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Cocktail Hour…

This weekend we had a London date, as it had been a while since we had ventured to the big smoke together. Now call me a wimp but I don’t like being rained on (which is unfortunate considering my geographical positioning!) and when Joshua and I set foot in Liverpool Street on Saturday, the heavens opened on us!

Using a newspaper and a magazine as makeshift umbrellas we hopped around massive puddles on Brick Lane (one so monstrous that Josh gallantly carried me over it!) …Trying to see the funny side!

However it did make any outfit photos completely impossible, so here is what I wore (photographed in dry Brighton the next day!)

This beautiful vintage 1950’s cocktail dress was from Beyond Retro, and is just so gorgeous! The pink is warm, and a bit indescribable…Is it flamingo? Coral? Fuchsia?

Regardless – I love it! There is also a delicate floral pattern woven in silver thread on the whole dress, a bit of subtle razzle-dazzle!

I wore it with these quirky little (literal) chandelier earrings I’ve had for ages..I’m so glad that Italian surgeon stitched my ear up well enough that I’m able to wear earrings still!

I wore my gold dancing shoes and new duck-egg blue tights from Topshop which unintentionally…

Matched our cheeky lunchtime cocktails perfectly! What are the chances?!

That cocktail was so bloody tasty I wouldn’t have minded another four…or five…Ahem.

More later in the week!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. Sorry for the lack of ‘out and about’ photos on this post but the weather made it truly impossible!