Peggy Lee & New Accessories… – Yours Truly

Like most women, I’m a sucker for a great handbag. However, perhaps unlike most women I find that handbags is the only area of wardrobe in which some snobbery comes into play. I simply refuse to buy high street bags, as it really bugs me when I see someone else with the same bag as me! I know – it’s a ridiculous mentality! Especially when you consider the amount of Topshop (uniforms!) I have rammed on my clothes rails… Just give me a great vintage bag any day, hands down more character and charm! And generally speaking…considerably cheaper too! This outfit features a new Topshop blouse…

The skirt is from ‘The Barn’ in Newbury – a huge vintage warehouse that always produces little treasures after a good rummage!

The head scarf is from Beyond Retro in Brighton, my faux fur stole is H&M and the ring is Topshop.

How adorable is the scallop detailing on this blouse? I instantly bought it!

A close up of the handbag…it’s just so fabulous! I think 2011 may hold an ‘Absolute Vintage’ obsession…that place is heavenly!