About Yours Truly, x

Yours Truly is a personal documentation of my adventures, travels and thrifty finds.Started in 2009 the blog derives its name from the message written on a flea market photograph. 


This is me aged four. These are things I love. Avocados are one of my favourite fruits. I sing show tunes in the bath tub. I love nothing better than snuggle down to a David Attenborough documentary.  

My favourite tipple is Cointreau and cranberry.I am always on the prowl for foreign fashion magazines, I’ve found a supplier now which means I regularly am able to buy my favourites. 

I love old circus styling. My degree collection was called ‘Baroque & Roll’ and was based on Marie Antoinette, combined with 50’s teddy boys. I love mannish brogues with ankle socks. Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite artists, I also like Magritte.I like having long breakfasts on a Sunday morning, throw in some freshly squeezed orange juice and I’m very happy.

My favourite chocolate is Cadburys. My favourite flowers are peonies and cabbage roses.I enjoy playing scrabble with friends.I like extra gherkins in my burger. There’s always room for desert…Especially Black Forest Gateau. 

Maya Angelou is one my favourite authors.To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourite books.I love cheeseboards.Blossom trees brighten up my day.I love traditional folk art.

Bottle Green, Duck Egg Blue, Candy Floss Pink, Mustard Yellow, Coral Red and Rust are some of my favourite colours.I have a collection of music boxes. I will always adore Judy Garland. 

I love cooking dinner for friends – but I get stressed at serving up time.I can play guitar and I’m learning to play the ukulele.I love British history – I like the fact I was born here.

 I love Dry the River.I love Burlesque.I could watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance for hours on end. I’m a younger sister and an older sister. I look a lot like my Mum. I have a bit of thing for dresses….Ahem.