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Please Yourself…

Well I don’t know about you but I’m knackered! This week has been full on, mostly because work has been a bit manic (more on that in a bit) however before all the madness ensued, I had a visit in Brighton to see Joshua.
Now I’m sorry for the repetition, but I’m seriously infatuated with these trousers right now!

As you can see it was a bit of a dreary rainy day, but I still tried to bring the Spring-time vibe out with my bright floral silk top. It’s gorgeously light and dreamy (but so delicate I’m perpetually terrified of ripping it!)
I’ve also changed my make up a bit recently, experimenting with different brands and colours. I’m even considering doing a little cosmetics blog post if you ladies would like that?
On this day I was trying out a new pink blusher I had picked up.

Check out the matching candy-pink nails and my BLING RING. Oh I love it! Back when I was a student I thought it was so ridiculous I had to own it…Now I think it’s actually quite subtle!

To hide from the rain we snuck off to a little cafe called ‘Marwood’ (previously mentionedhere) which is in the South Laines. We met some friends and indulged in tea, coffee and a huge wedge of this rather odd little creation…
Introducing…Bacon Cake!

Unusual as it sounds, I found it to be pretty non-offensive! It was quite a heavy, savoury cake with the bacon cooked in layers. Worth a try but I’d rather have a brownie next time please!
Here is that curly haired chap who hasn’t featured on here for a while…Is it just me or is his hair getting bigger 😉

One of antique chairs I took a fancy to. The decor in this cafe is so interesting. It’s a bit 1940’s bomb shelter meets Andy Warhols studio, and a children’s toy box! (Go and you’ll see what I mean!)

A pretty cappuccino! (I wish I liked coffee!)

Which when finished, our friend Jack turned into a Teacup Forest! How great is that?

And because I said I would, I’d like to reveal my exciting news now, which as I type this, I realise might not be exciting for anyone else but me! (oh well!)
Who is this little cheeky hiding under my vanity cases? Oh my! Why it’s my beautiful new sewing machine! Isn’t she a beaut? Well the picture on the box anyway, I’ve yet to set her up as I need to re-jig my room a bit!
I’ve been planning to set up my own textiles business for a while now, and have been saving to pick up all the bits I need. Now that I have my machine I feel one giant leap closer to achieving my dream.
I can’t wait to share more with you all, I feel very secretive right now!

Oh go on then! To give you a taste of some of the vintage fabrics I’ve been sourcing for this business (the details of which I’ll properly reveal over the next few weeks) here are two samples I picked up at a recent vintage fair…

I’m so excited to share my progress with you guys! Think you can tolerate painfully child-like ‘look what I made!’ posts? 😉
Hope you all have a great week. From tomorrow until Sunday I shall be working at theVitality Show in Earls Court with my work. Come say hello if you’re coming! If not wish me luck! I have feeling I’ll be dead on my feet by the time it’s all over!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x
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Good evening lovelies!
So I’m back from my little Brighton holiday and back to the hum drum of everyday life. I did want to share one more amazing little purchase with you though!
Whilst in Brighton I found myself with an hour to kill before Joshua was due to meet me, so I dangerously decided to have a mooch in Beyond Retro…My poor purse!
However it turned out quite fruitful and rather thrifty as I picked up these incredible high waisted trousers for a snip at £16!

Made from a fine wool, and lined with silk I instantly loved the deep ochre colour – where else could you get a pair of trousers of this quality for that price? Amazing!

I’m wearing them with a black vintage silk teddy (underwear as outerwear = my new obsession) a H&M cardigan and my white brogues from eBay. This was the first time this year I also got to wear my favourite sunglasses again, Spring is coming!

I love how timeless they feel, like something Katharine Hepburn or Amelia Earhart would have worn.
It was SO windy whilst we were taking these photos!
36OKq8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Today, I’m back home having spent the afternoon at Josh’s sisters house (unfortunately Josh couldn’t make it up..Boo!) for a roast dinner and to play with this little charmer…


Uh! My heart melts! He comes out with the some of funniest and sweetest things you’ve ever heard. I spent most of the afternoon spinning him around the garden and climbing into his ‘tree house’…Who needs to join a gym eh?
Then of course there’s this little stunner! Remember when I posted a photo of her just after she had been born?

Just look at those baby blues!
And may I just request a huge dose of sympathy for this brave little fella who broke his arm two days ago and is STILL smiling! What a trooper.
The toy he is holding is ‘Poor Puppy’, I bought him from one of the ‘Build A Bear’ workshops.
I fixed a matching cast and sling on his arm, so Taylor has a buddy for all of his doctors appointments.

Ava beating Pampi’s head with spoons…This girl has all the makings of a great drummer!

Josh’s sister made us scones from scratch which we ate in the afternoon sun with a pot of tea! So delicious!

Served with clotted cream, and SPARKLY strawberry jam! The jam contains edible glitter – thus creating Blinging Scones!

Right well call me a wimp but I’m knackered! So I’m going to settle down with a film and call it a night!
Oh – and I haven’t forgotten to share my exciting news, I’m just holding fire until later in the week 😉
Hope you all have a great week!
Love Yours Truly, x