Meet Me On Albert Road… – Yours Truly

Some days you just don’t feel like dressing up, or putting on make up, or even leaving your bed! For those sort of days, I keep this dress hung in my closet. A basic jersey cotton, loose fitting and incredibly easy to wear – whilst this navy number may be a bit on the boring side, it is also ideal for those days when you just want to bum around town, then stroll to the cinema to see the new Batman film. (Huge secret Batman fan here! To the extent that I squealed and wiggled with delight during an epic part of the film!) So to accompany my lazy-day jersey dress, I wore a basic H&M peachy cardigan and some lovely mannish brogues I found on eBay. I found this gorgeous boater hat whilst having a rummage in a vintage shop in Henley during one of my lunch breaks. For a mere £5 I would have been a fool to leave it there! I think it must be a childs hat as it is quite small, and needed a few kirby grips to keep it attached (note to self – find some hat pins!) To help the kirby grips I wore my hair in loose back-combed rolls to give the hat some sort of ‘base’ to attach to. This seemed to work despite the Brighton winds best attempts! Ankle socks and brogues…My favourite summer combination! Trying to find new ways to show off my accessories…Oh man do photos like this get odd looks from people walking past! Now I feel so secretive whilst writing this post as I have so many things I want to share with you all (which I shall, all in due time!) but for now let me leave you with this delightful little package that I received earlier this week from the beautiful Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’. I could type for hours about Kelly Maries incredible sense of style, her impeccable taste, and just how bloody lovely she is! But instead I am going to simply state this. If you don’t follow her blog, then you’re really missing out! So go go go! Anyway! Back to the package! Imagine my delight when I opened the pretty little handkerchief to find this bundle inside! I spent a good few minutes just looking at each item! And don’t get me started on just how ADORABLE those little girls are!

Thank you so much Kelly Marie! You made my potentially rubbish week a little bit sunnier!

And as for you dear readers, all shall be explained in the next post. So HUGE apologies for being a crummy blogger lately, and believe me – it’s going to get much, much better!

Good night!

Love Yours Truly, x

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