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We Sailed Away On A Winters Day…

I’ve had this post up my sleeve for about a week now, and have been really excited to share it with you, as it felt like something new and different when it was being created, and that is exactly what I wanted for the blog this year!
Now as most of you know (or would have figured out by now) Joshua predominately takes my outfit photos on this blog. He would be the first to tell you he’s not a photographer, and yet time after time he willingly takes my SLR and captures beautiful images for me to edit to my hearts content and then share with you all!
I’m incredibly grateful for Joshuas patience and support when it comes to this blog, he doesn’t always ‘get it’ but he is always willing to help – long story short, I know I’m a lucky gal!
Now that being said, when the chance of ‘working’ with my friend Emma Speight a ridiculously talented photographer sprung up, I simply couldn’t refuse!
So on a cold winters day, with the icy wind and cloudy grey skies (when was the last time I saw a peep of blue?) we headed down to the Brighton beach front, and captured the following…
Emma works almost exclusively as a film photographer (you know – the real kind, with talent and an understanding of shutter speeds and aperture!) so using my Nikon, she felt a little out of depth!
However as a result of her playing around with settings, many happy accidents were produced. For a start…this gorgeous Wes-Anderson-esque golden glow! 
It was also amazing to have a female photographer with an eye for ‘that wayward strand of hair’ or the smudge of liquid eyeliner….Joy!
And the outfit? Well this little number was something I treated myself to from Topshop! I spied it during some unsuccessful sale shopping, and after much of a hoo-hah about which size fitted best (I chose the looser fit so that I could layer it up with blouses and striped t-shirts!) I finally got it!
It’s unusual for me to buy something full price from the high street, (I normally wait for it appear on eBay) however I was not willing to chance it with this pinafore! It’s made from a lovely thick boucle fabric, and to me, is a wonderful combination of 1930’s school girls, ‘Madeline’ and 60’s beatniks.
I layered up the dress with my 1970’s cotton shirt from The Splendid Suitcase, H&M deep mustard tights (the love affair with this colour continues!) white Topshop brogues I found on eBay and a vintage red felt hat from one of the thrift shops in Brighton.
Emma chose the following setting…I know I’m repeating myself, but I love the Wes Anderson vibes! As a huge fan of his work, and as someone who was completely enamoured stylistically with ‘Moonrise Kingdom’…I can but try to re-capture some of his magic!
Taking close ups on a cold, windy day is hard! Your eyes stream and your make up runs! Though it has to be said, Emma suffered worse than I did – the trooper!
And finally, one more tribute to Wes…What post of this nature would be complete without a nod to Steve Zissou and his signature pose?
I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures, I had fun creating them!
I want to thank Emma sincerely for all of her help and for being so relaxed about allowing me to edit them myself (something in my limited experience that is quite rare with photographers!) 
I really recommend you have a look at her tumblr – she hasn’t put much online yet, but I know that she has some big projects in the pipeline (and fingers crossed we can collaborate again sometime!) which would be well worth checking out.
More next week, and let me know if there’s anything you fancy seeing – I’m still toying with the best way of creating a cosmetics post!
Love Yours Truly, x  

Keeping Busy…

January is a funny old month. In Britain, it’s cold, more often than not raining, and every street you walk down has depressing 70% off sale signs, garishly attempting to lour you into spending money on something you don’t particular like or need.
However (before this post sounds too pessimistic!) It’s the perfect month to hole yourself in the comfort of your room, with good books, magazines and new year projects to keep yourself busy and entertained. I’d thought I’d show you all what I’ve been keeping busy with, including a little taste of things to come!
These photos were taken by the fire station in Brighton, after Joshua and I went out for some vegetables and fresh air! The vintage skirt is an old favourite (Seehere, here and here!) which I hadn’t worn for a very long time as the hem needed repairing, and I just never quite got round to doing it! (Ridiculous really as it only took minutes to fix!)
I’ve worn it with (this) polka dot dress underneath as a blouse and a putty-coloured H&M cardigan. My wonky little scottie dog brooch joined in the fun again too!
I purchased these vintage-style seam stockings in the Topshop Christmas sale, and the beautiful patent red Mary-Janes were an eBay find. Originally from Office, when they were in store I saved to grab a pair, only to find my size sold out by the time I was ready! So imagine my glee at getting a near-mint pair for a snip!
The vanity case was my Mums in the 60s, with an old neck scarf as a replacement handle.
Wanna know what has kept me smiling this week? 
Regular little packages from my postman, one of which was this (quite frankly) amazing print by Max Dalton, of 111 Archer Avenue, the home of the Tenenbaum family in Wes Anderson’s ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’. 
As a huge Wes Anderson fan (let’s face it – who isn’t?!) I completely adore it! 
Right down to the zebras on Margots wallpaper – every detail and every character is featured in this beautiful coloured (limited edition – cough cough!) print. 
I purchased my print via The Peoples Print Shop, which sell a limited edition print for a ten day period, before no longer selling them again!
I caught my Max Dalton print with two days to go! Phew!


And for a print that good, I had to work on getting the frame right! Whilst at home for Christmas I stocked up on emulsion paint sample pots and cheap charity shop frames, which all came in very handy!
For instance, this frame…Which seems to have photographed quite nicely, is actually really ghastly and plastic-y in real life. Until…
A few coats of deep coral! Personally I much prefer this end product!
And once my print was mounted in its newly painted frame, up on the wall it went! Along with a beautiful print of ballerinas that Joshua got for one of my Christmas presents from a local flea market (I had been eyeing it up for weeks!)
I also put up my favourite photograph of my Mum and I, my very first sewing attempts (aged six!) an embroidered house I picked up in a Berlin flea market a few summers ago, a print of one of my favourite vintage vogue covers, a charity shop taxidermy butterfly and some vintage photographs I love.


Two of which are of a school production featuring these adorable little ballerinas! I love so many aspects of these photos! I’m also gonna buy a new accent chair to refresh my room, and luckily, I just found a very good reviews for cheap accent chairs. 
And once I was done with my hammer and tacs, I set about clearing and organising my work space…
This little vintage shelving tower from a flea market really helps to give me a bit more space, and to display all those trinkets that I like to surround myself with! 
The porcelain swan is a tribute to my hometown, our town crest features a swan and a crown – it’s good to remember where you came from!
And why all this mad cleaning, preening and organising? 
Well the wheels are in motion at long last! Having settled in a home I love, in a city I adore – being financially comfortable and not having a hefty train journey keeping me away from my man anymore, I have the time, money and ambition to finally get my long-awaited home textile business off the ground!
I have started making and creating bits and pieces already, but until I decide the time is right to show those properly…. Here’s a sneaky peak!

I’m aiming to launch in March (oh man that seems so close!) and will of course keep you all informed of my triumphs, tears and tangled wool in the meantime!
Any suggestions or queries are of course welcome!

More soon (I’m very excited about the next post!)

Love Yours Truly, x

Chin Up, Head Down…

Like most people, I love the ‘freshness’ that a new year brings. The opportunity for a clean slate, new beginnings and adventures.
I already have a lot planned for this year, and some real hopes for where I might be able to take it. Holidays and little trips are starting to be considered, and I must start knuckling down with regard to my creative endeavours (more on that another time!)
Best thing of all though? I started my year in Brighton! After moving here late in the Summer of last year, it feels amazing to look where 2012 took me…Some of it certainly wasn’t planned! I love this seaside city, and the energy and creativity that breeds within it.
With that in mind, here is one resolution for you – I’m going to work even harder on Yours Truly, x this year and try my best to make every post better!
So let us begin!

These photos were taken on a grey afternoon near Brighton train station. There are quite few murals left over from the recent Whale Fest in Brighton, and this is one of them. Isn’t it lovely?

This hairstyle was a first for me. After creating my little beehive bump, I was at a bit of a loss with what to do with the remaining hair. Perhaps it was a Pattie Boyd influence, but the 60’s style pigtails felt great!
I haven’t worn pigtails in years…Who knows, maybe it’ll be my favourite style of 2013?!

The peter pan dress with an eBay purchase over Christmas – I love the deep rusty colour. And it’s such a thick fabric that it feels very retro…Despite being a reproduction! 
I let the dress do the talking, keeping it simple with a plain navy H&M cardigan, vintage Dior stockings and old Topshop white brogues.
Having your photos taken near work men was never going to be much fun! 
I hope you all had a great NYE – for those of you who follow me on instagram, you’ll know I tried my best to bring it in style (Oh Cointreau! You are a tasty devil!)
Apologies for the short post, I have a few more bits to show and tell, but alas they’re not quite ready yet!
In the mean time, enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back soon!
Happy New Year!
Love Yours Truly, x

2012 Leftovers & Blog Favourites…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I spent mine with Joshua and his family, and it was a pleasant mix of madness and tranquility.
You’ll have to forgive me for not blogging sooner – Joshuas parents internet signal is incredibly weak and I couldn’t get my laptop to connect try as I might! However now I’m home, I’m hoping this bumper odds and ends post will compensate!
On a quick trip to the shops prior to Christmas (for last minute gifts and wrapping paper!) I wore this H&M dress for the first time.
It is decidedly a summer frock (I picked it up in the Summer sale) and common sense would have told me to wait, but I couldn’t resist the pretty floral print!
In an attempt to make the dress look a bit more ‘wintery’ I’m wearing it with my favourite mustard cardigan (more on that later) scallop lace tights, and Marks and Spencer grey suede brogues I found on eBay.
The locket was late Nannas and has featured on this blog many times! It containspicture of my grandparents shortly after their engagement.
Caught mid leap!

So! This mustard cardigan! From the basic range in H&M it isn’t particularly innovative, but I have recently felt that it improves anything I wear!
In some unused photos for the blog taken a couple of weeks back I teamed it with a vintage tea dress, flea market vanity case and my favourite Topshop mary jane shoes.
An outfit I liked so much I wore it nearly the same (this time with ankle boots and thick grey tights!) shortly afterwards…Probably in an attempt to get some blog photos I was a bit happier with!
Worth a mention is that the photos taken on the beach were taken by my dear friend Sam (seen below looking after my stole!)
He is moving to Brighton in the new year, and seems a lot more clued up on photography than I am…So here’s hoping I might learn something from him!
My beautiful shoes….Sigh!
These candid photos were taken by Sam as he was trying to show me how to use a setting on my camera I didn’t know existed! I feel I reacted as anyone would when they had a camera suddenly pointed at them!
Now whilst I haven’t created a highlights of the year video like last year I thought I would share some of my favourite bloggers of the year, also 2012 bought a first for me, as I met bloggers…REAL LIFE bloggers! In the REAL WORLD! Ha!
With an Indian Princess Party, a messy night out in London and a couple of museum visits, it was so lovely to meet the people behind the posts!
Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ 
– This girl is so fabulously stylish right down to the smallest details! A very talented prop-designer and stylist(she has recently departed from Beyond Retro, and some of her work has featured in Love magazine) there is something so elegant about the way she pulls her outfits together. Wearing true-vintage with none of the bravado, she has a incredibly infectious laugh and is the sweetest person you’re likely to meet. Long story short? I’m so glad I did! Read her wonderful blog HERE.
Dulcie of ‘Human Sea’ 
– It is so easy to gush about someone like Dulcie! She’s brains and beauty! Reading her gorgeous blog often leaves me reaching for a dictionary (it’s always good to extend ones vocabulary!) and her wardrobe leaves me searching eBay for lookalike garments! And despite being in the middle of a huge house-move with her boyfriend this summer, Dulcie still found time to send me a gorgeous cape from hervintage shop…Which will feature on the blog next year!
Have a flick through Dulcies beautiful blog HERE.
The Bright Young Twins, Harriet and Aimee  
– These two are closer than kin! Wearing exquisite vintage with the capability of making it look like it was ‘just something they threw on’ I always enjoy reading their charming, chatty posts, filled with heavenly clothes and funny anecdotes.
I hope to see them both again in the new year!
Follow the Bright Young Twins adventures HERE.
Amber Jane of ‘Theatre of Fashion’
A friend of Kelly-Marie, I met this stylish lady a couple of times as we visited some of this years great exhibitions.
Her passion for fashion, history and art are truly insatiable! Incredibly clued up, impeccably dressed and ever so nice..What’s not to love?
Read (and learn from!) Ambers blog HERE
Nicole of ‘Fashion Forestry’
Nicole is also someone who obsesses over all things creative. Never have I met someone who has the ability to see the beauty in the mundane so regularly! Her home is packed to the rafters full of her incredible vintage finds, including clothes rails in the hallway!
With a sensational sense of colour and clashing, I really recommend you take a peek at Nicoles blog HERE.
And although I may not have met them, I still thoroughly enjoyed sharing the adventures and thrifty finds of the bloggers below!
Katie of ‘Katie Louise Ford’ 
(neat as a pin, this girl is stunning, as is her blogs photography!) 
 Emily of ‘It Girl Rag Doll’
(I adore her 70’s influences – she looks like she stepped right out of woodstock!)
Ashley Ording of ‘Fancy Fine’ 
(there is nothing this girl wears that I don’t want!)
and Ruth of ‘Ruby Armoire’ 
(I’m quite a new reader but I’m loving going through her previous posts!)
Rosalind of ‘Clothes, Cameras and Coffee’ 
(Informed and imaginative… I think we all have days when we wish we were Rosalind…What a babe!)
‘Lady Moriarty’
(I became an avid reader at the tail end of this year. Like a modern day Annie Hall I can’t get enough of this lady’s style!)
Kater of ‘All This Happiness’ 
(Her daily outfit-photos on instagram make my lunch breaks!)
and Kathryn of ‘Kitsune-Kun’
(You’d be forgiven for not recognising her! Gone are the long brunette locks for a short peroxide crop…Which I absolutely adore!)
I hope there were a couple of blogs in that lot that you hadn’t heard of, or perhaps which you agree with!
If you’re a UK based blogger and you think there’s a reasonable chance of us being able to meet, do get in touch…I’d love to!
And finally thank you all for your kind words, your encouragements and suggestions, and for sharing 2012 with me! I had a lot of fun documenting my adventures through the blog and have so many exciting ideas for 2013!
I’ll see you soon!
Love Yours Truly, x

Working Class Hero…

I’d like to think that December is a mad-busy month for everyone, what with all those presents to buy and wrap, parties and dinners to attend and the fact that even a quick trip to the shops for a few necessities can take hours as you battle through the crowds!
With all that being said, I was a little surprised to have received two separate emails this week asking where I was! Ha!
First of all, I’d like you all to know that if the day ever comes when I decide that I don’t want to blog any more, I would certainly inform you and not just slip out of the back door!
However this is currently not the case, and in explanation for my brief absence – I have been working a lot more than usual, and blogging has taken a bit of a back-burner position in favour of earning pennies for all those Christmas expenses!
On my sporadic days off however, I have been snapping still! These photos were taken during the last couple of weeks. I’ve been torn between practicality of wrapping up against the fierce cold, and my love for winter shorts!
My tweed blazer was from Brightons Vintage Nation event earlier on in the year (Joshua found it for me! What a star!) worn with a high neck blouse I found on eBay, and some Topshop shorts from a couple of years ago…Fortunately these thick wooly tights from Primark keep my legs relatively warm!
I’ve also recently re-discovered this rabbit-charm necklace. I cut off his pearly-bead tail and now find myself wearing him all the time!
(Hair still photographs gingery despite being more and more brunette in real life – argh!)
On another recent day off, I tottered off to nearby Lewes with some of the lovely ladies I work with at the Blackbird Tea Rooms. We had a lovely day out despite the bracing weather!
First port of call was some lunch! We chose to dine at the lovely Bills (I always enjoy the food and atmosphere!)
Kate and Stephanie…
Myself, Becca and Chloe…
We then set off exploring Lewes numerous antique shops, where I spotted, and promptly fell head over heels in love with this little guy! Isn’t he amazing?
Next was a good rummage in the huge Lewes Antiques Centre. On this occasion it wasn’t entirely fruitful for me (I walked away with just a miniature wicker basket) but I still enjoyed having a mooch…
Were it not for the price I would have loved to have taken one of these thick eiderdowns home with me, such gorgeous fabrics!
Cute soap holder anyone?
With four or five floors full of trinkets and antiquity to look at, we were certainly kept busy for an hour or so!
This antique little cupboard was also a heart-breaker. Much as I loved it, I couldn’t justify £60…Boo!
The ladies all wrapped up warm outside (Chloe showing off her little bag of vintage baubles!)
We then discovered a beautiful little boutique called ‘Scarlett Rage Vintage’ which was filled with heavenly vintage…Look at those vintage Louis Vuitton cases!
Admiring a beetle brooch…
Chloe and the dresses!
After a good natter with the shops owner (who oddly knew the owner of our tea rooms! Small world!)  we set off home just as the sun began to set on Lewes…
What a beautiful afternoon!
So there we go! I’m not dead/in prison/no longer blogging…I’ve just been keeping busy in other ways!
I do have some ideas for some future posts though, so fear not, I’ll be back soon!
Keep warm!
Love Yours Truly, x

The Party Dress Test!

Every week I have a rummage through my blog email, checking if anything worth pursuing has come through. Now whilst the offer of an ‘Uggs’ endorsement didn’t exactly appeal, an interesting challenge from a lady called Fleur certainly did.
Fleur contacted me on behalf of Voucher Codes, with the Party Dress Test! Apparently (and I can well believe this!) a survey result showed that females aged between 19 and 24 spend on average £119 on their Christmas outfit…Only for it to be shoved to the back of the wardrobe and remain unworn for the rest of the year!
So my challenge was to find a Christmas dress-based outfit from the British high street, and then style the same dress in three different ways…Here is what I came up with!
Look One
(The Party Outfit!)
I know it sounds so ridiculous, but when given the task of finding a versatile party frock, I became quite nervous! Especially after trawling through a couple of websites and finding nothing that sparked my imagination! I then stumbled across this Topshop dress and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
Long time readers of this blog will know how much of a sucker I am for wearing my own versions of a tux (examples here and here for newer readers – the first was in 2007 shortly after my head shave!) so for the first look, I decided to mix in some tuxedo accents!
The bow tie belonged to my older brother, the killer heels, crop blazer and my beautiful embroidered clutch were all eBay purchases.

I must add at this point that the conditions in which these photos were taken, was nothing short of gale force winds! Here my dress is having a cheeky Monroe-esque moment…!

Look Two
(Valentines/Eager First Date Outfit!)
For my second look I teamed the dress with cute heart print stockings (old Urban Outfitters) metallic gold brogues (Primark) and a vintage vanity case (that started the obsession!) which belonged to my Mum in the 60s. 
The strap broke a couple of years ago (in the middle of a zebra crossing I might add…spilling my bag contents everywhere!) so I adapted a silk scarf into a make-shift handle.
I think this look is pretty versatile, but definitely could be well utilised for Valentines, or a very over-zealous first date outfit! Just imagine the poor guys face!


Look Three
(Student Life)


Unfortunately these photos are a little dark (I didn’t realise the camera was on a weird setting when I handed it to Joshua – Oops!) but hopefully you can still make out the details! 
For my last look I dressed down the frock, with chunky khaki (H&M) socks and tan straps wedges, a huge navy cardigan (recently picked up from Primark) and my favourite vintage silk scarf.

The reason I chose this dress was how easy it is to dress up or down – the neutral colour makes the perfect starting point for any outfit – as you can put any colour on top of it.

I had a lot of fun creating these looks, it certainly was a challenge to find three outfits I was completely happy with.
Hopefully this will post might inspire a resurgence in resurrecting old forgotten party dresses!

Normal blogging shall resume shortly, and I am over-joyed to inform you all that my lovely little flat FINALLY has internet! Woo-hoo! So I can definitely get back to blogging properly now!

Love Yours Truly, x

One Of My Little Pleasures…

Good evening from a rainy, cold Brighton!
First of all thank you so much for all of your lovely feedback on my previous post, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 
I am, as anyone who regularly reads this blog will know, a huge eBay fiend! So many of my possessions are the result of a well timed bid, including my bicycle, furniture and knick knacks in my room, as well as clothes, shoes, smellies, accessories, books and fabric!
Suffice to say…It’s my favourite way to shop!
My latest eBay find was this cute mustard lace shirt….

Mustard is definitely one of my favourite colours, and I couldn’t resist this top when I saw it! I’m wearing it over a nude body suit (heaven forbid my underwear show through!) with a H&M white cardigan, vintage navy school skirt, and my current favourite shoes (originally from Topshop – I found a pair on eBay!)

I’m also sporting some amazing new tights from Primark! They’re fleece-lined, and against the raging sea-winds…So snuggly!
My scottie dog buddy who is kindly accessorising my shirt was a charity shop find in my teen years…He’s so cute, he has survived numerous clear-outs over the years!

Also worth a mention (as I receive numerous emails requesting this!) I haven’t dyed my hair for about ten weeks now…Perhaps longer (I forget!) 
After deciding to no longer be a red head, I dyed my hair dark brown and have since then allowed it to fade out to this warm chestnut colour.
Whilst I’ve certainly noticed a difference in my hairs condition, I’m planning to dye it again soon to combat root regrowth!

So for those of you who asked, that’s how I achieved my current colour!

My nail polish is ‘Big Smoke’ from Topshop (a lovely sludgy grey which reminds me of wet clay!) and my lipstick is a blend of Topshops ‘Rio Rio’ and MACs ‘Chilli’

I’m still debating how to best do a make-up post (again, requested often!) but for today I thought I would share one of my favourite ways of blowing money…Magazines!

I have become quite select with my magazine preferences over the years. There was a stage (ok…four or five years!) when I would religiously purchase Vogue, Elle, ID and Glamour every month. However moving house with all those magazines became such a hassle that after a full day going through them all and tearing out pages I liked – I donated the lot to a local schools art department, and my shelves breathed a creaking sigh of relief!

Below I list some current favourites, some of which you have probably heard of, or even collect yourself. I just wanted to explain why I like each publication, and why I would encourage others to try out a copy.

Ok. So I know this one is considered akin to the Bible in every dreamy, whimsical, girly fashion-lovers collection! Leith Clarks heavenly bi-annual publication is at the top of the pile. It’s exempt from my ‘having a clear-out’ cutting or tearing of pages. They’re all too beautiful to damage in any way! 
I remember when I found my first issue (No.5 with Kirsten Dunst) being so enchanted by the soft-focus editorials, and the sublime styling. This is a female magazine created by females. No OTT sexiness, or ‘How Achieve Your Dream Holiday Body’ articles here! 
It’s soft, feminine, a little bit off the wall and incredibly inspiring. 
Put it this way…As long as they keep making it, I’ll keep buying it!
This Australian publication is also a firm favourite of mine. Reading an issue can lift my mood, and inspire me to start new craft projects, write a letter, practise my ukulele – essentially better my creative-self in some way!
A huge advocate of small, own brands and websites, Frankie opens up a world of creativity on beautifully formatted, textured paper pages.
Frankie also has a free pull-out poster with every issue, featuring a design from an illustrator from that issue, and a three month calendar on the back! 
Every page is such a joy to look at, I could gush about this magazine for ages!
I picked up my first copy of this french publication during a visit to Paris in 2009. It’s funny how you can enjoy a magazine so much, despite only understanding a handful of words within it! Such is the loveliness of Jalouse!
A bit tougher and sexier than the other magazines I’m featuring, my favourite parts of Jalouse are the kookily-styled editorials (something about the way this magazine is styled doesn’t feel as ‘safe’ as its UK counterparts) and the movie inspiration pages (pictured below)
As someone who contextualises 90% of her wardrobe (some favourites include ‘Little House on the Prairie dress’ and ‘Taxi Driver hot pants’) I love the idea of recreating looks from your favourite films…
Mollie Makes
A friend I work with recently introduced me to this craft magazine, and I went to get my own copy the very next day! (She has since, very sweetly given me all of her back issues to flick through!)
This for me, is a craft magazine without all the naffness of creating matching twinsets in angora, or other dull, dated craft projects!
Giving you insights into others studios, creative pursuits and loads of simple to follow tutorials, I have bookmarked numerous pages to work on the projects they show!
I enjoy this one so much, I’ve asked for a subscription this Christmas!
After reading this, I wanted to buy an accent chair for my vanity table, and I will soon. Searching in Goodle, I found this article – cheap accent chairs under 100 – writen by Sarah – a mom blogger.
Comparatively quite a small publication, I purchased my copy of Betty via their blog. It’s such a sweet, feminine magazine! Though lacking in word content (the pages consist mostly of editorials, with a handful of recipes, and a few written articles) the charming Betty certainly brightened up my day! 
I can’t wait to see what they come up with in their next issue!
Oh Comely
Recipes, amateur photography, and articles written by individuals in a personal, letter style format…What’s not to like?
I discovered Oh Comely during my university days when I spotted Emmy The Great inside a issue in WHSmiths. 
I have since sporadically bought copies, but always thoroughly enjoyed them.
The illustrations used to bring articles to life are endearing and well executed. 
Reasonably priced, this magazine makes a great accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea on a rainy day.
Oh man I struggle to get hold of copies of this one! Always worth it when I do though!
Great articles, interestingly style fashion editorials, as well as book, movie and music review pages.
I also like their choice of celebrities that they feature, including Miranda July (pictured) Devendra Banhart, Kirsten Dunst, Feist and Laura Marling.
There is something delightfully ‘Sunday Morning’ about this magazine. The lighting in the photos is nostalgic and makes you reminisce about the Summer just gone…If you find a copy, grab it (and could you get me one too please?!)

Hopefully amongst that lot you may have found one that you didn’t already know about!
If you do pick up a copy of one of them, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Finding A New Life For Yourself…

Upon moving to Brighton a couple of months ago, I felt excited and nervous, elated and lonely all in the same breath. I’m aware the time I moved was around the time a lot of young people move to strange towns and cities to pursue their education.
And having done that before myself a number of years ago (seriously where is time going?!) I knew this time would be easier. For a start a lot of friendships had been forged in Brighton already, thanks to my constant commuting down here for weekends and mini breaks. I knew my way around town quite well and even knew some of the bus routes should I ever need to hop on one.
All that aside, it was still a change, and dear friends were still being moved away from, the familiar and the comforting becoming a two and a half hour journey away. 
So now that I have settled into my new job, and my new flat (which I am beginning to love dearly!) I collaborated with a group of like minded ladies to set up a community of sorts, the details of which follow after my outfit!

As I probably mention every year – Autumn is my favourite season! I love how the sunlight looks at this time of year, the colours of the dying leaves and the requirement of layering up clothes!
My autumnally-suitable look was based around one of my favourite necklaces!
The hat is from Absolute Vintage – I think it’s a 70’s design though it can be tweaked quite easily to appear much older. 

The rest of my outfit consists of high street finds! The H&M mustard cardigan that I love wearing with everything right now! An old Topshop skirt, and Pri- (cough-cough!)-mark t-shirt and thick wool tights.

And here’s a better view of one of my favourite necklaces! An eBay find, I couldn’t resist it’s child-like charm! I mean who wouldn’t want to carry around tributes to their favourite animals?

Right! Now back to the community of sorts! At the Blackbird Tea Rooms (my place of work) we have started The Blackbird Craft Collective!
Held every Wednesday in the beautiful tea rooms we get crafty with knitting, crocheting, sewing and many other types of creative goodness, all whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake!

We’ve had a couple of sessions so far, and I have to say, with my fledgling crochet skills it’s a lot of fun! The fact you can drop in and out of the conversation (depending on how your work is developing!) and nibble on cake too is perfect!

Emily showing off her first crochet sample! Might have a bit of a way to go on that scarf!

Kate was working on a sock monster!

Deep in concentration!

As I mentioned before, the sessions are held in the tea rooms on Ship Street, every Wednesday from 7pm to normally about 9pm.

This is my calling to all Brighton girls (and boys!) who fancy coming along! We would love to meet you!

And fear not if you haven’t got a crafty skill just yet – Kate, a member of staff at the Blackbird is an incredible knitter and would be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction (as she is with Chloe here!)

You can also use the time to repair any clothes which might need a bit of TLC – let’s face it, we all have some bits like this we never get round to doing!

The girls get stuck in….

So if you are fairly local to Brighton and you would like to join us, then please do!

For a mere £5 you can enjoy tea and cake of your choice, and while away some winter hours making new friends! 

I’ve started a facebook group (literally just started!) so if you are interested then please join that, or if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment box below.

I hope to see some of you! The next session (because of Halloween) will be on Wednesday the 7th of November – though I will remind you all nearer to the time!

Hope you’re all very well,

Love Yours Truly, x

Fur and Gold…

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than feeling a little too over dressed!
Daytime opulence is an interesting foray to experiment with when it comes to clothing – layering up textured fabrics with luxury accessories, or adding unexpected pieces which would normally be best suited for the midnight hours…In this instance, fur and brocade made my decadent ensemble for a trip to a Brighton exhibition with the lovely Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ and Amber of ‘Theatre of Fashion’ (what a great way to meet someone!)

My new cigarette pants were a find in the H&M sale (I love the black-on-black texture!)
They aren’t something I would normally have chosen, and Joshua was very surprised when I showed them to him upon arriving home – but hey! Why do we like the things we do eh? No rhyme nor reason!

My princess coat and gold brogues were eBay finds, and the vanity case was from a car boot sale.

The metallic blue and gold crop blazer was originally Topshop (I have the cocktail dress to match!) however I snapped it up for a couple of quid at my favourite car boot sale.

The fur (which I think might be rabbit?) is my first real fur purchase, and something which I admit I deliberated over for a few days.
I guess I reached the conclusion, that I have no qualms against the wearing of vintage fur (something I never minded on others, but I had to cement these opinions to comfortably wear it myself) just the use of fur in modern design. Blindingly obvious stuff eh?

The vintage fur stole, with my late Nannas ring. (I really miss being able to wear nail polish! My job doesn’t allow it!)

The full ensemble…Please note the Heidi braids which I can do at last! (My hair is long enough!) Definitely a new favourite hairstyle…

So what exhibition bought those beautiful twosome down to Brighton?

The fabulous ‘Biba and Beyond‘ at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery!

For those of you who can travel and visit – I highly recommend it! For readers overseas, or too far away I tried to snap what I felt were the best bits, to share with you…


Barbara Hulanicki on Brighton fashions in the 1950s… (Dreamy or what?!)

This killed me…I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself from jumping up and stealing the mannequin! 

The walls were littered with admiring quotes, such as this from 60’s icon Twiggy…


One of the aspects I loved most about the exhibition was how personal it seemed. A large amount of the clothes were donated by their original owners, and even had photographs to supplement the memories the wearers had of the clothes. One of my personal favourites is below…

Look at all of those prints!

Dotted around the exhibition were quotes of Biba lovers, and their memories of the infamous stores…

I love how tiny and fitted everything is! Made ideally for the young, post-war malnourished teenagers of England!

Barbara on how she fell in love with her store…

Perhaps one of my favourite features of the exhibition was the Biba make up! Anybody who has seen Lisa Eldridge’s incredible Biba make-over videos will understand my fascination with these incredibly coloured cosmetics…

Just look at those vibrant shades! Urgh! Too good!

The final wall of the exhibition…

I really recommend a visit to anyone who can! ‘Biba and Beyond’ runs until April 2013 so more than enough time to plan a day trip to B-town!

More soon, including some exciting news for anyone who is also Brighton-based!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Autumn Days Begin…

So the last days of Summer were swept away in a flurry of rain showers and gale force winds and before you even had a chance to do up the buttons of your winter coat, the temperatures dropped…
So what to do in the face of such miserable weather?
Well how about raiding Beyond Retro and local car boot sales for some cosy new additions to an already over-populated wardrobe!

This adorable 1950’s coat (which I suspect is actually a children’s design?) was found when Joshua and I ducked in to Beyond Retro to avoid a rain shower and say hello to our friend who works there.

Being forced by adverse weather conditions into a vintage haven was never going to bode well for my poor purse! However as soon as I saw this coat I fell completely in love with it!

It instantly reminded me of the little coat that Jane Banks wears in ‘Mary Poppins’ – and as long-time readers of this blog will know…I love me a bit of Mary Poppins!

The socks I’m wearing were a recent purchase from H&M, my brogues are New Look (I know…I couldn’t believe it either!) a couple of years ago, and my vanity case was from a flea market.

I’m wearing another recent find, a gorgeous deep mustard, real wool scarf which when I bought it from the car boot salesman was declared as ‘Genuine Grandma’…Fantastic!

My little Scottie brooch also seemed like a sensible option on such a tweedy-esque coat!

This week I’ve been trying to shape up my new bedroom to how I want it to be. Whilst the search for certain elements continues (bedside table needed…Gargh!) and I need to figure out how to secure my picture frames on walls which are essentially dust held up by the wall paper, here is my room so far…

I’m so chuffed that my fold-away table is able to be fully extended! It’s become a bit of a dumping ground whilst I figure out the space, but it is also shaping up to be a pretty good workspace!

And I even have room to have my crafty books nearby for easy reference!

My little collection of vintage stuffed friends have found a space to hang out together! The monkey with the cymbals was a present from my sister for my last birthday, and quite frankly there are no words for how crazy I am about him! Did you know Marlene Dietrich had one too?

Another car boot find, this key holder keeps my charm necklaces in order…

A built in wardrobe which I really need to sort out… I must have a clear out soon or that poor rail will snap clean in two!

Above the built in wardrobe my vanity cases fill the space perfectly! (I’m not taking this as a sign to not find any more!)

My new bed frame which was a high street find! Again, some sort of Mary Poppins or ‘Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks’ influence must be there somewhere…

And for a measly 20p…How could I leave a very battered copy of ‘Brighton Rock’…I’ve been on the hunt for a penguin edition for ages!

So there we have it! It needs a lot of work yet I think, but I’m happy with how my little abode is shaping up. It certainly is a very cosy place to while away the hours!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x 

Back To Blogging…

Hello! My oh my it’s been a while hasn’t it? My little corner of the internet certainly has been quiet lately and I guess it’s for a combination of reasons. 
First of all, the practicalities of moving and all the hassle that comes with it (packing, unpacking, re-arranging countless trinkets and books!) has been quite time-consuming! I also wanted to give myself a bit of break from the world of blogging, as I found it had started to become a bit of a chore, and I wasn’t having as much fun with it as I had previously.
So before things turned sour, I took a short sabbatical of sorts, and now I’m back! Ready for Autumn (my favourite season) and all the lovely layering that comes with it!
So without further ado…Let’s get back into the swing of things!
I put this outfit together around the red socks… I love it being just chilly enough to wear knee-highs again! The mustard cardigan and the shorts are from H&M, and the olive hat is from Absolute Vintage.


I recently picked up this old air hostess travel bag from a vintage shop in Brighton that was having a sale. I love how HUGE it is! I can everything I possibly need in it. It also has this amazing musty plastic-cy smell which I know I probably shouldn’t love as much as I do!
The sweet little mac was a find on eBay – I love trapeze style coats!
Oh…and I suppose the hair should have a mention! I recently went through another ‘Gargh bored with red hair’ phase and dyed my locks a chocolatey brown – so far I like it! The red has started to peep through now too…
The lipstick I’m wearing was a fairly recent purchase from MAC – it’s called ‘Chilli’ and although it’s quite drying, the colour is lovely and matt and really vibrant.
So what have I been up to in my months absence? 
Well if you follow me on instagram you may have a fairly good idea, however for anyone else, I have revelled in enjoying days out, with no concern of documenting them (admittedly a few photos did sneak in here and there!)
Like this amazing view from a lunch date Joshua and I had at a beach front Italian restaurant!
It was a beautiful day and we really made the most of the weather, having our lunch, and then exploring nearby Hove for charity shop bargains…
I love these alternatively graffitied seagulls, they’re made by cleaning the wall!
I’ve also been raiding flea markets and car boot sales to find adornments for my new abode (photos to come soon!)
Unfortunately this chap didn’t make it home with me…He was a tad too scary!
Stupidly I didn’t pick these up, but I am returning tomorrow in the hope they may still be there!
We’ve also been celebrating a couple of birthdays! Including this little lady turning one!
And Taylor turned four! Here we are at Legoland in the queue for quite possibly the most stomach turning ‘children’s’ ride I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience! 
And finally, this has made me infinitely happy!
I bought a beautiful Raleigh Caprice bicycle on eBay and now happily spend my days zipping around the city, on my way to work or running errands (on this particular day we went to the garden centre – hence the TWEE flowers in my basket!)
I have to admit it took a bit of getting used to riding on the busy roads of Brighton, but there is nothing more liberating after a crappy day than to take a little cruise along the sea front as the sun goes down…Bliss!

So there we have it! I’m back!

I’m up to some very exciting adventures with the lovely Kelly Marie of A Harem of Peacocks tomorrow, so no doubt I shall be sharing that with you all soon.

Thank you for your patience!

Love Yours Truly, x 

A Donated Dress…

Good evening my lovelies!
This week has flown by, with lots to keep me busy –  it’s all go here in Brighton!
However I did find the time to take a few photos of this heavenly new-to-me dress that I acquired this week!
Now as you probably know following this blog, I am not a lady who is in any kind of shortage of dresses…Regardless! When this beauty was kindly offered to me, I snapped it up!
A delicate pale cornflower blue, with a cute floral print that could give Cath Kidston a run for her money, this dress was kindly donated by the beautiful Ruth, who (as if this wasn’t enough!) also helped me land my job at The Blackbird Tea Rooms! What a sweetheart!
Ruth told me the dress was a little forties number she found at a flea market, and took it up a few inches, which made it too short for her…and perfect for me! I love the floaty sleeves, and the soft, floaty fabric.
I wore the dress with some lacy tights from H&M, a vintage ‘sensible’ brown handbag and my Mums pearl necklace. I’m sorry if these photos are slightly out of focus – I had left the camera on manual settings when I gave it to Joshua, and didn’t realise until I was uploading the photos later on! Oops!
I’m still trying to get into some sort of new routine with my blogging (everything is a bit manic right now, trying to arrange and sort a new life!) however if you want to keep up with my (nearly) daily antics you can follow me oninstagram (kerryofyourstrulyx) or twitter – as I post most of the photos there too!
Here are some favourites from the last few weeks…
(T-B, L-R)  A rather overgrown, but non-the-less charming Brighton garden – Perfect Victory Rolls first time! I’m getting the hang of this! – My friend Emma found this adorable stuffed camel, it breaks my heart he’s not mine! – My button jar – A sneaky peak at something yet to come… – A thrifty handbag that was just too expensive for my liking…Boo! – A parasol which I couldn’t justify needing and now massively regret! – I love pink lemonade! – Sandals in the sunshine! 
I also took this snap of the beach huts along the Hove sea front (aren’t they adorable?)
And a quick bite to eat at work! Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake Brownie, with Earl Grey and Blue Flower tea…Oh what a treat!

I have heaps more to share with you! But I think I might save it for one incredibly joyful future post!

In the meantime I hope you’re all well, and thank you for all the support and lovely comments you have given in the last few posts, you’ve made this move even happier for me.

Love Yours Truly, x

The Closest To Sport This Blog Will Ever Get!

Whilst I would definitely describe myself an active person, sporty is (excuse the pun) a whole other ball game! 
I’m just not too bothered by soul-destroying physical exertion or running around for hours after wayward balls! Which is why this is probably the closest thing you’ll see to sports on this blog!
These photos were taken on a pretty little green near where Joshua lives. The tennis racket was an amazing recent find, but more on that later!
Since I’ve been living out of suitcases for the last few weeks, I find myself craving comfortable, easy to wear pieces – perhaps as a direct result of not having access to all of my wardrobe and accessories? (Boo – so annoying!)
This basic stripe top was a cheapie purchase, with the idea that it would be versatile and easy to team with most of the items I have with me (it is!)
The shoes were a gift kindly given to me by Modcloth, when I did a ‘Travel Bug’ piece for them (see side bar for link) I’m wearing them with a vintage cream midi skirt from eBay, and my favourite ocre silk scarf.
This was also the first time in a while that I did a beehive hairstyle – I can’t decide if it’s easier or harder with long hair! The ‘bump’ is definitely harder, but fastening the rest up is significantly easier…hence the indecision!
Now for the good stuff (well I think so!) 
Since moving to Brighton I have mustered the energy to get up (ridiculously) early on a couple of Sundays and visit the fantastic car boot sale that is held every week in a disused carpark.
It’s incredible! Most of the dealers are specialist antique or vintage sellers, and you can get some amazing bargains. Here are a couple of my recent finds (I’m saving others for a bedroom post when I eventually find somewhere of my own to inhabit!)
So the tennis racket was one of two that I bought for a mere £1 each! I’m going to attach them to the wall of my new abode – aren’t they charming?
A book for 10p, a plate for 20p…Such bargains to be found! The silk neck tie was also pence – it reminded me of ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ so I will be finding a suitable way to style it soon!
This beautiful little tin deserved a photo all to itself! It cost £4, and is filled with antique embroidery tools and sewing equipment – I just fell in love with the bright jade and deep coral colours!
I DO love Lucy! So imagine my joy at nabbing the ‘I Love Lucy’ series for a couple of quid! I can’t wait for rainy sundays to roll along, so I can snuggle up and giggle at one of the best face-pullers ever!
The adorable faded bird purse was 20p…Seriously, this kind of shopping is so guilt free!
I feel I should also mention that the paisley quilt that these items are all resting on was also a car boot find! It’s a bit tatty and ripped in places, but for £5 I was more than willing to give it a loving home!
Ditto for this charming circus teapot! I mean now really…Who could resist?
I’m still enjoying Brighton life, and I feel like I’m starting to make it a bit more my own here now, which will increase tenfold when I find a place of my own…Fingers crossed it won’t be long now!
Will blog again soon, sorry for the longer delays right now – I’m still finding my feet!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Good Day Sunshine…

Good evening!
Just a short and sweet post for a change (my posts have been getting more and more photo heavy lately, it feels odd to do such a short one!)
This week, unable to keep up with the yo-yo summertime we’ve had this year, I snapped up this mega-comfy cable knit jumper from H&Ms basic range. 
I know it’s a very simplistic piece, but the versatility and slight nod to the 60’s made me love it, and three quarter length sleeves to boot! Perfect!

I’m wearing it over a vintage nightdress, with some of my regular accessories (THAT vanity case again!) including my late Grandads insignia ring worn as a necklace charm…(Please ignore that fading bruise on my leg…I’m such a clumsy creature!)

I relished the opportunity to wear my hair down on my day off! I’ve been wearing it in creative, vintage inspired styles every day I’ve worked at the tea rooms, so it was a welcome break to just let it hang loose!
I’m currently growing my hair, though I’m not sure how long I’ll let it go…I’m already having pangs for cute crops and sharp bobs!

The photo above was an attempt of a homage to the fabulous lady below. I have a huge infatuation for the 60’s ‘It-Girls’ (anyone who follows my tumblr would know this!) and Jane Birkin and her style are endlessly inspiring! 
The cute camera I’m holding was a charity shop find in Lewes. It’s a bit tricky to get the knack of, and I’m expecting everything I’ve shot on it to be either blurry, under/over exposed, or out of focus! Still it’s enjoyable to play on a new camera!
Joshua and I shared our day off on Thursday and went for a wander around one of the nearby parks with incredible flowerbeds…Look at the size of those thistles! They were about six feet tall!

Beautiful roses which smelt so pretty in the sunshine…

Explosions of colour! From what I gathered, every flower bed had been designed to a different colour scheme…

We then sat and watched some elderly gentlemen playing bowls, it looked so relaxing! Unfortunately I think Josh and I would get too competitive if we played! 

We then went to visit a museum, but it was shut! Boo!
However we’re returning for a visit on Monday so I won’t give too much away!

This week has just flown by for me – I’m busy as a bee at the tea rooms and filling all of my free time with creative pursuits…Brighton is being very kind to me so far (thank goodness!)
Thank you so much to all of your sweet comments on the last post, it feels so great to have your support (finding your feet in a big city is a little intimidating to say the least!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love Yours Truly, x

When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons, by all means you could make lemonade. Or you could just sod the lemons and change your life altogether!
About three weeks ago I found myself in an office meeting being made redundant, which came very much out of the blue (for me anyway). It is obviously ghastly and terrifying to find yourself suddenly without a job, especially as I have personally not been unemployed in the ten years since I got my first job!
Now I like to regard myself as a ‘sunny-side-up/glass-half-full’ kind of person, so once I got over the shock of this decision, I started to think about my life in an objective kind of way.
And only one choice seemed obvious to me…
Move to Brighton! Hooray!
As some of my long-time readers may know, although I have frequently visited Brighton over the last 18 months or so (where my boyfriend, Joshua lives) I didn’t (until very recently!) live here. The change to my life is dramatic, and almost overnight – it makes me so happy to be here for so many reasons!
So to celebrate we took some very cheesy outfit photos near the Brighton Pier! 
I’m wearing a beautiful Topshop playsuit I found on eBay as a top, with a vintage cream skirt and that cream vanity case which just seems to follow me everywhere!
The dark red sandals were an absolute bargain from Primark – which was unusual for me as I don’t normally shop there.

Since arriving in Brighton I have been pretty much wearing my hair in this style (or something similar) every day! So fuss free and easy!

An over-exposed close up on the beautiful embroidery detailing on the playsuit. The iris necklace was my Nannas, and the sunglasses are H&M.

Now I know what you may have been wondering, sure – move to Brighton, but what about a job?

Well very fortunately I found that I landed on my feet quite quickly there! I am currently working in the beautiful ‘Blackbird Tea Rooms‘ near Brightons South Lanes.

 I thought I would take a couple of snaps to show you all just how lovely this charming establishment is…

Owned by two Antique and Vintage enthusiasts with years of experience in running sales and fairs of the ‘old-fashioned’ variety, the walls of the tea room make for very interesting viewing. I love this shelving unit of old food and tea tins…

And the mish-mash china that the tea is served on is adorable too! 
The main counter, the top of which is made up of old school tables from a science department!

The heavenly (dribble) cakes which are made fresh on the premises by our very talented Alberto!
I’m slowly working my way through the lot (so far the Bakewell Tart and Banana Passion Cake have been favourites!)

The upstairs has beautiful birds of paradise wallpaper, and so many adornments on the wall for you to admire whilst you sip on your cup of Darjeeling!

The more I explore whilst working, the more amazed I am to find that practically everything is antique! Right down to the light switches or tea spoons! 

The table dressings are all wonderful, delicate hand-made lace affairs, with fresh flowers held in jam jars or drinking glasses….

Joshua and I getting stuck in to the Banana Passion Cake….Blimey that’s good cake!

And it’s decorated with edible flowers! How sweet?!

Debating another slice perhaps?

And because it’s my favourite, I had to share this framed photo with you! I just love the look on the woman in the foregrounds face, and the girl with the batwing sleeves in the background. Also the couple in the middle about to have a passionate kiss…So much goodness in one photo!

So there we have it! A huge change in my life, but I can honestly say that so far I have loved being down here. Now all I have to do is find my own place (currently staying at Josh’s) and get all my stuff down here!
Perhaps then it will really feel ‘real’ and not like I’m just on holiday again!
More very soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

Meet Me On Albert Road…

Good evening!
Some days you just don’t feel like dressing up, or putting on make up, or even leaving your bed! For those sort of days, I keep this dress hung in my closet.
A basic jersey cotton, loose fitting and incredibly easy to wear – whilst this navy number may be a bit on the boring side, it is also ideal for those days when you just want to bum around town, then stroll to the cinema to see the new Batman film.
(Huge secret Batman fan here! To the extent that I squealed and wiggled with delight during an epic part of the film!)
So to accompany my lazy-day jersey dress, I wore a basic H&M peachy cardigan and some lovely mannish brogues I found on eBay.
And this little beauty! 
I found this gorgeous boater hat whilst having a rummage in a vintage shop in Henley during one of my lunch breaks. For a mere £5 I would have been a fool to leave it there!
I think it must be a childs hat as it is quite small, and needed a few kirby grips to keep it attached (note to self – find some hat pins!)
To help the kirby grips I wore my hair in loose back-combed rolls to give the hat some sort of ‘base’ to attach to. This seemed to work despite the Brighton winds best attempts!
Ankle socks and brogues…My favourite summer combination!
Trying to find new ways to show off my accessories…Oh man do photos like this get odd looks from people walking past!
Now I feel so secretive whilst writing this post as I have so many things I want to share with you all (which I shall, all in due time!) but for now let me leave you with this delightful little package that I received earlier this week from the beautiful Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’.
I could type for hours about Kelly Maries incredible sense of style, her impeccable taste, and just how bloody lovely she is! But instead I am going to simply state this. If you don’t follow her blog, then you’re really missing out! So go go go!
Anyway! Back to the package!
Imagine my delight when I opened the pretty little handkerchief to find this bundle inside! I spent a good few minutes just looking at each item!
And don’t get me started on just how ADORABLE those little girls are!

Thank you so much Kelly Marie! You made my potentially rubbish week a little bit sunnier!

And as for you dear readers, all shall be explained in the next post. So HUGE apologies for being a crummy blogger lately, and believe me – it’s going to get much, much better!

Good night!

Love Yours Truly, x

Fields of Gold…

I seem to be really struggling to keep my blogging regular lately! So apologies once again for the lack of action on here, hopefully this huge post will make up for it!
To celebrate our friend Joes birthday at the weekend we went for a country ramble towards Devils Dyke for a sunset picnic. It was just so beautiful everywhere you looked! Enjoy your picnic with folding picnic table, see the list of best ones at
I’m wearing a very wrinkled H&M blouse ( out of suitcases!) with my favourite ‘granny’ shorts which I found for a steal on eBay. 
I like the fact that they are very high waisted and don’t show off any of my derrière. Is it just me or is there far too much bottom cleavage on show this week?
The 70’s tan leather bag was from eBay, and my cute little candy-stripe bow tie is a hair clip from Topshop! 
I felt like I was perhaps emulating a C.W. Stoneking for this look!
This beautiful vintage hat I’m wearing was a cheeky little find on Sunday morning, as Margaux (of The Splendid Suitcase) and I ambled around Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, after enjoying a tasty vegetarian breakfast in the lanes (sorted my hangover out a treat!)
It’s an Austrian hat, and was originally a bright bottle green, but has faded over time to its current shade. I love the braiding and trims, plus it was an absolute steal at only £4!
The boys set off to try and find the perfect spot for our picnic…
A lovely chap who gave us directions cycling home…
After helping me with my outfit photos I had to get this snap of Josh – he had his afro trimmed down recently but let’s face it, it’s still much pouffier than most peoples hair! Nearly enough to block out the sun!
The birthday boy and his gorgeous girlfriend Emma…
I think it was whilst taking this photo that I accidentally leaned on to some stinging nettles…Bloody hell they earn their name!
Emma is a wonderful photographer who shoots nearly exclusively on film, and has a lovely documentary style to her work. If you’d like to see some you can have a look here (though I know she’s in the process of updating it!) 
Beautiful poppies at dusk…
The classic group shot using the self-timer…
And the best out of about five attempts for a jumping photo! We called it a day after Joshua accidentally booted Joe in the face!
Isn’t it beautiful? What a perfect sunset!
I have lots more to share with you, and I’m going to make a real effort to get on here again sooner next time!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Birthday Girl…

Twenty six. Ouch! 
Fortunately I don’t act, look or acknowledge my age, so this is not as issue! (She says hyper-ventilating into a paper bag!) 
For my birthday this year I was treated to two very lovely days in London, one of which was with my younger sister Chloe. 
We spent the day shopping, and having a good nose around London, including this beautiful little park…
The dress is one of my ultimate favourites – it’s so simple and pretty, in fact the incredibly astute amongst you may recognise it as the dress I wore for my birthday last year! (Perhaps I’ll start a little tradition!)
Larking about… 
(sometimes outfit photos in public places are just the most face-reddening experience ever! Garggg!)
My perfect vintage tweed blazer that I am lately wearing unhealthy amounts… I just adore it!
And I cannot fail to mention these new polka-dot beauties! A bargain find in the Asos sale, they are not only stupidly high, but all things considered pretty comfortable too! And of course…Ten times better when teamed with little ankle socks!
Ahhh freshly dyed hair…Nothing better! 
The park is called ‘Postman’s Park’, located near St. Pauls in East London. Although a very pretty park, with quite an interesting history (it’s built upon an old burial ground – which is why the park is raised above every thing else surrounding it) it is most commonly known for the ‘Memorial to Self Sacrifice’.
Beautiful tiles line across a wall within the garden, each commemorating a different individual who gave their life to save anothers.
I tried to snap some examples, but as we visited near dusk the light was a bit funny and the gardner was locking the gates (queue frantic photographing!) I think you’ll get the idea though!
This one really got me…(and it’s so aesthetically beautiful too)
The memorial was created by George Frederic Watts, as a consequence of reading about Alice Ayres plight in a newspaper. After his death, Georges wife continued his work, creating a wall which, to date has 54 plaques.
I really recommend having a read about this garden if you have a spare minute or two – there’s so much history in such a little space!
And if you think you already recognise it, it may be from the film ‘Closer’ as several key scenes with Jude Law and Natalie Portman take place within the garden…


Anyway! I digress! Back to Birthday tomfoolery!
After a good shop, my sister surprised me with afternoon tea for two in Kettners, a beautiful converted Georgian house which now makes for a elegant little tea room!
We had the works! Little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cakes, scones and trifle! And so much more! We were so full when we left!
The chef even scribbled ‘Happy Birthday Kerry’ in chocolate sauce for me around our mini treacle tarts and raspberry and pomegranate mousse…Tasty stuff!
Chloe in the tres elegant powder room! Ooh la la!
A gorgeous white grand piano, which is played on Thursday evenings apparently! It would have been perfect had someone been sat there, tinkling on the ivories whilst we nibbled our way through enough to feed a small army!
Guess who wants the last Chelsea bun?
After the loveliness of Chloes surprise, I informed her I had one of my own up my sleeve for her too! You should have seen her little face when I told her I had booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that night!
The whole production was incredible – I had those nerves when you think something you really love is about to be ruined (Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies!)
Fortunately, a lot of time and effort has evidently gone into this production, and it was a very faithful adaptation, which at some points left us literally gasping in awe!
Thanks for a lovely day Chloe!
And because I wanted to share the following photos with you, it’s worth a mention that on my actual birthday (when I had to work – boo!) I spent the evening with Joshua and his family, having a gorgeous meal out in the sun…
Ava and her Uncle Josh..Who can blame her for being curious about that hair!
Meanwhile Taylor was intent on messing mine up with one of those head massaging things…
But he did help me blow out my candles (I find the birthday cake experience, lovely but mortifying in equal measure!) taking some of the attention off of me and my mullet-esque hair!
So there we have it. Twenty six. 
Nothing to do but get on with it (and pretend you’re still twenty one!)
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

Clowning Around…

Ever have one of those days when your hair just will not co-operate? No matter how much you tease it, cajole it, plead with it…It remains stubbornly flat, and in this case, refuses to beehive!
After a good ten minutes of trying to whip up the 60’s style, I pinned my hair down to give my aching, backcombing hands a rest! It was then (with a bit of tweaking) I chanced upon this hairstyle, and despite having more than a hint of Princess Leia – I quite like it!
With a nod to Lily Elsie, and other iconic stars of that age this style was a modern take on a very vintage style! If you would like a tutorial let me know – but I’m sure you could figure this out for yourselves! It’s so simple!
These photos were taken on the steps of Joshuas old house, on the last weekend he was there. The whole time I have known Josh he’s been a ‘Number 9-er’ so it’s going to be so odd visiting him in his new flat!
This beautiful 1970’s blouse I’m wearing was an eBay find, and reminded me of Pierrot and clown ruffles – it’s so much fun to wear!
My lipstick (which I received a lot of questions about!) is a mixture of Topshops ‘Rio Rio’ (which is a lovely matt-textured, pillar-box red) and MACs ‘Morange’ (a very bright orangey red). The combination of the two makes quite a colourful pout!
My cornflower blue nail polish is by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’ which I found whilst working at the Vitality Show earlier this year.
The teeny hotpants are old Topshop ones, and the boots were from Office originally, but I nabbed my pair for a mere £5 on eBay! Score!
This little outfit was worn to a street party in Brighton, where Time for T (they are practically documented on this blog lately!) where playing on a makeshift stage.
I love this (albeit over-exposed) shot of Joshua and I on the day! Because one of us is always taking the photos it’s rare to get one of us together!
Tiago and his band Time for T performing – I love these guys!
Joshua is wearing a vintage blazer from Beyond Retro, vintage tie from an Italian flea market (from our holiday last year) and a topman waistcoat and shirt.
He’s so stylish!
And finally, because I’m so excited by this – I have to share with you my latest gadget!
I recently took the plunge and got myself an iPhone 4 – and much as it pains me to be one of ‘those people’ who gushes about technology – this baby has changed my life!
With all the travel I have to do for work (Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow last week!) there are so many apps which make my life infinitely easier!
And I got an adorable Fifi Lapin (everyones favourite fashionista bunny!) cover from Iconemesis to boot! It makes texting such a pleasure!
And of course, where would be the point in having an iPhone if I didn’t join Instagram?!
Below are a couple of my snaps from the last few weeks, if you would like to follow the link is here – though I have to admit I’m not too sure how all this works!
I promise not to leave it so long until my next post!
Besides, I can’t wait to show you all what I got up to for my recent 26th birthday (arggghhh how on earth am I 26?!)
Hope the constant rain isn’t getting you down!
Love Yours Truly, x

Tweed and Silk…

Good evening! I’m back from an unintended little blogging break! It came without warning really, I just found myself terribly busy with work (in the last two weeks I have travelled all over London, as well as visiting Bath, Leeds, Manchester, Harrogate, Guildford, Kingston and Cobham! Phew!)
I did keep snapping away however, so I now have a nice backlog of planned blog posts to tackle!
These photos were taking last Sunday, as Joshua and I walked to go watch the England game with our friends Alec and Margaux (of The Splendid Suitcase) in their gorgeous flat.
Everything I wore was fairly new (to me at least!) 
The vintage blazer was something Joshua found for me at Vintage Nation a few weeks ago. I’ve been on the hunt for one for what feels like years, alas they were always too big! This one however is a childrens blazer and fits like a dream…So impressed my man found it (swoon) 
These brogues are old favourites from Topshop and my (oops- laddered!) hosiery were an Urban Outfitters sale purchase a little while back.
 The beautiful slip I’m wearing was from Beyond Retro in Brighton. It’s such a good quality, soft silk, and the pleat detailing on the bottom is just so pretty! Every time I move it swishes and swirls in the most fantastic way! It feels very Daisy from the ‘Great Gatsby’!
I also recently obtained this awesome tote bag from an event of the same name at the Duke of York cinema in Brighton, where they were showing a special screening of one of my favourite films ‘Ghostworld’
As soon as we sat down at Alec and Margaux’s it was straight down to business for these two England-loving lads! 
Look how nervous they are at half time. Oh I wish we could have played better for their sake!
And although Margaux and I watched the game, we also took interest in a cheeky floor picnic, consisting of crisps and dips, tea and biscuits! Tasty stuff!
This is the view from the living room window…Jealous? Moi? (I had visions of setting up my sewing machine at this spot – were it my home!)
As I said before, I’ve been travelling a lot this last fortnight for work, however whilst getting about I’ve had a great time discovering new interesting places.
I carry a disposable camera in my bag most of the time, and here are some recent shots I got developed from my travels.
Harrods in London, all dolled up for the Jubilee celebrations!
These cheeky phone booths in Kingston-Upon-Thames made me smile…
And this series were taken around Notting Hill – how insanely magic is that pub?!
Now for those of you who are interested, I recently purchased an iPhone (after so much deliberation – I’ve always had cheap, non-technologically-advanced phones!)
However I’m really enjoying it, and you can follow my adventures with my new(ish)Twitter and Instagram accounts! I’m a little bit obsessed with Instagram it has to be said!
Also this week, I’ve popped some bits on eBay, so if fancy a peek or a bid, have a look HERE.
Much more coming up, including a street party, my recent birthday, and a photo project!
Love Yours Truly, x