Postcards from Italy…Antiques in Lucca! – Yours Truly

We decided after hearing a recommendation from someone else staying in our hotel (the Palace Hotel in Viareggio for those of you who asked!) to visit nearby Lucca for a day trip…It certainly didn’t disappoint! I’m wearing my Topshop sale bargain white dress again (what can I say it’s a new favourite!) only this time teamed with flat Office sandals, a vintage headscarf from Glastonbury Festival and a vintage leather clutch handbag that cost the grand total of fifty pence…Fabulous! The Iris necklace was my Nanna’s.

How huge are these church doors? It makes you wonder the size of the congregation!

Lucca is a beautiful city surrounded in its entirety by a vast wall, and full of narrow winding streets, which we soon discovered are actually the roads! Already suitably impressed (considering we had arrived with no expectations!) Imagine our delight when we stumbled across an antique market under the archways!

If only this could have come home with me….

Lucca is simply beautiful (I wish we could have spent more time there!)

Incredible hand sewn table clothes for a mere five euros a piece!

Joshua fell in love with this 1970’s style and cheap accent chair…Now how on earth would we get that on the plane?!

And I was rather fond of these adorable/scary old tin toys…

I did ensure we had a good rummage through these cases though. Full to the brim of beautiful vintage silk ties, Joshua nabbed two (including a gorgeous liberty style paisley one!) to take home.

An adorable little seamstress assistant!

All these trinkets we kept seeing and wanting!

I haven’t got a clue what some of these are…but don’t they look nice?

Antique sports equipment…

Huge and beautiful wooden frames just stacked up against one of the walls opposite the market stall…

All too soon it was time for us to leave Lucca, and head back for our dinner reservations. But not before we caught a glimpse of these performers warming up behind a makeshift stage…
Upon getting back to England, and being instructed to watch a recent episode of ‘Top Gear’ which was coincidentally set in Lucca, we realised had merely scratched the surface of this gorgeous city, despite wandering around it for a good couple of hours…Looks like we’ll have to return again one day! More soon, including the (dun dun duuuuuh) news of a slightly dramatic nature!

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