So much more than just a designer… – Yours Truly

Today my sister rang me and told me the news about Alexander McQueen. I was stunned to tears. I just could not believe it. McQueen was one of the very first designers I fell in love with when fashion took its hold on me. He wasn’t just a designer. He was a visionary, an artist, and an explorer who took us, with each collection, to new, unchartered territory of such monumental beauty. On my very first visit to Old Bond Street, his was the first REAL designer boutique I had ever stepped in, and after exiting I had to ring my Mum I was so delirious with excitement! THERE within TOUCHING distance from my fingers, were dresses from his recent collection. Dresses which I had seen in countless photographs and adored on a digital screen. The doorman held the door open for me, the sales clerk said she liked my hair. And I was in a room surrounded by so many countless beautiful designs, it was all a bit too much. So today I am so very deeply saddened, and find my eyes still welling up at the thought of fashion without Lee McQueen. And on a very selfish note, of which I almost ashamed to admit…I am truly heartbroken that I can no longer look forward to his latest collections with the passing of each season.

He was one of the greats of our time, and shall undoubtedly be missed beyond measure.