Postcards from Italy…Bicycles! – Yours Truly

One of my favourite things we did on our little holiday was hire two bicycles from one of the shacks in a nearby forest. For a ridiculously small sum of euros, we had a new found freedom to explore Viareggio with!

My top is from H&M, the skirt is vintage from Rokit in Brick Lane, and the brogues are so old I honestly can’t recall where they’re from! Suffice to say they are by far the comfiest shoes I own!

Guilty confession time…I’m actually posing with Josh’s bicycle in these photos…aka the bike that should have been mine! Unfortunately we figured we needed one of the bikes to have a basket for our stuff, so guess who pulled the short straw there?

That’s not to say I didn’t ADORE my bicycle! Here is it hiding behind Josh’s during a long cycle to a harbour, where we sat and ate peaches, pears and bananas whilst watching an italian man fishing off the end of the dock…I love Italy!
Now for the record, I found Italian roads quite scary on my bike at first! With all those mopeds (more on that another time!) and crossroads, and one way streets – I was pretty anxious to say the least. But by day three, when we unfortunately had to return the bicycles, I felt like a pro weaving my way through italian traffic!
Here are few photos I’ve pulled from the (literally) hundreds that I took on holiday. This sign was for a kiddies ride in the forest, I just really like its name!

A faux flower stand bursting to the brim with colours!

I did a full-on double take when I saw this! I assume it attaches to an adults bicycle and they pull the child along? Regardless! How cool is that eh?! We also drove past this warehouse whilst exploring the inland, and heard all sorts of tinkering noises coming from within!

And how better to rest up after a morning of cycling than spending the afternoon on the beach? I ‘borrowed’ a couple of unused spades from a nearby deckchair with the intention of maybe creating a little moat and castle…y’know something modern and stylish… Until Josh got involved and I soon found myself enthusiastically digging for China with him!

The finished hole was just above my elbows…not bad! Leaving us just enough time for a quick ‘Hello’ magazine pose before dinner…

Using the bicycles again, we rode a couple of miles up the seafront to a fantastic little pizzeria full of noisy chit-chatting italians! The pizzas we had were gorgeous!

And afterwards as we sat letting our food go down, we gazed upon something rather unusual…
An incredible kite was performing beautiful swirls and twirls in the evening sky…
A quick bike ride home and we were back to the hotel to enjoy the leftovers of a bottle of red! Perfect!

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