Newness & Blueness… – Yours Truly

Autumn is slowly creeping in, and it is without doubt my favourite season. The light layering required for those blustery afternoons steeped in golden sunshine suits my idea of dressing perfectly. My personal style has recently been under-going a bit of an overhaul. As mentioned in the previous post, I felt like I was ‘playing it safe’ (read – being creatively lazy!) for too long! To begin with my hair has been transformed completely with the help of Rudi Rizzo at Sanrizz. I’m completely besotted with it! Even if I am getting used to having bright auburn hair again! Luckily the colour teams perfectly with my new kimono jacket, a find from the summer sale at Zara. I love the ikat pattern, the woven texture, and as for the sleeves…frankly there are no words for how much I love the structure of this lil beauty! The sleeves are sewn shorter on the inside seam, creating an unusual curved shape. I love how traditional it appears, yet is truly a modern piece. Okay enough gushing about my latest guilty purchase!  I wore the jacket with a vintage navy wool skirt from Beyond Retro, a pale grey top, and an old cream woven belt I found in a charity shop a few years back. It was interesting to dress with such a different silhouette – I rarely play around with anything oversized or structured. A taste of things to come perhaps? A close up of my mega-blunt new hair cut… I have to admit, having a shaved nape again is awesome..I love how it feels! Also worth a mention is my handy rucksack that I found in an independent bicycle shop in Brighton.  

Since the day of purchase (it took a lot to convince myself to part with the money on another bag!) it has been happily accompanying me on my daily adventures…and has made life so much easier! Big bags are amazing!

If you were tempted to purchase your own ‘bottomless-backpack’ (tres Mary Poppins!) you can find my style and many more on the Baggu website. And before you thought that I had done an outfit post without a splash of mustard (it is a recurring theme!) here are my favourite H&M socks, and faithful white brogues matching the double yellows… Thanks to Becca Field for willingly taking photos for me (despite the fact it was a rotten day and she didn’t feel well!) I’ll be back soon, I have a whole clear-out to put up on eBay and share with you all!


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