Sunshine On A Rainy Day…

By Yours Truly, x

Lately life has felt like a bit of a juggling act. Two jobs,(one of which is full time) trying to run this blog and all the different components that come with it (hello twitter!) as well as having another website in the pipeline, and a collaboration with my friend Emily, creating a capsule collection!

I sometimes feel I bite off more than I can chew. But before you think I’m complaining – I love all of the things that keep me busy!Teaching at The Fashion School this year has been one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable learning curves I think I may have ever experienced.Finding that perhaps I’m more patient than I give myself credit for was a real surprise! And the joy that comes with teaching kids from seven to seventeen is monumental.

Each class brings something different, I love talking to the girls, and hearing about their lives. They talk over their sewing projects, of their worries and hopes, day to day life, and continually sing songs from ‘Frozen’ (I know more about that film and One Direction now than I care to mention!)I’ve even taught foreign students at a nearby language school – with pupils from Russia, Spain, Italy and even Bangkok!
Fortunately their English was pretty good, though apparently my attempts at Thai were laughable!

I also really enjoy my other job, working at Riddle & Finns. Sure, serving fish might not be particularly glamorous – but they are really accommodating with my teaching hours, the food is incredible and my colleagues are like family.

Whenever I feel a bit at odds with being a 27 year old waitress, I try to remind myself of all the great skills it provides.I can talk comfortably with strangers at the drop of a hat (table after table – I’ve perfected this skill!) which is a handy socialising tool.
The money is reliable and good, I have time to pursue other interests – and it keeps me really fit, so no need for a gym membership!

I’m learning more and more this year, that it’s not the circumstances you find yourself in – it’s how you choose to view them.
By looking at the positive attributes and focusing more on them, you begin to realise that there is value in even the most arduous tasks.
Plus, it makes you enjoy your free time all the more when you’ve been working flat out!

Which brings me to these photos! Taken on a recent day off, I spent the morning with my dear friend Ruth, mooching around Brighton and enjoying coffee, vintage clothes and cake!

The beautiful blouse I’m wearing was inspired by the wonderful Dulcie of Human Sea. She recently wore hers to Brighton and I completely fell in love with it! Fortunately it was still available in my size in the Asos sale! Thanks for tip off Dulcie!

My sunglasses are new too! After nearly four years of the same shades, I went crazy and bought two new pairs. Madness eh?
These beauts were from Urban Outfitters.

Also worth a mention – I finally succumbed to ‘Mom’ jeans!
I had a pair a couple of years ago (which I stupidly sold on eBay) and I’d forgotten how comfortable they are!
This pair are from Topshop, they’re so easy to wear, and even make me look a bit curvier than I actually am, which is pretty cool!I rolled up my cuffs (v.flattering for the petite amongst us!) and teamed them with a pair of battered sneakers and some beautiful ‘Golden Rod’ blooms I bought from a local florist.

Attempting to set up a shot…My rucksack is from Baggu and is the handiest thing ever! I’m tempted to get a couple more in different colours…

The beautiful Ruth who kindly took these photos for me – the most glamorous photographer I’ve ever had!

Say hello to Sarah, a new mom. Let’s visit the newest article on her blog – best outdoor playhouse for kids.Mugshot! It was such a lovely day…

Thanks for enduring my waffling, and sporadic posting! I’ll try and get back on here sooner next time!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. The hair will go back to pink! It faded out to blonde and I quite liked it (and not having to dye my hair every two seconds!)Read More

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Liberty Love…

By Yours Truly, xFor a start, let me just say that 5.30am is not a time that really exists in my world.
Gone are the days of my ‘sensible office job’ which required early awakening, and to be honest, I rarely crawl home in the wee hours anymore either.So should you want to find me at that time, best bet is that I’m enveloped in my duvet!However, always up for a change of pace – I quite willingly arose at the ungodly hour a fortnight ago, to venture on a commuter train to London, with one dreamy destination in mind!

I had been invited to Liberty, for a scarf styling breakfast, where over nibbles of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee we were going to be taught everything we wanted to know about their iconic silk scarves!I woke up bleary-eyed, but a woman on a mission! Pulling together an outfit of H&M tights, an eBay paisley dress and favourite Topshop brogues, I was out of the door in about fifteen minutes flat…

And packed in my ever trusty vanity case, all essentials for a day of blogging. I have to say, it felt wonderful to have a day solely dedicated to Yours Truly!

And although she features in the photos below, now would be a great time to say that I had the pleasure of meeting Kristabel of ‘I Want You To Know’ (as well as the lovely Camilla of ‘Into The Fold’!)Kristabel very kindly took these outfit photos for me. It was wonderfully deserted when we started to snap, then every man and his dog decided to appear! Typical eh? Thanks Kristabel!

Back to the scarves! For those of you who don’t know, I actually specialised in Print Design during my fashion degree, and have always adored the insanely beautiful prints that Liberty create.

With that in mind, I was delighted to meet this lovely chap, who designs the Liberty scarves! He has full access to the archives at the click of a button and was able to talk us through the varying prints and how he develops and tweaks them to keep them fresh each season.
The print geek in me was practically frothing at the mouth as we talked through his creative restraints with regards to Liberty’s heritage.Now there’s a dream job!

Myself, Kristabel and Camilla with our first attempts at scarf styling…

There were several scarf ‘specialists’ on hand to talk us through the scarves, and show us varying ways of styling them.Not only was I delighted to be playing freely with the expensive silky beauties, but I was amazed by the stylists knowledge and enthusiasm for their work.

What this wonderful lady didn’t know about scarves, seemingly wasn’t worth knowing! Drawing her inspiration from all corners of the globe, her passion was infectious!


A cheeky pose with my stylist! I loved this chunky braided style I’m wearing.

The beautiful Liberty ladies…

So many colours! Urgh! So much beauty!

Myself and Kristabel with the braided style – perfect for hiding festival hair or in my case…Dark roots creeping in!

I’m going to work on a scarf-styling post inspired by the wonderful creations Liberty showed us. I can’t wait to show you how simple they all are!

Thank you so much to Liberty for inviting me, and what a delight it was to meet Kristabel and Camilla (and have a cheeky lunch with Dulcie who is lucky enough to work there!)

Also please check reviews on outdoor cat shelter on my friend’s blog.

Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Style Stories…

By Yours Truly, xIt was when I was at University that someone first commented on my habit of ‘contextualising your clothes’In my eyes, every garment has some sort of history. Even brand new items! A Breton style top can emulate Jean Serberg, or fisherman off the shores of France, whilst a pretty white broderie dress will always give me hints of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ 

Within my own wardrobe, I have an ‘Abba’ playsuit, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ skirts, and more ‘Mary Poppins’ items than I care to mention! I’ve bought shoes off the back of seeing similar pairs in movies (The Painted Veil being a great example…Her two-tone brogues were amazing!) and always fawn over costumes whilst mentally taking notes for future purchases.

So with all that in mind, I think I had already given this skirt a story before it arrived on my doorstep!A cheeky little Topshop treat, I loved the bright Spring florals on such a heavy, decadent fabric. 

As I pulled an outfit together, I realised how much it reminded me of early 60’s prom dresses.To me, it’s a little bit ‘Grease’ and a little bit ‘Sound of Music’ (it could easily be made from a pair of jazzy curtains!) I could just imagine a 1960’s girl waiting for her date to pick her up, all dressed up for a drive-in cinema, or burger joint…Which is what we tried to emulate in these photos (the waiting part not the burger date unfortunately!) 

My vanity case is one from my collection – it’s a bit broken after someone fell on it during some very flamboyant dance moves! My wedge sandals are from Primark last year and are still my favourites! They go with everything and are so easy to walk in.Little glittery blush-coloured socks stopped my toes getting cold!

Since dyeing my hair, I’m definitely found myself drawn to pink (and indeed, colour in general!) a lot more.With a skirt this bright though, I toned it down with black basics like a H&M body suit, and a Topshop cocoon coat.

I really love the idea of an elegant outfit teamed with messy, undone hair. So I left mine completely natural!The necklace is salvaged from an old broken one, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it looks!

I’ve spent the last few weeks since bleaching my hair trying to find the perfect semi-permanent dyes to achieve the pastel head I desire.I think I’ve made some real progress since these photos were taken, results of which I shall share soon!

And as ever, I have Sam to thank for these lovely photos!Taken during rush hour by a busy road, we chased the setting sun to capture the evenings beautiful golden light.

And the fact that I’m so comfortable with him, means we both forget what’s going on around us…Even when people were having a real snoop as their cars crawled along in traffic! 

Hope you had a great weekend! Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Good Hair Days…

By Yours Truly, xI don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but quite purposefully my little corner of the internet has yet to succumb to adverts or banners.  Now before you think I’m galloping off on my high horse, I can assure you I have no issue with advertisements on other blogs, in fact it can lead to finding great new labels and etsy shops, which is obviously great!I just never wanted it for Yours Truly. I always want my blog to have sincerity and integrity. Whilst I don’t write all the mundane details of my daily life, I’d like to think I give an honest (albeit up-beat) account of my life.

So with all of that said, when I received an email last week from a very pleasant lady offering me a pair of ghd’s in the new pastel range. Well I was pretty bloody happy.My poor old straighteners looked forlornly up at me, seemingly aware of their imminent replacement. I was going to have a set of ghd’s for the first time! And after a moment of pondering if I was ‘selling out’ I decided that if I genuinely want/like/enjoy something, I should share it. Isn’t that what this blog is all about?

And I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with them! In my excitement I decided to put my new jade-green beauties to the test, and create three looks with my new pastel tresses.And lucky for me Sam was more than willing to help capture my attempts! My first look was very much inspired by this platinum legend…

I tried to recreate Marilyn’s loose, sexy curls. But with perhaps a bit more of a ‘bed-head’ element. I always prefer my hair when it’s a little messy and rough around the edges!

After spraying my hair with copious amounts of heat protection spray (and a quick blow dry to lift it) I divided my hair into sections and worked the straighteners round to form loose curls.I then teased the curls to be a little looser with my finger tips, and sprayed the ends (from below) with hairspray.I also sprayed my fingertips and worked a bit into the roots for extra volume.

My second look was inspired by another hair icon. Miss Golightly’s layered beehive has always been one of my favourite movie-hair styles.That blunt little fringe is just so sweet and stylish!

After using the ghd’s to create a sleek, straight texture I then proceeded to lightly backcomb my hair throughout, focusing mostly at the roots. This style looks simple but very hard to make, I sat for hours on cheap accent chairs under $100 with very “high concentration”.  After spraying a little hairspray on my palms, I then started to shape my beehive, fixing with kirby grips as I went along. 

After all my hair was fixed, I pulled back a section of my fringe, to create the second ‘mini-hive’. This style is perfect for ladies with shorter hair like myself, as it gives you height with added volume at the front.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a Tiffany’s tiara lying around so instead I accessorised with 1950’s silk bridesmaid garland, worn as a necklace.

My final look wasn’t inspired by a movie starlet! It was the result of a bit of playing around…

Combing my hair forward from my crown, I used the ghd’s to create a heavy curl, before rolling the hair round on itself, securing with a few kirby grips.

After pinning the rest of my hair up in similar rolls, I attached a couple of fresh blooms, for a fantastic pop of colour!

I am completely loving having bright pastel coloured hair (after a few wobbly days where I was tempted to dye it back to brown!)It lifts my mood, and brightens up even the most mundane outfits. It’s also re-ignited my love for colour again.  Those ghd’s couldn’t have come at a better time! Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Spring Time Pastels…

By Yours Truly, xI’m going to hazard a guess that my latest little bout of ‘comfort dressing’ began about three or four weeks ago, when simultaneously  awful weather and very cosy new jumper both arrived in Brighton. Since then I’ve mostly been in a uniform of sorts, consisting of varying cosy jumpers, skinny jeans and my favourite chelsea boots. However the recent few days of glorious sunshine (Spring is finally here!) have bought me out of my dark wool cocoon, and flung me gleefully back into my favourite colours, including a very slight hair make-over too!

Baby pink! Gloriously girly and carefree, I am completely in love with my new hair! I got idea from my friend – Sarah, she’s just a mom blogger but has very special style dress. Let’s visit the latest article on her kids blog – outdoor rabbit hutch reviews.  I dabbled with multi-coloured tresses in my last year at University, and haven’t touched a pack of Manic Panic since. But for some reason, last Friday afternoon I found myself locked away in the bathroom with copious amounts of bleach and blue shampoo, perfecting my bottle-blonde colour!

Whilst I still don’t think I’ve reached the colour I’m striving after (the search for the best semi-permanent dye is currently underway!) I love how different this new colour is!

I’ve had a couple of instances where my friends have looked right through me, as I sat waiting to meet them in coffee shops, or the cinema! They are so used to my little gingery head, and admittedly so I am! My reflection in shop windows and passing mirrors still makes me do a double-take! 

So to debut my new tresses, I thought this pretty silky blouse from French Connection would be the perfect pastel pairing! I love its boxy tailoring, and the pretty pinkish hue is ideal for Springtime…

I accessorised with a matching pastel perspex ring, a scarf ring (with the cutest little bird, that oddly fits my fingers!) and a Rimmel nail polish from the Kate Moss range called ‘Punk Rock’. My leather clutch bag was from a flea market in Paris a few years ago. It’s the loveliest leather – all beaten up and soft. It cost something ridiculous like two euros, and it’s one of my favourites.

My new coat was a sale-rail find from Topshop. I couldn’t believe my luck! One left, my size, and only £20! What a steal! This is – believe it or not – the first black coat I have ever owned!

To offset the girly-ness of my blouse, I teamed it with a green ‘jungle’ print skirt I found on eBay. I didn’t imagine the two going together, but I really like their slightly mis-matched colouring.

My sunglasses are old favourites from H&M (I’m currently on the prowl for a new pair for some variety!) and my lipstick is a beautiful little treat from Tom Ford in ‘Wild Ginger’. The packaging of his make-up is so luxurious!

Larking about…I have found it increasingly awkward to pose for blog photos – I feel so aware of how cliched each pose is. Fortunately with the wonderful Sam Luck on hand, to not only provide his wonderful photography skills, but also his cheeky sense of humour, this set didn’t bother me! So fingers crossed I will feel like blogging again without the need for another three week break!

Happy Spring-time everyone! Sunnier days are ahead!

Love Yours Truly, x Read More

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Talking ‘Bout My Generation…

By Yours Truly, xThe term ‘Mod’ is something that has been synonymous with Brighton for nearly sixty years now.From the famous deckchair-hurling fights on the pebbled beach, to the Mod fashion boutiques which to this day still line the North Lanes – there remains a huge vibe of the hubbub of 60’s youth culture throughout the city. 

With that in mind…It all started with a pair of black chelsea boots by Deena & Ozzy, marked down in the sale.I loved everything about them, especially the history that comes with such an iconic classic.After a few days hesitation I finally gave in and bought them – thankfully having been marked down again in the time it took me to deliberate! 

With my boots still sitting pretty in their cardboard box, I found myself trawling the internet for Mod imagery, Beatnik fashions, listening to iconic music from the decade whilst closely inspecting photos of the generation that danced to it the first time round. This would be a great moment to interject that I have within the last few months discovered the wonders of Pinterest. My account is HERE if you care to see what inspires me of late.

Then one afternoon last week, Joshua and I were having a rummage in the record box at out local Oxfam (a very fruitful day – five amazing vinyls came home with us that afternoon!)On the way out we both spied this navy pea coat hanging on the wall.I tried it on first, then Josh – we both loved it and decided that Josh would own, and I could borrow!

Of course, to fit us both means that it’s slightly too big for me – but I love the oversized ‘boyfriend’ look! Teamed with a pair of Joni skinny jeans from Topshop, a chunky knit roll neck jumper and my Cambridge Satchel Company bag that I recently blogged about, I set off with my friend Sam to take some Mod inspired photos, to do both the boots and pea coat justice!

It’s amazing being photographed by Sam – we’ve known each other for about ten years so there’s no awkwardness, and best of all, he’s an amazing photographer – always teaching himself how to use new equipment, editing techniques…Very inspiring stuff! Our location was just up the road from our flat, where, were it not for the modern cars littering the pavement edge, you could believe that it was still the 1960’s thanks to the red brick homes, and ceramic road signs.

My beautiful satchel, I look after this thing like it’s a newborn – I love it so much!

Sam working on getting my ‘best angle’…Ha!

A cheeky little portrait shot…

As we walked home, with an impossible number of photos to sort through – we spied this amazing 60’s VW van!Talk about serendipity!

If you want to have a look at some of the Mod images (both new and old) that have been inspiring me then click on this link HERE. Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Practically Perfect In Every Way…

By Yours Truly, xThere are no other words to describe this heavenly vintage coat than to quote Mary Poppins! It was gifted to me from the lovely Alec and Margaux of The Splendid Suitcase as a thank you for interviewing them on the blog last year. On a bright cold day running errands in Brighton it really cheered me up to wear something that feels so elegant and well-fitted! And worn with my recent fur-stole find, which seems to be a match made in wardrobe-heaven! 

 I’m wearing the coat with some of my regular favourites – an eBay vanity case, Topshop boots from a couple of years ago, H&M socks and vintage night dress from Beyond Retro. 

 I’ve noticed this week that my current choices in wardrobe-colouring are almost identical to one of my old school uniforms! Navy, cream, mustard and royal blue all featured in my middle school uniform and PE kit…Funny how I hated wearing it at the time! 

 I’ve also being adapting my Heidi plaits recently, to a more relaxed twisted style, which is so easy, it literally takes two minutes to do! Perfect for when you’re in a rush or you want to quickly pin up hair that is in need of a wash! 

 Divide your hair into two equal parts, and brush to each side (I tie one side into a ponytail to keep it separate whilst I twist the other). Pull some loose strands forward to frame your face and then holding the hair at a right angle to your head, roll the hair forwards. Then simply pin on the top of your head with kirby grips and repeat with the other side. I told you it was easy! 

 Also worth a mention is Joshuas amazing new bargain coat! He’s wearing it with a polo top he found online, a vintage waistcoat and trousers from Topmans Boutique collection. 

 An attempt for a cutesy-couple photo goes a bit wrong…Ew! 

 And because this coat is practically perfect in every way, perhaps that is the reason why I chose to go as Mary Poppins for Halloween!I must admit the original plan had been ‘Scary Poppins’ but as soon as I had the get-up on, I just couldn’t bring myself to ruin it with blood and gore! Worryingly all I had to purchase for my costume was some red ribbon for my bow tie… Therefore I could essentially be Mary Poppins again whenever I please! 

 I’ve also been instagramming my adventures the last few weeks, here are some of my favourites for anyone who doesn’t follow my twitter or instagram. 

1. The green velvet dress worn by Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, when she is visiting Rhett Butler in Jail. I went to the V&As Hollywood Costume exhibition with Kelly-Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’…and it was AMAZING. Seriously, no words for how good! Unfortunately photography wasn’t permitted within the exhibit so this was a very sneaky little snap!

2. Brighton sea on a stormy afternoon!

3. I recently watched this film, ‘The Beginners’ and really enjoyed it – far more than I anticipated I would!

4. A new glitter-fest nail polish by Models One!

5. Joshua and his recent delivery from a local farm…(I’m definitely going to steal this idea)

6. A Brighton busker who must have gone to extraordinary efforts to get his instrument where it was!

7. Beautiful ceramic jewellery from a boutique on Bond Street, Brighton.

8. A recent eBay find, I love this little Brownie doll!

9. One of the most inspiring fashion books ever…..!

I have a few exciting projects to show you within the coming weeks, and a couple of lovely new finds too!
Thanks for being patient with my sporadic posts – we still haven’t got internet at our flat (boo!)

Hope you’re all very well,

Love Yours Truly, x 

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Brick Lane

By Yours Truly, xLast Thursday I journeyed up to London in the rain and gloom, with the sole purpose of trawling the notorious vintage haunts for something truly special to wear to an event I have coming up. Believe me, I know better than most that my wardrobe is already filled to bursting (a perpetual ‘clear out’ situation always seems to be in motion!) but sometimes it’s just lovely and frivolous to have something new to wear to an occasion, and to feel all the more amazing for it! 

With a bit of change in my pocket, and comfortable shoes on my feet I set off! My main port of call being Brick Lane and the Shoreditch area – where row after row of second hand clothing shops sit neatly next to each other, all a stones through away from the famous Spitalfields Market. The skirt I’m wearing is a fairly new find courtesy of eBay, I love the slightly abstract palm print, though I did have to make some amendments to the cut with my sewing machine – I don’t think anyone but Jessica Rabbit has hips that curved!

My insect bracelet is an old favourite from my Uni days (it’s battered and falling to bits!) and my nail polish is by ‘& Other Stories’ – I am literally obsessed with their brightly pigmented beauty products lately!

My camel jumper is from Topshop a couple of years ago, worn with a velvet bow tie from H&M. My coat and vintage vanity case were both eBay finds, and my blinding gold shoes (which remind me of exotic old ladies!) are from Primark (I couldn’t believe it either!)

As you can see I’m still enjoying being reunited with my yellow eye make up! Worn with ‘So Chaud’ lipstick by Mac. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying wearing bright cosmetics again, especially when the weather is so grey! 

And so what treasures did I find on my little shopping excursion? In all honesty – not a lot! Isn’t it always the way when you have a bit of free money to spend?I tried reliable favourites like ‘Beyond Retro’, and ‘This Shop Rocks’ but alas nothing really jumped out at me!I guess the real success of vintage shopping is to not be searching for anything in particular.

So with my event looming this week, I still haven’t a clue what to wear, but I’m optimistic!
I know I’ll hash together something out of golden oldies in my wardrobe, and then probably feel ten times more confident and comfortable than had I been wearing something new.

Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
I look forward to sharing the results with you!

Love Yours Truly, x Read More

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Short & Sweet…

By Yours Truly, xIt started with a rainy day in Brighton. Soaked to the skin by an unexpected storm (we borrowed the umbrellas below!) I found myself exasperated at the state of my hair! Bad hair days were becoming an annoyingly regular occurrence, and I didn’t really like my hair unless it was tied up – never a good sign! So I decided to finally take the plunge and do something I had been considering for a few months…

After drying off at home and enjoying a nice cup of tea for morale,  I enlisted the help of my dear friends Becca and Sam, who were all too willing to help!

With Becca armed with a pair of £1 hair scissors, and Sam with his (considerably more expensive!) camera, we spent a rainy afternoon doing the following… love that video! Sam perfectly captures the care-free attitude of the whole hair cut!I’m not very precious about my hair (perhaps as a result of my shaved head in 2007!) I’m not really bothered as long as it doesn’t look too horrific!

Fortunately Becca is incredibly meticulous and patiently spent a good twenty minutes ensuring all my blunt cropped ends were even!She certainly gave it a lot more attention and care than I would have, had I endeavoured to cut my own hair!

And we made a gloriously hairy mess in the bathroom too! 

Posing with my impromptu hairdresser! I love my new hair cut!

So there we have it! My short absence explained with a fantastic video via Sam Luck!We all had so much fun doing this little project we have decided to collaborate on further projects over the Summer!I can’t wait! Much more to show you soon, but for now I’m off to flick my freshly cut tresses around! Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Their Lips Brushed Like Young Wild Flowers In The Wind…

By Yours Truly, xA new dress. Is there anything more frivolous and wonderful as a new dress? I recently went to London with my younger sister for a day of spending, eating and catching up (with a few musical numbers thrown in for good measure!)Upon arriving to the famously busy Oxford Circus, my single goal in the (so-vast-it-appears-never-ending) Topshop was to find myself a bikini. I’d seen some lovely ones online, but knew I needed to try them on for a good fit. Perhaps more on the bikini another day (I found one and it’s perfect!) because just as I was making my way to pay, I spotted this gorgeous little white number hanging on the sale rail.I literally could not believe it was in my size…and in the sale! 

 Of course I’d seen this beautiful little Victoriana dress when it appeared full price on the website, and had even bid on a couple on eBay (before the price soared beyond logical reason)So I can truly say it was pure delight to pick one up to take home with me! It’s just the right amount of feminine, and reminds me of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, Kate Bush in her floatier incarnations, Stevie Nicks and Beatrix Potter all rolled in to one! 

 The necklaces I’m wearing it with feature charms which belonged to my late Nanna and Great-Grandmother. A lot of religious symbolism going on there! I love their character, uniqueness and sentimental value.My lipstick is by Topshop (Infared) and my nail polish, (which is also on my toes) is a deep Jade green by Rimmel (Block Your Green) 

 My head dress is a vintage 1950’s bridesmaids hair band. Made from aged silk, it’s a gorgeous piece which I try not to wear too often for fear of destroying it! It was definitely made for a child as I have to balance on my head in a very particular way to make it stay! I suppose it would also be worth acknowledging at this point that I dyed my hair this week! I wanted a change, and this deep chocolatey brown certainly provided one! 

 Checking to make sure Joshua wasn’t about to get mowed down by a lorry as he took my photos! 

 Also worth a mention are my new shoes found in Primark of all places! I completely love them,  despite the blisters they have induced as I’ve worn them in! I’ve been wearing them with everything as they’re so versatile. Anything that gives me a little bit of a height boost is always welcome too! 

 Getting a bit carried away with the Kate Bush impressions… 

Also more from my instagram lately, including a thrifty Elvis key-ring I found at the car boot, my latest obsession of crumpets and fruit for breakfast, Spring colours around Brighton and decor from our flat!

You can follow my instagram here – even if you don’t have a smart phone!

>> Let’s check the best folding picnic table and reviews!Plenty more in the pipeline, including some fantastic music I can’t wait to share with you all! Hope you’re all very well! Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. For those who didn’t see my tweets prior to this post, how do you like my beautiful new header! A huge thank you to Sam Luck for helping to create exactly what I wanted! Read More

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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away…

By Yours Truly, xThis week I was lucky enough to collaborate with my wonderful photographer friend Emma Speight again. Since she shot these photos  for me, she has had her websitecompleted and launched, so be sure to have a look! Her work is so beautiful, and entirely film based – something always worth noting in this digital age! That being said, the following photos were taken on my Nikon D40 – I like to throw Emma out of her comfort zone! We had just been planning to snap a couple near my home in the late evening sunlight, but as we chased the retreating amber glow, we ended up further and further away…All the time there I was clutching my glass of milk!  

I feel I should at this point explain the milk. For a long time Emma and I have discussed collaborating on a very ‘working class’ 60’s shoot – which I’m sure we will eventually get round to!
I always seem to reference the milk bottles on a door step, cute milk moustaches, striped paper straws – you get the idea…I love the kitchness of vintage dairy! Ha!

So (perhaps to shut me up!) Emma encouraged me to bring a glass with me!

My (extremely short – eep!) mini dress was an eBay find. It’s incredible clingy which can be a bit bothersome, but I like the cute ditsy print and roll-neck. It definitely has that classic 60’s shape – so of course I styled it with my beloved (but increasingly rare – must try harder!) beehive!

My faux fur coat is from a clothes barn I used to frequent when I was at University – you would walk round grabbing piles of second-hand goodness, which were then priced at til-point in a very offhand manner (‘Ummm…fiver for the lot?’)

Oh how I miss it!

I’m currently loving wearing 15 denier tights – completely impractical and not exactly the best for the chilly sea-winds, but they make everything look instantly more lady-like and chic!My cream heels are an old Topshop pair that have danced many a night away with me! 

Desperately trying to incorporate this old Granville Road sign in to the photo! If only there had been rows of 60’s cars around too! (Modern cars just aren’t the same aesthetically!) 

Also, I believe this is the first time I ever posted only black and white photos! Which is a pity in some ways, as the image below was flooded with brilliant oranges and pink hues. However I love the retro feel that B&W gives sometimes, and it definitely helped these images flow a bit better!

Thank you to Emma for taking some beautiful shots for me, and for once again allowing me to edit to my hearts content! Be sure to check out her website ortumblr if you want to see more of her work! More soon! I’m currently having a huge Spring clean  – which I’m sure some of you can guess, will result in another eBay sale soon! I’ll keep you posted! Have a lovely weekend, Love Yours Truly, x Read More

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Painted Ponies…

By Yours Truly, xGood evening my lovelies! Apologies for my slight internet-absence, it’s been a mad fortnight!I have lots of bring you up to speed on, but unfortunately lack the energy to do so, due to a rotten cold I’ve caught! So instead I thought I would share these lovely photos that my flat-mate Becca took on a finger-numbingly cold afternoon on the Brighton Pier.Seriously…I can’t remember the last time I felt this cold! When is Spring going to show up? Talk about fashionably late! 

 After sweet talking one of the pier workers, we managed to climb aboard the abandoned carousel (because seriously…Who in their right mind would be on the pier for rides on a day this icy?!) I’m wearing my new Beyond Retro skirt – another negligee find to add to my ‘vintage-granny-nightwear-as-acceptable-daytime-attire’ collection! I love the dusty pink colour, and the pleated trim is very similar to this night-dress, which incidentally was also from Beyond Retro. 

 The soft gold top is borrowed from Becca (originally H&M) and is worn with a new ‘Rose Gold’ belt I picked up in the H&M sale last week. The fur stole is vintage, and the shell charm necklace is made up from left-overs in my jewellery box! 

 Detailed with a little ‘K’! How gorgeous are these colours together? 

 I’m also a very lucky girl, as Becca kindly did this incredible french braid halo hairstyle for me! Seriously haven’t got a clue how to do this myself, but I love it! It felt so nice to have my hair all tucked up out of the way! Becca wants to practice so she can learn to do it on herself…Of course I’ve kindly volunteered to allow her to develop her skills on me! Who knows, perhaps we can eventually persuade her to give a tutorial for Yours Truly! 

 Also worth a mention are my blinging gold brogues! I have to say every time I look at my feet I imagine an 80 year old sun-loving grandma wearing them (perhaps like this style icon) but isn’t that half the fun?! 

 Ever wondered what a freezing blogger looks like? Look no further… 

I also thought I’d share some of my recent instagrams. For those of you who don’t follow me (kerryofyourstrulyx)I try to document as much as I can from everyday life, including DIY, adorable puppies and toddlers, car boot finds, tasty grub and pretty interior decor…. 

I’ll be back in touch soon – I’ve recently been informed about the closure of Google Friend Connect, which I’m a bit panicked about, because about two thousand of you follow me via that web tool!

But worry not, I’ll do a bit of investigating and come back with some suggestions for you all!

Hope you’re all wrapped up warm!

Love Yours Truly, x Read More

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What Is Any Ocean But a Multitude Of Drops?

By Yours Truly, xI cherish my days off immensely. The chance to enjoy breakfast and not just shovel it down your throat whilst keeping one eye on the clock, or to stretch in bed for five minutes before choosing to get up.The pleasure of relaxing, reading, listening to music and padding around my flat in furry slippers,  slowly creating an ambling plan for the day ahead. The photos below were taken on such a day. Menial tasks like the post office, laundry and cleaning the kitchen were quickly completed, leaving me free as a bird for the cold afternoon. I met up with my friend Becca, and after magazine shopping (the new Lula of course!) having a tasty lunch in a side cafe, we found ourselves on the beach at low tide.  Having my camera in my bag (just in case) and the light being a beautiful dusky hue, we took it as an opportunity to capture one of the most serene evenings in Brighton I have experienced. 

 There was a chill in the air, with the faint sounds of rush hour traffic and rolling waves combined. The lights on the pier blinked and flashed silently in the distance, and the seagulls swooped for low-tide pickings. We were the only people on this stretch of beach and it felt magic. 

 It’s the smallest things which make days off like this great. I have been finding huge satisfaction in little joys as of late, and have found the more you look for them, the more they make themselves apparent. The kindness of strangers in a rain storm. Eating a fresh pear from a local market. Crocheting a multi-coloured blanket as a surprise for a friend, knowing every stitch is one stitch closer to the finished product. Buying bunches of daffodils for £1 and waking up to see them having bloomed overnight! 

 My mish-mash of an outfit (I was inspired by an older lady who comes into the tea room from time to time and the way she layers her antique pieces) consists of a dark blue floral top from Topshop, a vintage silk night dress from Beyond Retro, cream tights & socks from Atmosphere, and my favourite battered leather boots from Topshop five or so years ago. I’m also wearing my new camel coat (an eBay find to replace my battered old one!) and a vintage hand-carved mother of pearl necklace that my Mum bought as a child in Jerusalem. 

 Also worth a mention (as I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!) Joshua and I went to see Cloud Atlas this week and I have to say…It blew me away! Completely brilliant, original, compelling, exciting…ahh so many words! I ordered the book as soon as I got home and can’t wait for it to arrive! I really do recommend going and giving this film a try. It’s confusing to begin with (and Tom Hanks admittedly is extremely incoherent in parts!) but as we left the cinema, we were both so exhilarated we could scarcely pull a sentence together! 

 I’ve also been going to a few more gigs lately, and as always have enjoyed the bohemian sounds of Time for T. If you want to get a taster of what the full band is like, here is a video of Tiago and Juan playing in the snow last month. They also have a soundcloud if you enjoy that. Suffice to say, these guys are amongst my favourite musicians! 

 I think it would be fair to say it’s the small insignificancies that define us. I recall at my late Nannas funeral during the eulogies that many people mentioned things about her that she probably wouldn’t have used to describe herself.Like the fact she learnt to ride a motorbike in her 50’s (and popped a wheelie!) or the ingredients of her fruity curry, or her cheeky giggle followed by a snort! What makes your days off perfect for you? I get a taster from following other bloggers on instagram, but it’s always lovely to share the little things that make us feel most like us. 

I hope you’re all enjoying your week. Northern hemisphere readers can take heart that Spring is on it’s way!

More very soon – I have some interesting bits to show you all!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. HUGE thank you to Becca for capturing such beautiful photos in the cold!

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Fur and Gold…

By Yours Truly, xSometimes there is nothing more satisfying than feeling a little too over dressed! Daytime opulence is an interesting foray to experiment with when it comes to clothing – layering up textured fabrics with luxury accessories, or adding unexpected pieces which would normally be best suited for the midnight hours…In this instance, fur and brocade made my decadent ensemble for a trip to a Brighton exhibition with the lovely Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ and Amber of ‘Theatre of Fashion’ (what a great way to meet someone!) 

My new cigarette pants were a find in the H&M sale (I love the black-on-black texture!)
They aren’t something I would normally have chosen, and Joshua was very surprised when I showed them to him upon arriving home – but hey! Why do we like the things we do eh? No rhyme nor reason!

My princess coat and gold brogues were eBay finds, and the vanity case was from a car boot sale.

The metallic blue and gold crop blazer was originally Topshop (I have the cocktail dress to match!) however I snapped it up for a couple of quid at my favourite car boot sale.

The fur (which I think might be rabbit?) is my first real fur purchase, and something which I admit I deliberated over for a few days.
I guess I reached the conclusion, that I have no qualms against the wearing of vintage fur (something I never minded on others, but I had to cement these opinions to comfortably wear it myself) just the use of fur in modern design. Blindingly obvious stuff eh?

The vintage fur stole, with my late Nannas ring. (I really miss being able to wear nail polish! My job doesn’t allow it!)

The full ensemble…Please note the Heidi braids which I can do at last! (My hair is long enough!) Definitely a new favourite hairstyle…

So what exhibition bought those beautiful twosome down to Brighton?

The fabulous ‘Biba and Beyond‘ at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery!

For those of you who can travel and visit – I highly recommend it! For readers overseas, or too far away I tried to snap what I felt were the best bits, to share with you…

Barbara Hulanicki on Brighton fashions in the 1950s… (Dreamy or what?!)

This killed me…I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself from jumping up and stealing the mannequin! 

 The walls were littered with admiring quotes, such as this from 60’s icon Twiggy…

One of the aspects I loved most about the exhibition was how personal it seemed. A large amount of the clothes were donated by their original owners, and even had photographs to supplement the memories the wearers had of the clothes. One of my personal favourites is below…

Look at all of those prints!

Dotted around the exhibition were quotes of Biba lovers, and their memories of the infamous stores…

I love how tiny and fitted everything is! Made ideally for the young, post-war malnourished teenagers of England!

Barbara on how she fell in love with her store…

Perhaps one of my favourite features of the exhibition was the Biba make up! Anybody who has seen Lisa Eldridge’s incredible Biba make-over videos will understand my fascination with these incredibly coloured cosmetics…

Just look at those vibrant shades! Urgh! Too good!

The final wall of the exhibition…

I really recommend a visit to anyone who can! ‘Biba and Beyond’ runs until April 2013 so more than enough time to plan a day trip to B-town!

More soon, including some exciting news for anyone who is also Brighton-based!

Love Yours Truly, x 

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Back To Blogging…

By Yours Truly, xHello! My oh my it’s been a while hasn’t it? My little corner of the internet certainly has been quiet lately and I guess it’s for a combination of reasons.  First of all, the practicalities of moving and all the hassle that comes with it (packing, unpacking, re-arranging countless trinkets and books!) has been quite time-consuming! I also wanted to give myself a bit of break from the world of blogging, as I found it had started to become a bit of a chore, and I wasn’t having as much fun with it as I had previously. So before things turned sour, I took a short sabbatical of sorts, and now I’m back! Ready for Autumn (my favourite season) and all the lovely layering that comes with it! So without further ado…Let’s get back into the swing of things! I put this outfit together around the red socks… I love it being just chilly enough to wear knee-highs again! The mustard cardigan and the shorts are from H&M, and the olive hat is from Absolute Vintage.

 I recently picked up this old air hostess travel bag from a vintage shop in Brighton that was having a sale. I love how HUGE it is! I can everything I possibly need in it. It also has this amazing musty plastic-cy smell which I know I probably shouldn’t love as much as I do! The sweet little mac was a find on eBay – I love trapeze style coats! 

 Oh…and I suppose the hair should have a mention! I recently went through another ‘Gargh bored with red hair’ phase and dyed my locks a chocolatey brown – so far I like it! The red has started to peep through now too… The lipstick I’m wearing was a fairly recent purchase from MAC – it’s called ‘Chilli’ and although it’s quite drying, the colour is lovely and matt and really vibrant. 

 So what have I been up to in my months absence? Well if you follow me on instagram you may have a fairly good idea, however for anyone else, I have revelled in enjoying days out, with no concern of documenting them (admittedly a few photos did sneak in here and there!) Like this amazing view from a lunch date Joshua and I had at a beach front Italian restaurant! 

 It was a beautiful day and we really made the most of the weather, having our lunch, and then exploring nearby Hove for charity shop bargains… 

 I love these alternatively graffitied seagulls, they’re made by cleaning the wall! 

 I’ve also been raiding flea markets and car boot sales to find adornments for my new abode (photos to come soon!)Unfortunately this chap didn’t make it home with me…He was a tad too scary! 

 Stupidly I didn’t pick these up, but I am returning tomorrow in the hope they may still be there! 

 We’ve also been celebrating a couple of birthdays! Including this little lady turning one! 

 And Taylor turned four! Here we are at Legoland in the queue for quite possibly the most stomach turning ‘children’s’ ride I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience!  

 And finally, this has made me infinitely happy! I bought a beautiful Raleigh Caprice bicycle on eBay and now happily spend my days zipping around the city, on my way to work or running errands (on this particular day we went to the garden centre – hence the TWEE flowers in my basket!) I have to admit it took a bit of getting used to riding on the busy roads of Brighton, but there is nothing more liberating after a crappy day than to take a little cruise along the sea front as the sun goes down…Bliss! 

So there we have it! I’m back!

I’m up to some very exciting adventures with the lovely Kelly Marie of A Harem of Peacocks tomorrow, so no doubt I shall be sharing that with you all soon.

Thank you for your patience!

Love Yours Truly, x 

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A Donated Dress…

By Yours Truly, xGood evening my lovelies! This week has flown by, with lots to keep me busy –  it’s all go here in Brighton!However I did find the time to take a few photos of this heavenly new-to-me dress that I acquired this week!Now as you probably know following this blog, I am not a lady who is in any kind of shortage of dresses…Regardless! When this beauty was kindly offered to me, I snapped it up! 

 A delicate pale cornflower blue, with a cute floral print that could give Cath Kidston a run for her money, this dress was kindly donated by the beautiful Ruth, who (as if this wasn’t enough!) also helped me land my job at The Blackbird Tea Rooms! What a sweetheart! 

 Ruth told me the dress was a little forties number she found at a flea market, and took it up a few inches, which made it too short for her…and perfect for me! I love the floaty sleeves, and the soft, floaty fabric. 

 I wore the dress with some lacy tights from H&M, a vintage ‘sensible’ brown handbag and my Mums pearl necklace. I’m sorry if these photos are slightly out of focus – I had left the camera on manual settings when I gave it to Joshua, and didn’t realise until I was uploading the photos later on! Oops! I’m still trying to get into some sort of new routine with my blogging (everything is a bit manic right now, trying to arrange and sort a new life!) however if you want to keep up with my (nearly) daily antics you can follow me oninstagram (kerryofyourstrulyx) or twitter – as I post most of the photos there too! Here are some favourites from the last few weeks… 

 (T-B, L-R)  A rather overgrown, but non-the-less charming Brighton garden – Perfect Victory Rolls first time! I’m getting the hang of this! – My friend Emma found this adorable stuffed camel, it breaks my heart he’s not mine! – My button jar – A sneaky peak at something yet to come… – A thrifty handbag that was just too expensive for my liking…Boo! – A parasol which I couldn’t justify needing and now massively regret! – I love pink lemonade! – Sandals in the sunshine!  I also took this snap of the beach huts along the Hove sea front (aren’t they adorable?)

 And a quick bite to eat at work! Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake Brownie, with Earl Grey and Blue Flower tea…Oh what a treat! 

I have heaps more to share with you! But I think I might save it for one incredibly joyful future post!

In the meantime I hope you’re all well, and thank you for all the support and lovely comments you have given in the last few posts, you’ve made this move even happier for me.

Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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I Want Candy!

By Yours Truly, xMaybe it’s because my hair has toned down, but I’ve been feeling a new rush of creativity when getting dressed lately…Compensating for the lack of ginger perhaps! This weekend I was visiting Joshua in Brighton, where we went for a little stroll on the (freezing..don’t be fooled!) beach front! In an outfit of sickly-sweet girly tones, I wore a Topshop dress that was a bargain from eBay (and perhaps was inadvertently a homage to this recent photo shoot?) I love the candy cane stripes! 

I also managed to convince my hair to form a pretty good beehive! I was particular chuffed with this one, as I always struggle to keep it looking even and neat enough. The fascinator is from Johnny Loves Rosie (I was asked during the day if I was off to a wedding!) and my crochet handbag is from Absolute Vintage.

The shoes are ridiculously comfortable…And particularly good for dancing!

Definite outfit inspiration!Perhaps going brunette will coax me into pretty pinks and pastels?(until the red returns anyway!) 

A funny little scenario involving a fake flamingo and a nonchalant seagull hitching a ride…

We mooched around Brighton, visiting markets and some favourite shops…Does anybody else ever feel the huge desire to live inside one of the Cath Kidston stores?!I mean seriously how beautiful is this little display they’ve set up…

Joshua in a vintage cashmere polo neck, vintage velvet blazer and Topman spray on skinny jeans…Looking at second hand books!

I loved this haberdashery stalls mismatched button boxes!

It’s the perfect harmony between order and chaos!

Then when the cold got too much to stand, we slipped into The Mesmerist, where Joshua works for a hot lunch and a cheeky pint!

How cool is the wallpaper in there? (And how stupid did I feel taking a photo of it! Ha!)

Thanks for another lovely weekend Brighton!

I’ll be posting again later this week, with something a little different to what I normally do….How intriguing eh? Have a lovely week! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Home Is Wherever I’m With You…

By Yours Truly, xIt’s been a horrible rainy week! The heavens really have opened of late and I’ve found myself bored and housebound on my days off, with nothing better to occupy myself with than watching films and eating copious amounts of biscuits! Fortunately when the sun decided to show its sorry self again, I had this fabulous new frock to wear! 

My friends Margaux and Alec (one of the coolest couples I have the pleasure of knowing!) have recently started up a wonderful new vintage business called ‘The Splendid Suitcase‘ and their finds are just so beautiful! Although they’re just starting out there are plenty of treasures, so be sure to have a peek!
 This fifties dress has such a pretty autumnal print, I just knew it belonged in my wardrobe!I’m wearing it with my new H&M stole, old Topshop heels and vintage Dior stockings. The brooch was my Grandmothers.

I’ll be interviewing Margaux and Alec soon, to reveal all the goings on with their new vintage venture, and offering my lovely readers an exclusive offer for their beautiful items! So keep popping back!

Recently I went on afternoon visit to Bray with Josh’s parents to have some afternoon tea at the Church Parish and wander around the beautiful little village, here are some of my favourite photos of the day…

There are so many gorgeous rose bushes!

 A pretty little boat on the Thames… 

 Can you get more quintessentially English countryside than a welly stand outside your front door?! 

And finally…The house that literally took my breath away! (My future dream home! Ha!)

It’s just too quaint to be true! Hope you’re all having a lovely week, more soon! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Victory Curls…

By Yours Truly, xSo as my hair slowly but surely grows I feel more and more inclined to experiment with retro hairstyles. Todays choice? Victory Curls! 

After viewing a very helpful tutorial from this blog I decided to attempt it myself, and I was quite satisfied with the results! Considering it was my first try, and my hair is significantly shorter than the tutors! It definitely takes a bit of practice mind…

The skirt I’m wearing is vintage, from The Barn in Newbury. I instantly was reminded of liquorice allsorts and Tim Burton films when I saw it, so I knew it had to come home with me!The blouse is Topshop, the cardigan H&M, and I’m wearing my Mums vintage pearls.

Today I met up with my friend Omi for a bit of lunch and a mooch around town, before going to visit my boyfriends parents for the evening. His Dad even fixed my handbag when the screw on the handle broke! In return I helped them with some computer confusion they’d been having!

My laptop whirrs on, though it’s still overheating (so hot I’m pretty certain I could make pancakes on it!) I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new one soon. Also this week I’ve had a really rotten cough which is not only ripping my throat to shreds but disturbing my sleep…not a happy bunny about that! Thank you to everyone who has been sending me lovely emails and tumblr messages lately, I’ll try and reply to you all soon! Love Yours Truly, x 

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She was always so well beehived…

By Yours Truly, xGood Morning my lovelies! So here is the tutorial of sorts that I’ve been promising you guys. By no means do I claim to be any kind of professional when it comes to hair! I just do what works for me and, yes, whilst growing my locks out – the backs of my beehives are so very messy! Lots of kirby grips! But..I don’t have to see the back of my head do I! Ha! I’ve tried to break it down into easy steps, and at the end of this post is a little video of the entire process. Again….by no means professional!  Step 1. Beehives work best with unwashed hair, but they can still be done with clean hair, you just need to dirty it up a little bit!I start off by spraying my roots with Dry Shampoo and rubbing it in thoroughly. It gives your hair a drier texture to work with.  

Step 2. I then spray L’oreal Elnett Hairspray (I hate to promote a certain brand, but this is hands down the best hairspray I’ve brushes out easily, isn’t sticky and gives great hold!) on a hairbrush and brush it throughout my hair. Again this is just to help give your hair some texture, which for fine haired ladies like me, is a necessary step! Step 3. I then proceed to grab chunks of my hair from the crown, and using my brush backcomb thoroughly.I’ve tried to show in the video the correct way to backcomb. If you do it right then it’s so much easier to brush out. You should only ever move the brush/comb downwards. And every new stroke you start at the top and work your way downwards again. 

Step 4. I then use a comb to refine the shape of the backcombing, and try to start shaping the beehive. 

Step 5. Using your hands or perhaps a comb, gather up all the backcombed hair and twist the tips together.Holding the twisted part against the back of your head, push upwards so that the hair bouffants into a beehive shape – don’t worry if you have gaps etc, we’ll sort those out!

Step 6. To secure use two kirby grips, securing one from L-R and the other R-L. Spritz with hairspray. You can use a comb at this point to smooth out the shape of your beehive and then finish with hairspray. Step 7. Using a comb, pull back the side parts of your hair and secure with hairspray, then kirby grips. Step 8. Spray the sections left loose at the back of your head and then twist into coils which can lay flat against your head, secure with kirby grips. Because my hair is still quite short this can be quite messy looking, but hopefully longer haired ladies will find this a doddle!

Step 9. Once all hair is secure, I like to curl my fringe, but it’s of course optional! Just give your hair a good spritz of hair spray and you’re good to go! Hopefully that makes some sense – if not the video may help too!  Lots to show you all very soon!Including some items that I am selling on eBay and some interviews with some great bloggers! Love Yours Truly, x