Music! Music! Music! – Yours Truly

I sit at work most days with headphones on. I endure the bumpy bus journey commute with my headphones on. There is always music playing in my kitchen and my bedroom will nine times out of ten have some form of noise playing. Long story short? I’m a bit obsessed with music! Now despite not being especially musically gifted, it hasn’t hindered my love for attempting to learn to play instruments. I have dabbled in guitar for nearly ten years, writing self-pitying love songs and crude rip-offs of others work, learning all the cheesy classics I could get my little fingers on…All for my own satisfaction in the sanctuary of my bedroom. And now I have a new little obsession…I bet uke can guess what it is?

That’s right! I’m learning to play the ‘jumping flea’ as it’s so wonderfully translated! This particular little flea belongs to Josh’s housemate Raphael (check out his music HERE) who very kindly lets me sit playing the same 10 chords in different synchronisations until my fingers become used to them!

The dress I’m wearing was an eBay find, and I love how simple it is. These photos were taken on a lazy Sunday, so for once, no bells and whistles! Just a chic little dress with my brogue boots. Comfort is the way forward sometimes!

So far I have excelled myself (note the sarcasm) in learning a handful of songs, including such classics as… ‘You Always Hurt The One You Love’ – The Mills Brothers (featured in ‘Blue Valentine’ by a uke-playing Ryan Gosling…Swoon) ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ by the Beach Boys (one of my favourite songs) ‘You and I’ by Ingrid Michaelson (Who the hell can reach those high notes?!) and a handful of Soko Songs.

Do any of you play Ukulele? Any tips? Any easy songs you can suggest whilst I’m still learning the ropes? And whilst we’re on music, I might as well introduce you to one of my favourite bands who I was lucky enough to see in my hometown last week. I’ve followed Dry the River for what seems like ages (having lived with one of the members whilst I was at University) and love how their music is growing (as is their fan base!)and evolving. It’s tender, beautiful, emotive and brave…I regularly found myself holding my breath when I was watching them, which was a bit odd!

If you want to listen to them, have a click HERE (wow this post is just link-o-rama!) let me know what you think!
More later in the week, I’m going on a mini break to Brighton from Wednesday night (VERY excited about that!) to see Josh and source some vintage fabrics…But more on that another time!