Postcards from Italy…We're Home! – Yours Truly

We’re home from our wonderful holiday! I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say that we fell in love with our first taste of Italy. I have never eaten so much in my LIFE! (Check out my little Italy-Beach-Belly below!) But how can you resist when there is so much gorgeous food to sample, and make ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ noises over?

Our Hotel was on the parade opposite the sea in Viareggio, Tuscany. Obligatory room view photo…

The hotel had a private beach and pool, as well as this gorgeous roof terrace which not only provided beautiful views (including mountains in the distance!) but it was a great sun trap to sit in, whilst feasting on olives and drinking crisp, cold beer!
And now, without further ado, After having a good explore around the hotel (poking our noses in cupboards and board rooms and secret little lounges) we went for a wander around a nearby forest, which was home to a strip of amusements, cafes, bike hire shacks and…A MINIATURE GOLF COURSE!
Joshua and I are crazy about mini golf! Nothing gets us more competitive! And this course provided a fantastic backdrop for those furrowed eyebrows and squeals (mine not Joshua’s!) of delight. My top is Topshop, the shorts are eBay (with a fantastic Grandma-Tourist feel to them!) sandals are Office, and my headscarf turban is vintage. The course had dips and dives, tunnels and towers, and even a stream running throughout it! Luckily they provided little nets for any wayward balls!

See that weird claw hand I’m doing? And the slight jump in the air? This hyperactive idiot is squeaking about nearly getting a hole in one (an accomplishment, which in this relationship entitles you to a free dinner!)

As it happens, Joshua once again beat me…though only by a measly five points I might add! Perhaps a bit of obsessive practising might improve my chances? The forest also had little race tracks which we desperately wanted to have a go on…
And another highlight of the first day? Discovering these gorgeous mini-pears from a nearby market…DELICIOUS!

I have heaps more photos and news (including some of a rather dramatic nature) to show you soon! Hope you’re all well!

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