Miniature Delights! – Yours Truly

Today is a rainy Sunday afternoon in England, and I’m tucked up in the comfort of my room with a nice dinner cooking in the oven (Roasted chicken with lemon zest and garlic, rosemary new potatoes and chorizo asparagus!) and the comforting ‘drip drip drip’ from outside. The day below however was a very different story! Steaming hot and very humid! I went on a day visit to Bekonscot Model Village, in Beaconsfield (a few towns over from my hometown) with my friend Richard. The dress I am wearing was a really special find! Joshua works in ‘To Be Worn Again’ a vintage shop in Brighton, and spotted this little beauty hanging on the racks during a shift. He told me he had found something he’d thought I’d like…and I couldn’t believe how much I LOVED it as soon as I saw it! Thank heavens it was the right size!

My handbag is an old charity shop find, and the sandals are from Office. I couldn’t wear much more on such a hot day! (How I look forward to Autumn layering!) The print is just so beautiful…Very Marie Antoinette!
Model Villages are a yesteryear entertainment in Britain, and although very few remain today they are seemingly still very popular!

The history of Bekonscot is quite fascinating! In 1927, Mr Roland Callingham instructed gardeners to dig a swimming pool at his home. The pool and tennis courts were used for garden parties, attended by the high society of London. Politicians, minor royals, aristocrats and the party animals of the era would come out for a breath of country air!

However, it took a minor dispute with his wife before Roland began the model village. She insisted ‘Either the model railway went or she did!’! In moving the railway outside, Roland began to commission buildings and stations around the tracks, until over the years it grew it to its present size!

And it’s rather big! Let alone full to the brim of little details! It was even visited by the Queen and her sister when they were little girls!

Within the model village there is…A cricket pitch, a school, a pub, a harbour, a travelling circus, a hospital, shops, a town hall, a windmill, housing, a lighthouse, a racecourse, a pier….Everything a miniature village would really need!
The racers mid-race!
Enjoying the afternoon sunshine in their gardens!
Or an afternoon dip at the swimming pool!
‘Evan Leigh Shoes’ ….get it?!

The windmill!

Having a gander with a very ladylike stance…ahem…(damn you broken toe!!)

And how could I resist a very patriotic snap on the way out?

I loved the model village! All the little details and the traditionalism of it all is right up my street. Though I confess, I had a very childish thought whilst walking around! Imagine when all the humans go home…This little village comes alive! And the cricketers leave the green to amble up to the pub, the school children run home, or to the fairground! Maybe it’s my love of The Borrowers coming out, but it doesn’t it seem a nice, (albeit imaginary) idea? P.S. Thank you to Richard Cracknell for graciously letting me use some of his photography for this post. 

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