Put A Penny In The Slot… – Yours Truly

First dates are great…But continuing to date when you’re in a relationship? That’s pretty special! Which is why I’m so glad Josh and I find the time and make the effort to go on unusual or exciting dates still! This week was no exception! I wore a dress which is one of my latest eBay bargains (I love the art deco style print!) with H&M childrens hosiery and Urban Outfitters patent T-bar shoes. My coat is from Zara (embarrassingly enough also the childrens section!) last year.

For anyone who follows my tumblr also, they may know that I’ve lately developed a bit of a passion for the 60’s and the ‘It-Girls’ of that era.
These shots were inspired by photos of Twiggy, including some of her posing on a doorstep, and the ‘Jump’ series she created with Richard Avedon…Though I don’t think I have quite the same grace and energy that she possessed!

I tried curling my hair again, and even managed a dinky roll at the front…Before the wind blew it all to bits! Oh well!

Our wandering lead us to this little treasure trove right on the Brighton sea front, it made for a wonderful date!

It is simply full of old mechanical amusement machines! I managed to win a few times on this one…

(Sorry for the shocking quality photos, my camera did NOT like the lighting and flash wasn’t allowed!) A musical band that sprung to life (in quite a creepy, jerking manner) when you popped your penny in. They played us some Chuck Berry!

The machine on the right involved smacking down the red pad on the side, to send tennis balls cascading down towards the hoops. Each hoop had a different point value – Purely by chance I scored 40 whilst Josh achieved a very respectable 10 (I’m such a terrible winner!)

Old decorations litter the walls…How cool is this one?!

I loved the colours on this machine, though my total lack of co-ordination meant I was awful at playing on it!

A very out of focus (sorry!) photo of a sign that made me chuckle!

A shooting game Josh played…

How amazing would it be to have some of these in your home?
We had so much fun killing time on these machines! If you’re ever in Brighton you should definitely give it a visit! I just realised this is another date post in which Joshua doesn’t feature in the photographs…Oops! Ps. I will be running a FAQ within the next few weeks as I regularly receive very similar questions in my inbox! If you have anything you would specifically like to ask, you can do so in the comments below this post, my email (on the sidebar), or tumblr inbox! Thank you! 

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