Right here is one of my new favourite home accessories from 18 Karat. you may test them out at natural SELENITE CRYSTALS Named after Selene, Goddess of the Moon, these clearly energized stones are said to cast off negative power from a room, purify and produce calm to the areas in which they one hundred forty to 2 hundred million years in the past and are proof that the Atlas Mountains of Morocco have been once an ocean ground. they’re stunning add-ons in their uncooked or polished states. Above is the raw stone as it’s miles discovered inside the mine.

Our selenite stones are decided on for their huge length and whiteness.

these are the most uncommon specimens and are in restricted deliver. uncooked SELENITE STONE This huge uncooked piece restricted deliver. uncooked SELENITE STONE This huge uncooked piece of selenite is unprocessed and holds all the unique strength stored inside. it’s miles a effective electricity purifier and brings peacefulness into its environment. LUMINOUS CIRCLES hand – polished into the form of a circle, this translucent selenite is a symbol of the circle of life and mild. It reminds us that existence is not linear, that the whole thing eventually comes complete circle.


these cubes of selenite are tapered to a point and partially polished. The factor concentrates the electricity and directs it upwards. MYSTICAL MOUNTAINS Our white selenite is determined in a semi-arid mountainous is determined in a semi-arid mountainous location of Morocco which has a completely selenite crystal, particular topography. The huge valley is blanketed in huge sweeping grasses and rosemary trees. There are not any timber, however the luminous Moroccan blue sky steals all the eye because it outlines the purple mountain ridges. Clay-walled farming villages dot the surreal landscape.

Selenite occurs in slim veins which can handiest be excavated from hand-dug. The most treasured, pure huge crystals are buried deep and the miners will move in as a ways as 200 toes to extract the minerals without any present day system – handiest a select, shovel and wheelbarrow. The work is painstaking and becomes greater risky because the depth will increase. once a vein is exhausted, the mine is refilled with the authentic terrain to ensure balance of the mountainside. The stones are taken to a warehouse in a nearby village, then trucked taken to a warehouse in a nearby village, then trucked to a workshop for processing. Selenite is stunning in its raw state in which all of the inclusions and optic striations are seen.

It’s additionally polished into a variety of geometric shapes. The smooth texture of the stone allows it to be polished to a satin-like shine. It’s rumored that the selenite crystals are remnants of Atlantis and are the unique document- keepers of a pretty evolved ancient civilization.

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