Origin of Symmetry… – Yours Truly

So I managed to nab this awesome bodysuit from work, after seeing it hanging on a faulty rail. A quick stitch was all it took to repair a slightly ripped seam, and voila! Good as new! I love the tassels – they’re so geometric and remind me of something Karen O would wear on stage.

I also dyed my hair this week, giving it a bright red boost – the results are definitely the lift I needed! After having so many different hair colours in the past, I was getting very bored of being a very natural looking brunette!

I really like the drama of this look, I was trying to find something to wear out on monday night..but perhaps this is a little too revealing? I would also be putting a LOT of faith in the popper crotch! Also if you haven’t already please vote for me HERE – this is just such a life changing opportunity I would love to have the chance to do!