Red, White and Blue, What Does It Mean To You? – Yours Truly

Isn’t it funny how some pieces can sit in your wardrobe for what seems like forever, and then all of a sudden they’re given a new lease of life when you find something new that goes hand in hand with it?

Such is the story of this bright blue felt skirt. I’ve always liked it enough to never sell it on (I love the art deco-style pleat detailing) but perhaps due to the vividity of the colour, it’s always been a tricky piece to build an outfit on.

Queue the entrance of this adorable polka dot top from H&M! It’s actually a peplum style top (and for the record I’m certain it’s shrunk in the wash!) but I’ve worn it here tucked in, with a basic knit cardigan.

The shoes are a regular on this blog as I’m sure you recognise, and the bag was an eBay find I lug around with me most days.

It was so nice to do some outfit photos in the sun again! I think England is finally brightening up for the summer!
Here I am having a good squint… Lovely stuff!

My initial necklace (J for Joshua…Aaw shucks!) is an Asos purchase, and this awesome nail polish is a new obsession. It’s from the new Topshop Glitter collection – and just reminds me personally of 90’s school discos. Who could ask for anything better than that? It cheers me up so much to see my fingertips sparkle!

We spent a weekend ambling around Brighton, which is currently invaded with comedians, entertainers and musicians of all varities for the famous Fringe Festival. 

We stood and watched this old swing time band performing a rendition of Lady Gaga songs (as well as a bearded man in lipstick, heels and a black evening dress singing lounge jazz which was an eye-opener!)

Everywhere you go the city is bursting with colour and noise and a huge creative energy!

Amidst the madness we stopped off outside Snoopers Paradise to admire our friends jewellery stall (more on his jewellery another day, I’m currently deciding which piece to purchase!) and he also showed us this little guy!

Our friend, who goes by the name of ‘Twiddle’ has studied taxidermy, and whenever his friends find dead animals or roadkill, they bag it up (or call him) and he works on his skills. This squirrel puppet was called Rasputin and was rather charming!

I found myself wondering about the morals of taking an animal corpse and creating something so jovial out of it, but after seeing the curiousity Rasputin roused in children (and indeed adults!) walking past, it made me realise there was no harm done, and that Twiddle is keeping an old skill alive…albeit a macabre one!

Personally, I don’t think there is any insensitivity or cruelty involved, so I hope no one out there finds this offensive.

Whilst taking my outfit photos these two glamorous bicycle riders breezed past, fortunately Josh was quick enough to respond to my incoherent yelps and snap them! They look wonderful!

And another bicycle themed photo…I saw this house whilst we were stopping into an old camera shop, and it just seemed a bit out of place and charming to me.

Oh – and here’s one more (which amuses me very much) This is for anyone who has commented on Joshuas likeness to Bob Dylan!

I actually have quite a back log of posts piled up since finishing the Holiday posts, so expect a lot more of me during the next few weeks!

However, I will leave with the winner of the Blog Birthday giveaway. 

Congratulations to Eleanor Kay!

Please email me your postage details so I can pop your present in the post as soon as possible.
Thank you to everyone who entered and for your lovely birthday messages. I have another giveaway up my sleeve, and I have an inkling this one might be popular…Ooh mystery!

I’m off to enjoy the evening sun now! 
Have a lovely week,

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. My title was derived from a WW2 song I remember singing in middle school called ‘They’ll Always Be An England’…I seem to recall particularly liking this one!

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