Something Old, Something New… – Yours Truly

Two posts in one week! Oh my! On Sunday of the weekend just gone, I spent the morning walking around Brighton fabric hunting and eating bread pudding from a paper bag, whilst Josh was at his football training (I love going to the matches, but watching men hop about and stretch for 2 hours?! No thank you…) I wore this little outfit, but it was hidden under my huge winter coat. Not wanting it to go to waste Josh and I cleared some space in his room and took some photos. Now I love being a smiley blogger, however for these photos, I decided to try something a bit new and attempt some serious pouting, because… A. I want to keep this blog fresh and evolving B. We were inside and no people were walking past gawping (I get so embarrassed sometimes!) C. I felt the outfit deserved it!

The blazer, blouse and silk knickers are all eBay bargain finds. I seem to be buying more and more neutral tones lately, which makes matching them a doddle! The jewellery was my Nannas and Grandads (his signature ring is on the middle chain)

My brogues were kindly given to me by Modcloth, and the socks are H&M. I loved the colour instantly!

Well there’s certainly no doubt I’m a brunette now! (Hurumph)

After the photos were taken, I thought it would be interesting to try and trace back my train of thought, and find some images that could have subconsciously inspired me from the files on my laptop. For your viewing pleasure in a humble little mood board below…

It’s really hard to pin point where your inspiration comes from, but I think for this outfit I can definitely cite films like ‘Coco Avant Chanel’ ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as subtle influences, as well as Jessica De Lotz (this jeweller is endlessly inspiring to me!) and Victorian undergarments. I love the concept of underwear as outerwear, but it can be very tricky to pull off! I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post, I hope to produce a few more like this, as it was fun to do something different.

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