Sailor Song… – Yours Truly

England is so cold! This week beautiful clear skies have descended upon the country, bringing with them very chilly days! But unfortunately for Josh it wasn’t cold enough to prevent us from visiting the beach for these outfit photos! Oops!

My skirt and bag are recent vintage finds from eBay, the hat is from the Camden Passage (hoping to visit there again soon within the next few weeks) my tights were a kind gift from Modcloth, and the denim shirt is an old Topshop one.

I don’t really know what inspired this outfit, looking back I’m not entirely sure it ‘works’ but who cares? It was (quite) warm once I had my coat on, and comfortable enough to see me through the adventures of the day! Josh being cute, whilst I figure out the exposure settings…

A runaway strand of hair…!

The beach was so quiet and pretty, so we sat for a while and just enjoyed each others company in the quietness.

Whilst walking down to the beach I snapped this quickly…I love the Brighton Blue colour! I aspire to have a bathroom that colour one day!

This week I also developed one of my disposable cameras. I’m getting into the habit of having one on me at all times, though I’m hoping to venture with a proper little film camera soon. In the meantime here are some of my personal favourites… Our favourite book store in Brighton, which stocks incredible and diverse books. For instance, I can see a Django Reinhardt and an Edith Piaf book I wouldn’t mind having a nose through!

The Brighton Pavilion. I’m really happy with how this came out, it was such a surprise!

Saturday afternoon nachos…A little tradition I love!

I was laying in bed talking to Josh with my drying hair wrapped in a towel, when I sat up, the towel remained…I thought it looked pretty funny!

Josh looking smug at getting the best chair on a Sunday Roast outing with friends…

My man gives me flowers after the Sunday league…Naaw.

Brighton Market vegetable stall

I’m looking forward to snapping more of places and objects, rather than people. I think it might make an interesting challenge! Ps. I LOVE that I can now respond to your comments below. So if in future you ask any questions I’ll be sure to answer them! x

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