Sisters and Seasides… – Yours Truly

Sorry to have been so awfully neglectful this month! I’ve been whizzing about the country having some fantastic adventures, some of which I will document for you soon. In the meantime my younger sister came over to visit tonight. We are chalk and cheese! Personally I don’t think we look anything alike, but we’re regularly told otherwise! It was so nice to have a little catch up, as we don’t see each other as often as we could due to work obligations.

Whilst growing out my hair for one of my closest friends weddings, I’m trying to get experimental with curling tongs and backcombing! I wish I could figure out how to successfully tame my hair into pin curls!

The blouse is from a charity shop and cost £1.00! Incredible huh? The shorts are Topshop uniform, and the Iris necklace was inherited from my Nanna.

After a quick catch up, my sister nipped off for a cup of tea with some friends, leaving me to work on a little project I have been working on since late Summer. It started in Berlin, in a little flea market. There I bought an old black and white photo of a couple on the beach. Since then I have been rummaging through photo boxes in Brighton, London and anywhere else where I might spy one! I want to have as many seaside photos as possible, and then eventually frame them in a large vintage frame! I love the character and ‘britishness’ these photos hold, though it never fails to sadden me somewhat looking through the piles and piles of ‘forgotten’ photos…who were these people? And how did their photos end up in a flea market?

Here is the full collection I have so far below, including the boy in the striped top, which was a present from Joshua, and two right from the that, is my Dad and his family on a trip to the seafront! ( I also love the inbetween shot of the girl waving seaweed above her Dads head!)

This little project has been so much fun I’m already planning a few other frames..’Snazzy Dressers’ and ‘Family & Pets’ were two other themes I thought would be successful. Until then, wrap up warm!

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