Working Class Hero…

I’d like to think that December is a mad-busy month for everyone, what with all those presents to buy and wrap, parties and dinners to attend and the fact that even a quick trip to the shops for a few necessities can take hours as you battle through the crowds!
With all that being said, I was a little surprised to have received two separate emails this week asking where I was! Ha!
First of all, I’d like you all to know that if the day ever comes when I decide that I don’t want to blog any more, I would certainly inform you and not just slip out of the back door!
However this is currently not the case, and in explanation for my brief absence – I have been working a lot more than usual, and blogging has taken a bit of a back-burner position in favour of earning pennies for all those Christmas expenses!
On my sporadic days off however, I have been snapping still! These photos were taken during the last couple of weeks. I’ve been torn between practicality of wrapping up against the fierce cold, and my love for winter shorts!
My tweed blazer was from Brightons Vintage Nation event earlier on in the year (Joshua found it for me! What a star!) worn with a high neck blouse I found on eBay, and some Topshop shorts from a couple of years ago…Fortunately these thick wooly tights from Primark keep my legs relatively warm!
I’ve also recently re-discovered this rabbit-charm necklace. I cut off his pearly-bead tail and now find myself wearing him all the time!
(Hair still photographs gingery despite being more and more brunette in real life – argh!)
On another recent day off, I tottered off to nearby Lewes with some of the lovely ladies I work with at the Blackbird Tea Rooms. We had a lovely day out despite the bracing weather!
First port of call was some lunch! We chose to dine at the lovely Bills (I always enjoy the food and atmosphere!)
Kate and Stephanie…
Myself, Becca and Chloe…
We then set off exploring Lewes numerous antique shops, where I spotted, and promptly fell head over heels in love with this little guy! Isn’t he amazing?
Next was a good rummage in the huge Lewes Antiques Centre. On this occasion it wasn’t entirely fruitful for me (I walked away with just a miniature wicker basket) but I still enjoyed having a mooch…
Were it not for the price I would have loved to have taken one of these thick eiderdowns home with me, such gorgeous fabrics!
Cute soap holder anyone?
With four or five floors full of trinkets and antiquity to look at, we were certainly kept busy for an hour or so!
This antique little cupboard was also a heart-breaker. Much as I loved it, I couldn’t justify £60…Boo!
The ladies all wrapped up warm outside (Chloe showing off her little bag of vintage baubles!)
We then discovered a beautiful little boutique called ‘Scarlett Rage Vintage’ which was filled with heavenly vintage…Look at those vintage Louis Vuitton cases!
Admiring a beetle brooch…
Chloe and the dresses!
After a good natter with the shops owner (who oddly knew the owner of our tea rooms! Small world!)  we set off home just as the sun began to set on Lewes…
What a beautiful afternoon!
So there we go! I’m not dead/in prison/no longer blogging…I’ve just been keeping busy in other ways!
I do have some ideas for some future posts though, so fear not, I’ll be back soon!
Keep warm!
Love Yours Truly, x

When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons, by all means you could make lemonade. Or you could just sod the lemons and change your life altogether!
About three weeks ago I found myself in an office meeting being made redundant, which came very much out of the blue (for me anyway). It is obviously ghastly and terrifying to find yourself suddenly without a job, especially as I have personally not been unemployed in the ten years since I got my first job!
Now I like to regard myself as a ‘sunny-side-up/glass-half-full’ kind of person, so once I got over the shock of this decision, I started to think about my life in an objective kind of way.
And only one choice seemed obvious to me…
Move to Brighton! Hooray!
As some of my long-time readers may know, although I have frequently visited Brighton over the last 18 months or so (where my boyfriend, Joshua lives) I didn’t (until very recently!) live here. The change to my life is dramatic, and almost overnight – it makes me so happy to be here for so many reasons!
So to celebrate we took some very cheesy outfit photos near the Brighton Pier! 
I’m wearing a beautiful Topshop playsuit I found on eBay as a top, with a vintage cream skirt and that cream vanity case which just seems to follow me everywhere!
The dark red sandals were an absolute bargain from Primark – which was unusual for me as I don’t normally shop there.

Since arriving in Brighton I have been pretty much wearing my hair in this style (or something similar) every day! So fuss free and easy!

An over-exposed close up on the beautiful embroidery detailing on the playsuit. The iris necklace was my Nannas, and the sunglasses are H&M.

Now I know what you may have been wondering, sure – move to Brighton, but what about a job?

Well very fortunately I found that I landed on my feet quite quickly there! I am currently working in the beautiful ‘Blackbird Tea Rooms‘ near Brightons South Lanes.

 I thought I would take a couple of snaps to show you all just how lovely this charming establishment is…

Owned by two Antique and Vintage enthusiasts with years of experience in running sales and fairs of the ‘old-fashioned’ variety, the walls of the tea room make for very interesting viewing. I love this shelving unit of old food and tea tins…

And the mish-mash china that the tea is served on is adorable too! 
The main counter, the top of which is made up of old school tables from a science department!

The heavenly (dribble) cakes which are made fresh on the premises by our very talented Alberto!
I’m slowly working my way through the lot (so far the Bakewell Tart and Banana Passion Cake have been favourites!)

The upstairs has beautiful birds of paradise wallpaper, and so many adornments on the wall for you to admire whilst you sip on your cup of Darjeeling!

The more I explore whilst working, the more amazed I am to find that practically everything is antique! Right down to the light switches or tea spoons! 

The table dressings are all wonderful, delicate hand-made lace affairs, with fresh flowers held in jam jars or drinking glasses….

Joshua and I getting stuck in to the Banana Passion Cake….Blimey that’s good cake!

And it’s decorated with edible flowers! How sweet?!

Debating another slice perhaps?

And because it’s my favourite, I had to share this framed photo with you! I just love the look on the woman in the foregrounds face, and the girl with the batwing sleeves in the background. Also the couple in the middle about to have a passionate kiss…So much goodness in one photo!

So there we have it! A huge change in my life, but I can honestly say that so far I have loved being down here. Now all I have to do is find my own place (currently staying at Josh’s) and get all my stuff down here!
Perhaps then it will really feel ‘real’ and not like I’m just on holiday again!
More very soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your….Kiss!

Hello lovelies!
I’m just home recovering from a very long and busy weekend in Brighton with the boy!
We squeezed so much into such a short amount of time I’m amazed we aren’t passed out with exhaustion!

This outfit was a bit of lazy day effort, based purely on comfort and warmth! The cravat and bag are Joshua’s, and the other bits I’m wearing are actually all high street finds – a rarity for this blog!
Once again I was stopping pedestrians with my silly outfit photos…Oops!
One of our favourite finds this weekend is the relatively new Snoopers Attic, which is situated above Snoopers Paradise (previously featured HERE) in the Brighton Laines.

The shop is so beautiful and feminine, hosting a whole heap of concession designers and vintage, all displayed in an intricate, ornate manner.
It’s so floaty and gorgeous up there!
I was giving this dress some serious consideration! Isn’t the floral design gorgeous?

Dotted about, are odds and ends of antique furniture, including this gorgeous 1970’s bamboo chair…

And this adorable mirror…
The entire floor has a real ‘shabby chic’ feel, as shown with these handmade dressing room curtains and lace bunting…

Joshua is having a mooch in the background whilst I squint away taking photos for you all! Ha!

If you’re anything like me, and love all things pretty and vintage, then I thoroughly suggest you pay the lovely Snoopers Attic a visit! It’s too lovely not to!

A few other photos I like from our weekend include this stunning vintage car parked near the back of a supermarket no less!
It was in such great condition…

And Joshua after his Sunday league football game (in his vintage Adidas zip-up!) …Looking tired and a bit dishevelled after one of the other players accidentally broke his sunglasses!
I felt like such a Wag cheering him on at the sidelines!

We also went out one night for a bit of a dance, and for Joshua to perform with one of his bands, The Steady Man Band.
I wore this little ensemble whilst I boogied about…and also beat my man at a game of pool for the first time! Whoo!

All I can think of when I see that photo is ‘Tuxedo Junction’ a tune by Glenn Miller, it’s too perfect a title!
I hope you’ve been having a lovely week too!
More soon, including another blogger interview and a giveaway!
Love Yours Truly, x 

The Last Days of Summer…

The south of England is currently experiencing what the papers are referring to as an ‘Indian Summer’. A last little burst of sunshine before the dark months of winter descend!
Well obviously one must take advantage of such occasions!

Oddly enough my outfit is nearly entirely composed from items found in ‘Absolute Vintage’ on Brick Lane, all bought on separate occasions!
I adore this green felt hat, it’s quite possibly my favourite head adornment and matches my hair rather well too!

The dress has featured a few times on this blog and is definitely a firm favourite! It’s so much more wearable since I took the full sleeves off, keeping a 1940’s style cap sleeve instead.
My hairstyle was achieved by just using straighteners to curl the ends of my hair, before a bit of back-combing and pouffing!

A couple of weeks ago when Joshua was home visiting we went for an amble up the road to a couple of vintage shops which are near his home. I can’t believe that a village so small has TWO vintage haunts and yet my entire town doesn’t even have one! Unbelievable eh?

I loved all of these medicinal bottles outside, with a bit of a clean and a polish they would be great homely decorations!

And how nostalgic are these (out of focus, sorry guys!) hockey sticks and golf clubs?
I hated playing hockey in P.E. as I always ended up bruised (I bruise like a peach!) and bashed to bits, but I did rather like the old hockey sticks the school provided for us – they were so ancient!

A green cut glass vanity table set! Gorgeous!

I pined for these old cinema style seats (centre) I love the idea that you could put them somewhere without much space, like a hallway for people to use as they put on their shoes!

Practically a living room rather than a shop!

There is something within me that obsesses about vintage suitcases! I’m currently on a self inflicted ban from buying anymore for now though… I have no more room for them!
Though they do make fantastic storage for shoes and bags…Hmmm…

Joshua loved this art deco light…It certainly is dramatic!

Vintage skull wall mounts…Loads!


If we pop back another time I’ll definitely get some more photos. I was a bit nervous that the owner wouldn’t approve so I was being rather sneaky with these shots! Whoops!
Hope you’re all having a lovely week,
Love Yours Truly, x

Home Is Wherever I’m With You…

It’s been a horrible rainy week! The heavens really have opened of late and I’ve found myself bored and housebound on my days off, with nothing better to occupy myself with than watching films and eating copious amounts of biscuits!
Fortunately when the sun decided to show its sorry self again, I had this fabulous new frock to wear!

My friends Margaux and Alec (one of the coolest couples I have the pleasure of knowing!) have recently started up a wonderful new vintage business called ‘The Splendid Suitcase‘ and their finds are just so beautiful! Although they’re just starting out there are plenty of treasures, so be sure to have a peek!

This fifties dress has such a pretty autumnal print, I just knew it belonged in my wardrobe!
I’m wearing it with my new H&M stole, old Topshop heels and vintage Dior stockings. The brooch was my Grandmothers.

I’ll be interviewing Margaux and Alec soon, to reveal all the goings on with their new vintage venture, and offering my lovely readers an exclusive offer for their beautiful items! So keep popping back!

Recently I went on afternoon visit to Bray with Josh’s parents to have some afternoon tea at the Church Parish and wander around the beautiful little village, here are some of my favourite photos of the day…

There are so many gorgeous rose bushes!

A pretty little boat on the Thames…
Can you get more quintessentially English countryside than a welly stand outside your front door?!

And finally…The house that literally took my breath away! (My future dream home! Ha!)

It’s just too quaint to be true!
Hope you’re all having a lovely week, more soon!
Love Yours Truly, x 

The Darling Buds of May…

I could get used to all of this glorious sunshine! Even if it means tolerating the occasional gale force wind…
I was visiting my man in Brighton this weekend, after meeting him in London to watch hisBAND play a gig. They were so great! My throat was a little hoarse afterwards from the copious amounts of supportive cheering!

This dress was from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane, London last Summer. You may recognise it from earlier posts, only since then I have taken the sleeves up to give it a prettier, wartime feel, and to be honest it’s made it much more wearable too.

I’m wearing it with a H&M cream cardigan, my charity shop ‘Cat-astrophe’ bag (as Josh calls it!) and my favourite ever brogues. I’ve actually stopped wearing them as much, so that I don’t destroy them!
And yes, I am accessorising with a massive bruise. I bruise like a peach and spending half of my time working in a stock room only exacerbates the situation!

How gorgeous are the Pavilion Gardens?

And the Pavilion too for that matter! I always gawp at it’s intricate detailing as we walk home…

We had an Italian lunch in a little side cafe, perhaps a warm up to our holiday in Viareggio later this year?

Josh is wearing his new Urban Outfitters shades, a vintage waistcoat and Topman floral shirt.

Perhaps I should explain my slightly glum look in the photo above. We had stopped in at the ‘Frock Me’ Vintage sale, in the Corn Exchange prior to lunch.
Everywhere you looked there was incredibly beautiful, great quality vintage…the only down side? The prices! Alas they were pretty steep to be honest.
I am looking glum, because after paying off the last big wad off of my holiday this month, I’m now having to watch my pennies, and NO Vintage Grape Woven Handbag! (below left) No matter HOW BEAUTIFUL you are…you’re just too much to spend my money on right now…(£35 weep weep!)


On the plus side though, it was really great to have a rummage, and the fair will be back in Brighton on the 5th of June. For the rest of the dates of the fair, which also appears in Chelsea London, visit the link at the bottom of this post.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stylish women crammed in such close proximity before!

If you want to attend one of the Vintage Fairs go HERE for dates. Just save your pennies unless you want to look glum like me!
More soon lovelies,
And a continuing welcome to all new readers! Thank you muchly!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Tea for Two…

So after working through the madness of Christmas and the New Year Sales, I booked myself a little five day break for the end of January with the intention of spending time with my man, shopping and having ourselves some adventures in London & Brighton
We started off in London, staying at the gorgeous Park Grand Hotel in Paddington and visiting ‘Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum’, which was so much fun!
Copious amounts of shopping in the best vintage haunts was also ticked off the to-do list!
Amongst some of my new purchases, is this gorgeous red felt hat, and red box pleat skirt. I seem to be having a real love affair with rouge lately!

And just look at the beautiful handbag my man bought for me – isn’t it just stunning?

It’s one of a kind, hand embroidered and in such incredible condition! I’m in love with it!
We visited a beautiful Art Deco tea room as well, where they were playing Ella Fitzgerald and a vanity makeup table across from us were tucking into afternoon scones!
How wonderfully British eh?
My cup of tea was pink!
(Apologies for some of the photos being cropped! Open in a new window to see them in all their glory!)

It was a white tea and rose infusion, though if I’m honest it did taste a little too floral for my liking!
We also relished the opportunity to tuck into some delicious Rose & Pistachio macaroons!
(How adorable is the mismatched crockery?!)
And as ever I felt it my duty to report back to you all about a fabulous vintage shop I discovered on my travels!
Named very appropriately…This Shop Rocks!
Situated near Brick Lane, London (nearest tube stop is Liverpool Street)
I was so overwhelmed by the spectacular quality and choice that this little treasure trove of a shop offered…
Plus there was a sale on!
(Joshua patiently waiting whilst I, foaming at the mouth, take photos of all the gorgeous vintage!)
I was especially drawn to the beautiful collection of hats and fascinators on offer, such an unusual array of accessories!
There is quite literally too much to look at!
Personally I think anyone who is particularly fond of 1950’s vintage or who perhaps has a soft spot for headwear should definitely pay this little shop a visit.
It’s just wonderful eye candy!
And for the quality of the stock available I found the prices to be reasonable and fair.
More very soon – including that beehive tutorial…I promise!!
Love Yours Truly, x

Brighton Rock…

There is nothing like Brighton on a sunny day!
Miraculously we were blessed with clear blues skies and bright sunshine which despite the slightly brisk wind, was wonderful! I can’t be the only one itching for Summer now?
The dress is from Topshop, as are the white brogues.
The homemade cardigan I picked up at a flea market in Berlin.
Now how perfectly do my tights match the paint? I wish I could say I planned it, but I’m just not that prepared!

The vanity case is vintage, it belonged to my Mum in her teens. I’ve only recently started using is again as the original strap had snapped as I walked across a zebra crossing (Everything flew everywhere and I had to hold up the traffic whilst recovering my lipsticks and pennies!)
It’s good as new again now with a vintage headscarf creating a makeshift handle!

We spent the morning having a mooch around vintage shops and markets – the pictures below are from the ‘To Be Worn Again’ warehouse. What a treasure trove!

It was then off for a sweet treat in this adorable ice cream parlour ‘Scoop & Crumb’ just off the sea front.
They sell gorgeous organic ice creams, that are made on the premises in a whole array of tasty flavours!

I stood for an embarrassingly long time trying to contemplate the life changing decision of which flavours to chose…
And the winners? Proper Chocolatey and Fresh Banana Chocolate Crunch…

And what would a trip to the seaside be without a stroll along the promenade?

How adorable is this little guy? He popped over to say hello and pose!

Ours (and others) footsteps…
It was quite possibly one of the loveliest lazy days I’ve ever spent. It’s so nice to not be in a mad rush sometimes!
More very soon – including the Beehive Tutorial!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Snoopers Paradise…

Well first of all! The outfit!
I found this fabulous felt hat in Absolute Vintage, Brick Lane.
The shirt was bought without a thought, I knew I loved it’s garish britishness instantly!
And for one pound? Well it would be terribly rude not to!

My sister gave me the cardigan in trade for one that I no longer wore, and the shorts are from my Topshop uniform.

As of late, I find myself spending more and more time in Brighton.
It’s like London without the fumes, rudeness and with a beach thrown in for good measure!

I love waking up to the sound of seagulls outside, having a little cooked breakfast in a side street cafe, before meandering about the Lanes, where all the vintage, boutique and book shops can be found.
One of my favourite places to explore whilst milling about the Lanes, is ‘Snoopers Paradise’.
A huge treasure trove of stalls filled to the brim with vintage oddities.

Each stall is packed full of interesting little bits and pieces, that definitely require a ‘snoop’!

There is also furniture, clothing and hundreds of books available, as well as accessories, homeware, photos, paintings and records.

I loved these vintage cookbooks!

And I longed to take all these fabulous penguin books home with me! (sorry for the blurry photo!)

If you ever find yourself heading towards Brighton (and I would strongly recommend that you do!) Then Snoopers is definitely worth a visit from any vintage loving lady!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x