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This may be, quite possibly the most photo-heavy post I’ve ever done! But I just couldn’t stop snapping the whole time, so apologies in advance!

During our stay in Portugal we did a cheeky little road-trip up to Lisbon to stay with some of Tiagos friends, and for Joshua and I get a broader taste of what Portugal is really like.

Long story short? Both of us completely adored this beautiful city! Maybe this post will give you a hint as to why…

I’m wearing an adorable dalmation print top which I hunted down on eBay. I discovered it whilst working at The Vitality Show in London and talking to a lady who was wearing it. It was such a quirky print I knew I had to find it!

The shorts are vintage, and my glasses, tights and cardigan are from H&M – a very high street outfit!

Oh…And for readers who were unaware, this is why I have a fringe…Talk about ‘The Never-Ending Forehead!’ Eep! A jumping shot..Because I like doing them (Josh and I have it down a fine art now! We get it first time everytime!) and because it had been ages since I last lept on this blog! We ate SO much in Portgual, but I was a bit conscious of freaking people out by photographing my food, so I only succumbed one morning when Josh and I were having a bakery breakfast…Nyom! Lisbon town houses…Too pretty right?

Now from I remember, our tour guides (ie. Tiagos gracious friends who were so utterly accomodating and friendly!) informed us that Lisbon has seven hills within it, and as Vasco commented ‘If you want to go anywhere, you have to go uphill’

He wasn’t kidding! We got quite the workout!

Flower pots… I just liked them! (Honestly I looked like such a bloody tourist! Snapping everything!)

How adorable is this little car, parked outside ‘Nice House’! Why did cars have to get so modern?

Joshua having a butchers at a map… We climbed a tower nearby and took some aerial photos, but because it was so windy, and I didn’t want to lean over too far they weren’t too great! You get the idea anyway!

We visited the artist who is currently working on Tiagos new album artwork, and she had an orange tree growing in her back garden! Something that is probably really mundane in her day to day life, but I just found it amazing!

Doing the tourist thing…ahem.

I couldn’t stop snapping this fountain, it was so beautiful…

We were then led by our guides to a little hole-in-the-wall shop which sells this cherry liquor, which from what I gathered is something quite unique to Lisbon. We purchased a bottle and walked around drinking it together from little plastic cups. How dignified!

The boys and their manly little cups!

We stopped into a beautiful old church during our walk, and although there was a service on (I was so terrified of disturbing the congregation in any way) I managed to photograph this beautiful statue at the back of the church. Her face is divine and I love the halo…

Now showing you Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible tiles which litter the buildings in such a beautiful way. They’re are often found in the most unexpected, run down areas, and never failed to make me grab my camera!

To the extent in which I ended up being teased quite relentlessly by the others…’Look Kerry! Some more tiles!’
Oh well! Here are some of my favourites, I put them together in a (futile) attempt to make this post smaller!

And my very favourite? Outside a worn down little eatery…How beautiful are these peacock tiles?

So there we have it! A weekend spent in the gorgeous Lisbon, eating, exploring and obsessively photographing tiles!

And for the four hour coach ride back to Lagos, I had not only Josh, Tiago and our friend Luca for company, but Mr F. Scott Fitzgerald and some very tasty olives…Perfect!

I’ll try and make the next post a bit smaller – no promises though!

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Good Luck!

Love Yours Truly, x