Modern Mary Poppins… – Yours Truly

Though unfortunately lacking the infamous parrot umbrella, and cute floral hat, I found myself today somewhat inspired by everyones favourite nanny, Mary Poppins, though I doubt I could pull an hat stand out of my cat-tapestry bag!

I’ve recently started wearing my hair in these Heidi-style twists, thankfully it’s a lot less time consuming to get it right than my beehive! The cardigan is from H&M as are the tights. The skirt and jersey blouse are both Topshop, and the cat bag was thrifted. I’m not sure you can see but I’m also wearing an gorgeous new nail polish in Mustard yellow from Urban Outfitters…

Great squinting going on there…ahem. Today was the last today of my mini holiday with my man… I’m going to miss our creative breakfasts!
We decided to go for a wander today, and ended up at a beautiful graveyard near where Josh lives… Looks like Spring has finally sprung!
I took quite a few photos of some interesting graves, though this was one of my favourites, the poem is lovely!

I guess it can be viewed as pretty morbid, ambling about a graveyard, but in the afternoon sun and the quiet hush it was lovely to just have cheeping birds for company! There’s a lot of history to be realised there too, which I find quite interesting…

So unfortunately back to reality tomorrow, and back to work too! Ah well! More soon my lovelies!

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