She was always so well beehived… – Yours Truly

Good Morning my lovelies! So here is the tutorial of sorts that I’ve been promising you guys. By no means do I claim to be any kind of professional when it comes to hair! I just do what works for me and, yes, whilst growing my locks out – the backs of my beehives are so very messy! Lots of kirby grips! But..I don’t have to see the back of my head do I! Ha! I’ve tried to break it down into easy steps, and at the end of this post is a little video of the entire process. Again….by no means professional! Beehives work best with unwashed hair, but they can still be done with clean hair, you just need to dirty it up a little bit! I start off by spraying my roots with Dry Shampoo and rubbing it in thoroughly. It gives your hair a drier texture to work with.

I then spray L’oreal Elnett Hairspray (I hate to promote a certain brand, but this is hands down the best hairspray I’ve brushes out easily, isn’t sticky and gives great hold!) on a hairbrush and brush it throughout my hair. Again this is just to help give your hair some texture, which for fine haired ladies like me, is a necessary step! I then proceed to grab chunks of my hair from the crown, and using my brush backcomb thoroughly. I’ve tried to show in the video the correct way to backcomb. If you do it right then it’s so much easier to brush out. You should only ever move the brush/comb downwards. And every new stroke you start at the top and work your way downwards again.

I then use a comb to refine the shape of the backcombing, and try to start shaping the beehive.

Using your hands or perhaps a comb, gather up all the backcombed hair and twist the tips together. Holding the twisted part against the back of your head, push upwards so that the hair bouffants into a beehive shape – don’t worry if you have gaps etc, we’ll sort those out!

To secure use two kirby grips, securing one from L-R and the other R-L. Spritz with hairspray. You can use a comb at this point to smooth out the shape of your beehive and then finish with hairspray. Using a comb, pull back the side parts of your hair and secure with hairspray, then kirby grips. Spray the sections left loose at the back of your head and then twist into coils which can lay flat against your head, secure with kirby grips. Because my hair is still quite short this can be quite messy looking, but hopefully longer haired ladies will find this a doddle!

Once all hair is secure, I like to curl my fringe, but it’s of course optional! Just give your hair a good spritz of hair spray and you’re good to go! Hopefully that makes some sense – if not the video may help too! Lots to show you all very soon! Including some items that I am selling on eBay and some interviews with some great bloggers!