Short & Sweet… – Yours Truly

It started with a rainy day in Brighton. Soaked to the skin by an unexpected storm (we borrowed the umbrellas below!) I found myself exasperated at the state of my hair! Bad hair days were becoming an annoyingly regular occurrence, and I didn’t really like my hair unless it was tied up – never a good sign! So I decided to finally take the plunge and do something I had been considering for a few months… After drying off at home and enjoying a nice cup of tea for morale,  I enlisted the help of my dear friends Becca and Sam, who were all too willing to help! With Becca armed with a pair of £1 hair scissors, and Sam with his (considerably more expensive!) camera, we spent a rainy afternoon doing the following… I love that video! Sam perfectly captures the care-free attitude of the whole hair cut! I’m not very precious about my hair (perhaps as a result of my shaved head in 2007!)  I’m not really bothered as long as it doesn’t look too horrific! Fortunately Becca is incredibly meticulous and patiently spent a good twenty minutes ensuring all my blunt cropped ends were even! She certainly gave it a lot more attention and care than I would have, had I endeavoured to cut my own hair! And we made a gloriously hairy mess in the bathroom too!  Posing with my impromptu hairdresser! I love my new hair cut! So there we have it! My short absence explained with a fantastic video via Sam Luck! We all had so much fun doing this little project we have decided to collaborate on further projects over the Summer! Much more to show you soon, but for now I’m off to flick my freshly cut tresses around!


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