Pull Up A Chair! – Yours Truly

Sometimes finding somewhere to take an interesting and aesthetically pleasing outfit photo can be a real chore! Other times you turn a corner and a little piece of forgotten street cries out to be included! Such was the case for these abandoned chairs! I’m wearing a cream polka dot dress by the spanish label Sister Jane, which I found on eBay. It’s really beautifully made garment with intricate little details, and a good quality fabric (nothing frustrates me more than a great design/print on bad quality fabric!) I’m wearing it with my vintage bowler hat, a H&M cardigan and some ‘Amelie’ style brogues, that yet again, I found on eBay! You’ll recognise the cream vanity case of course! It’s the only bag I bought to Brighton with me, so it’ll be appearing often this week! Having a bit of a giggle as some pot-bellied northern man told me to ‘Get yet feet off them chaaairs!’ Of course he had nothing to do with the chairs, and rebel that I am (pffft!) I did a few more photos! And one more featuring the beautiful swishy fabric…and my nine year olds legs! Prior to my furniture storming antics, Joshua and I had gone for an ice cream date! I felt a bit bad not going to our regular place (we’re Scoop and Crumb fans normally) but since variety is indeed the spice of life, we decided to give the relatively new Gelato Gusto a try! And it was well worth it! Here I am looking very much like the cat who got the (ice) cream! Enjoying my Chocolate and Banoffee flavours. I know it’s boring to go for Chocolate every time, but I always feel I would regret it if I didn’t! The Banoffee flavour was gorgeous, with big chunks of toffee infused pastry throughout….Yum! Joshua had Cookies and Cream (huge chunks of Oreo cookies!) and Banoffee too. He’s wearing a vintage velvet blazer and mustard tie, with a made-to-measure shirt (lined with vintage liberty fabric and with his initials embroidered on the cuff) and a Topman waistcoat…Dapper or what? I particularly like the light ‘prettiness’ inside the parlour, and the fact they had really good music playing in the background (Ella Fitzgerald whilst we were in there!) It makes all the difference! Even the doorstep was pretty! I tried to find out online what ‘Terry’s’ was, but no luck. Isn’t a pity that some of the mosaic got ruined? Or am I just being a nostalgic fool? And of course, because I wouldn’t be a British blogger if I didn’t mention it… I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Jubilee Weekend! It was so endearing to see everywhere covered in Union Jacks! We’re off to see Moonrise Kingdom tonight, in an old fashioned cinema near where Joshua lives. I am THIS excited, being a huge Wes Anderson fan! Have any of you seen it? Has it become your new favourite Wes film?

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