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Brainstorming Session

So today I ambled into town to meet Natasha (above!) and Sian to talk about the magazine we are planning to release.
After a little beverage and a chat in a coffee shop we proceeded to raid the charity shops to see what they had to offer for inspiration.
Check out what I found for a £1! A vintage velvet horse riding helmet! For ONE english pound! Astonishing! I’m sure it’ll feature in a photo-shoot very soon. Upon buying it I had to promise the old lady behind the cash desk that I wouldn’t ride a horse wearing it, as she couldn’t be sure it was a safe helmet! I adore old ladies!!
Also picked up these – I had been on the hunt for some so imagine how chuffed I was to find some for 30p!
I know what I’m using them for – so will post it up once the photos are done!
We’re currently developing ideas of the magazines aesthetic and what to feature in the first issue.
My good friend Alex Bomok, a graphic design student ( is also developing a font for us – exciting stuff!
So here’s one more to leave you with…Sian hard at work…Tash in hard pain.
Sometimes it’s really lousy to be a girl. (99.9% of the time it’s awesome!)
Until next time,
Yours Truly, x

A Sneaky Peaky…

So as I briefly mentioned in my last post – Natasha & I did a test shoot for a ‘Lady of the Lake’ themed fashion shoot – we used one outfit as it was mostly to find the best locations within the lake(not too deep and an area which caught the sunset) and at what time the sunlight was at its best.
Here is a sneaky peak of two of the test shots…
As you can see they are both very different – the first more precise, dreamy and colourful, the second more of a silhouette and abstract – I’m hoping we can somehow find a middle ground between the two styles.

I hope to find a model with lovely long locks for the real shoot.
We want to create interesting silhouettes and shapes using the draping of wet fabrics – I think this looks pretty awesome – it reminds me a picture of a sunset that used to hang on the kitchen wall at my parents house.
It wasn’t particularly pleasant though – lovely as the location was! I was wearing sandals but could still feel undesirable sludge under my feet, and walking from location to location whilst wet was VERY cold in the evening chill (note to self – take lots of towels for the poor model!)
The stares of the evening joggers was a bit cringy…
In other news I have applied for the internship at SUPERSUPER mag, and it’s looking promising.
I have also applied to be a widowed Grandmother’s garden assistant! I really need the money – and lets face it, the older generations always have the best stories to share – fingers crossed eh?
Up the wooden hill to bedfordshire now…bon nuit mon amies!

The Hair Project – July 07 to Present Day

In July 2007 I shaved off my 27 inches of long honey blonde hair to raise money and awareness for Leukemia Research.
Having had the same hair for most of my life I decided that when my new hair grew I would experiment with it as much as possible, especially with colour and cut.
It soon became a mini project, as I documented my experimental progression throughout the two years. 
Shaving my head was one of the most liberating things I have ever done as it opened my eyes to the possibilities of self expression and the importance of personal creativity.  

Baroque & Roll – The Sketchbook

My Latest Collection has been primarily inspired by Sofia Coppola’s motion picture ‘Marie Antoinette’ a biopic depicting the notorious French monarchs rise and fall in 18th Century Versailles.
The colour palette of the film was inspired by a box of pastel coloured macaroons, so this is also where my palette also originated – creating a beautiful, light, feminine colour choice.
The decadence and the naughty opulence of 18th century Versailles also helped inspire a youthful, energetic feel to the collection.
To give the collection depth, I began to research the history of Rock & Roll – a musical movement that has been translated differently by every generation since the 1950’s.
I want the collection to encapsulate the energy of youth – its daring, frivolous nature. Marie Antoinette after all, was only 19 when she came to the French throne!
I looked at 50’s Rock n’ Roll, 60’s Psychedelic, 70’s Punk, and 80’s New Wave, to find a common ground between each generation – rebellion.
My sketchbooks are an indispensable part of my working process – I use the pages to develop colour stories, design details, and to fuel my imagination. 
I prefer to use fashion images, relevant coloured photos and illustrations, and use very little text – as I meticulously chose the imagery and therefore want it to speak for itself. I don’t want to heavily dictate what the collection is – I think it should be open for interpretation.
I then work into the pages with embellishments like flowers, sequins, ribbons and buttons, to create a tactile, interesting development of ideas.




Next Time… 
Illustrations & 
The Design Process. 

I am what I am, I am my own special creation…

When I was very little, my Mum used to tell people
‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived in Kerry’s little World?’
I was a dreamer, imaginative and creative, quiet but self-assured.
Nowadays I am much the same, and I still revel in the escapism that my imagination brings me. 

I was born in 1986 on a uncomfortably hot June morning, and grew up in a homely town, situated in the middle of a deep valley, surrounded by lush green countryside. I know! It sounds almost too good to be real in this modern World! However I had such a happy, sheltered childhood, but I soon became hungry for more, and had greater ambition than my little town could hold.
I remember laying on my belly in my childhood bedroom with the cheap bunk beds, with golden sunlight filling the room, and the beech tree that stood at the end of our garden creating dancing shadows on my wall. I lay there drawing mermaids in evening dresses, and mice in summer frocks, creating detailed little paper creations.
Fashion was rooted in me from birth it seemed.
I started to religiously read Vogue and Elle, and would steal the fashion supplements from my Dad’s Sunday Papers. I developed a bold, eclectic sense of style and often shocked my peers with my mad concoctions which were often pulled together with charity shops finds, due to my complete inability to resist their allure.
I fell in love with punky, rebellious side of Vivienne Westwood, then the romanticism  John Galliano & Stephen Jones. I adored Anna Piaggi & Iris Apfel for their strong, self assured styles. 
I developed fashion schizophrenia, one day wanting to be elegant and sleek like Audrey Hepburn or Rita Hayworth, a child of the earth like Joni Mitchell or Janis Joplin, or an 1980’s new romantic with face paint like Adam Ant.
I now reside in Twyford, near Reading where I attend Thames Valley University. I am in the final months of a Fashion Design & Printed Textiles Course.
I want this blog to not only represent my current portfolio of work, but to also reflect who I really am, and my ambition & drive, creativity and vision.
All my life I have adored the art of dressing up, the thrill of finding something new and untouched. Exploring history for ideas, and popular culture for influences.
I can draw.
I can write.
I can style.
I can photograph.
Most importantly I can always be myself.