Practically Perfect In Every Way… – Yours Truly

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game! Who else was just a little bit obsessed with Mary Poppins as they grew up? It was one of my favourite films to snuggle down to on a rainy afternoon, and if I still had a VHS player it probably still would be! (Note to self – purchase the dvd) I have on more than one occasion been compared (sartorially speaking) to the Nanny of everyones dreams. Including a sneering remark as I walked out of a Primark once (I never see anything I like in there so why do I still bother looking?!) I can’t blame them though, particularly when I leave the house with an outfit like this…

I’d like to think I’ve mixed up some of the characters here actually. Whilst my glorious topper (a vintage find from eBay) definitely evokes Miss Poppins, I can’t help but feel that the princess trapeze coat, lacey stockings and smart white shoes are all very much Jane Banks!

The tights are H&M, and the rest is eBay! I’m starting to resent prices of items in shops as I know there are so many bargains to be had online! Just this week I fell in love with these Topshop trousers…Until I saw the price tag…EEP! Seems I’m alone on that one though as they’ve now sold out!

A close up of the beautifully tatty flowers…

It feels fun to wear an outfit like this, and even if some people laugh when you walk past – at least you’re raising a smile!

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite scenes from Mary Poppins… I mean seriously… THAT DRESS. I swear every drawing I created in my youth featured something similar! As for Julie Andrews – there are just no words for how wonderful she is. Hope you’re all having a lovely week – I have some exciting news to share this weekend!

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