Socks & Sandals! – Yours Truly

Ahhh the great British sunshine! So rarely seen, and yet should it decide to peep out behind a cloud, we’re instantly stripping off and ending the day with pink limbs with white lines askew upon them! I love British past times (so much so I once dedicated an entire collection to them in my degree!) Stamp collecting, fishing, butterfly pressing and all those other whimsical little British hobbies definitely get the thumbs up in my opinion. So I thought I would try a favourite fashion faux pas of the British…socks and sandals!

Granted my socks aren’t white and bobbled, and I haven’t accessorised with a knotted hanky on my head, but I have to admit…I quite LIKE it! I think it looks a little ‘Annie Hall’ and a slightly quirky alternative to pumps or brogues..then again I could be terribly wrong!
The shirt is ‘borrowed’ from a male friend, I love the slightly oversized fit..I think I should start shopping more in menswear departments. The shorts are the depended upon Topshop favourites. I thought I would also show you some new additions to my jewellery collection! The Saracen sword and coffee pot are both from my Nanna, and I believe she acquired them during her stay in Jerusalem. I love the little sword – it’s so intricate! The ladybug was from Topshop, isn’t it sweet? Now if my socks and sandals hasn’t left you reeling, you might not mind taking two minutes to vote for me for ELLE magazines ‘Shopgirl to Stylist’ competition. I’m currently in no.3 position with the votes, so please help me get to number 1! The link is HERE! Have a lovely evening, I have more sorting and packing to do! (I’m moving back to my parents house for a while to those who enquired!)