawberries and double cream of course!

Whilst eating we were joined by this poor pigeon who has done himself an injury and was very grateful for the scraps of bread Josh threw his way…

The Isis statue in Hyde Park, symbolising ‘nature’ the placard informed us!

With the picnic packed away we went for another meander until we stumbled across the Natural History Museum!
Now since Josh hadn’t been in there since he was a child, and I always love a visit we thought it would be rude not to!

One of my favourite things about the Museum is the intricate and exquisite detailing throughout its interior (and exterior for that matter!)
Everywhere you look there are beautiful tiles and mosaics and woodwork…

The mammals room…!
We also had a mooch about the Minerals and Rocks room.. I love the neatness and the colours!

My favourite was a big old cabinet filled with Marble samples!

And before heading out…a quick fool about in the mirror room!

Oh my!

That evening we dined out at an Italian in Leicester Square, before parting ways as I went to go see ‘Dry the River’ at the Scala in Kings Cross.
It was an incredible show! And if you want to see me looking weather beaten and tired from walking around all day, feel free to watch the video below, recorded pre-gig by one of the marketing people outside!
What is it that makes your mind go blank the second people ask you questions about something you love eh?! I cringe that I used the word ‘different’!
If you want to check out Dry the River, you can do so HERE and I highly recommend you do!
More soon! I’m off to make a mixed bean cous cous!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Tea for Two…

So after working through the madness of Christmas and the New Year Sales, I booked myself a little five day break for the end of January with the intention of spending time with my man, shopping and having ourselves some adventures in London & Brighton
We started off in London, staying at the gorgeous Park Grand Hotel in Paddington and visiting ‘Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum’, which was so much fun!
Copious amounts of shopping in the best vintage haunts was also ticked off the to-do list!
Amongst some of my new purchases, is this gorgeous red felt hat, and red box pleat skirt. I seem to be having a real love affair with rouge lately!

And just look at the beautiful handbag my man bought for me – isn’t it just stunning?

It’s one of a kind, hand embroidered and in such incredible condition! I’m in love with it!
We visited a beautiful Art Deco tea room as well, where they were playing Ella Fitzgerald and a vanity makeup table across from us were tucking into afternoon scones!
How wonderfully British eh?
My cup of tea was pink!
(Apologies for some of the photos being cropped! Open in a new window to see them in all their glory!)

It was a white tea and rose infusion, though if I’m honest it did taste a little too floral for my liking!
We also relished the opportunity to tuck into some delicious Rose & Pistachio macaroons!
(How adorable is the mismatched crockery?!)
And as ever I felt it my duty to report back to you all about a fabulous vintage shop I discovered on my travels!
Named very appropriately…This Shop Rocks!
Situated near Brick Lane, London (nearest tube stop is Liverpool Street)
I was so overwhelmed by the spectacular quality and choice that this little treasure trove of a shop offered…
Plus there was a sale on!
(Joshua patiently waiting whilst I, foaming at the mouth, take photos of all the gorgeous vintage!)
I was especially drawn to the beautiful collection of hats and fascinators on offer, such an unusual array of accessories!
There is quite literally too much to look at!
Personally I think anyone who is particularly fond of 1950’s vintage or who perhaps has a soft spot for headwear should definitely pay this little shop a visit.
It’s just wonderful eye candy!
And for the quality of the stock available I found the prices to be reasonable and fair.
More very soon – including that beehive tutorial…I promise!!
Love Yours Truly, x

Wax Lyrical….

There is nothing quite like running off to London for the day, to have an adventure and a bit of a shop!
On this occasion, I travelled in to join my friend for a tourist-tastic trip to Madame Tassauds, at Baker Street.

Wearing my new camel jumper, and of course THAT coat with a vintage floral skirt, I may have perhaps looked like I raided Miss Marples wardrobe, but who cares when I have finally convinced my hair to stay up in a beehive (it’s growing!!)

The following are some of my favourite waxworks from the exhibit. Apologies for the cheesy poses..apparently it’s obligatory when you step up in front of lots of tourists.
Johnny Depp (swoon)

Having a little break with Audrey…
Einstein was a clever man…he knew camel jumpers were at the best thing to wear this season!

An ever so slightly anarchistic pose for the Royals…
The Fab Four!
All in all it was a really fun day, plus I bought some more great vintage bits which I’ll try and show you as soon as possible.
I just wish that Madame Tussauds had shown you more about the process about making the wax works, as some of them were just so incredible!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x