Mary Poppins ain't got nothing on me… – Yours Truly

So the lovely Ulrika at ‘The Red Rosette” asked what was inside my handbag….I fear the response may alarm her and others, especially when you consider that I even took a few things out, because I don’t carry them round all the time! So here we go, the contents of my Mary Poppins like bag….

1. This is pretty much the contents of my make up bag. I use Lancome Photogenic Lumessence foundation, 17 face powder, no.7 eyebrow pencil, Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, Mac ‘Studio Fix’ mascara, and Mac blush in ‘Frankly Scarlett’. I always carry vaseline and a couple of lipsticks on me too, just in case! These two are Mac in ‘Morange’ and Barry M in 101.

2. The elephant tin was from a car boot sale, I use it to hold my ‘lady’ items(ahem!) I then have my purse, my passport (ID) keys (on a ribbon for easy grabbing!) and a pad of post-it-notes with an awesome lipstick pen from the V&A. 3. I religiously use Coco butter for my face and hands daily, then I carry a deodorant, and a bottle of my current perfume by D&G. I also carry a brolly when I remember, ditto the camera. 4. A pocket mirror I’ve had for years, my brush and comb (for my stupid wild fringe!) a couple of hair ties and clips, and my Topshop lanyard that I need for work. 5. I normally have a couple of bits of jewellery knocking about in my bag, as I sometimes take off on my way home. However it’s handy for when I haven’t got time to change and want to update my look. The snuff box holds a pair of ear plugs (I have really sensitive ears!) And the batteries are normally thrown in when I remember my camera. So there we go! It’s incredible I don’t buckle under it all, but it’s so handy to have everything I need on the go! What’s in your bag? Do share!