Magaret Howell – Yours Truly

I always enjoy the Margaret Howell campaigns. They have such an easy feel of casual, tomboyish elegance, with the girls always so beautiful and natural looking. It’s refreshing to have such an honest, REAL campaign amongst the throng of over-airbrushed, over-coloured fantasist ads. I feel their campaigns really embrace the aesthetic of the brand, and whilst only using black and white, the photography is stunning. The best thing about the brand is the utter wearability and the normalcy of the clothing. I can see several bits that I would LOVE to own! (On the hunt for some white brogues now!)

From the 2010 S/S Lookbook. ( I adore the long trenches, knotted belts and those tan shorts…are they leather?!)

Part of me wants to work in a graphic design office or some such, and the half wants to grab a wicker basket and go for a picnic on the beach! It’s so incredible that these clothes have that much of a broad versatility to them. Speak soon! I’ve had a long week with too little sleep so I am currently haggard and verging on a crank-attack!