Sparklers, Hearts and Friends… – Yours Truly

It’s been a bit longer than usual since my last post, so apologies for that, but I’ve just been mad busy! I started my new job today, which went pretty well! It’s more money and weekends off so I’ll be able to get down to see that curly hair chap I’m rather fond of a bit more regularly! Yay! This weekend just gone, I popped down for a little visit…

I’m wearing a Topshop polka-dot tutu skirt with heart print stockings and my favourite white brogues…

And my new blouse is from ASOS! I love how frilly and girly and Victorian-esque it is!

This photo was taken as a stream of people were walking behind Joshua as he took the photos.It’s ever so embarrassing, as strangers clearly haven’t a clue that, no…You’re not cherishing your moment with the Shrubbery…You’re merely another blogger!

If you remember in a previous post I mentioned the new Brighton Wheel, right on the sea front. Well we finally went up it..Though by the time we did it was pretty dark!

You go around a few times, with a fantastic view of Brighton, and with lovely commentary from Steve Coogan, (who lives in nearby Hove) informing you of historical and cultural facts about Brighton!
Looking a little weather-beaten… On the Saturday night, we (along with what seemed like the whole of Brighton!) celebrated the 5th of November, having an intimate little party at a friends house. They laid out a whole feast of tasty treats including homemade stuffing, mulled wine and toffee apples! I took a disposable camera along too, so more photos to come another time! We also played with sparklers in the garden! This is my nearly complete star!

Trying to write ‘Yours Truly’…A little ambitious perhaps!

Joe with his angel wings!

Then the next morning it was up bright and early to trundle off to the Frock Me! Vintage fair, held at the Brighton Corn Exchange. There was also an old fashioned rally going on throughout Brighton, and we kept seeing these fantastic cars everywhere we walked!
I also spied this adorable dolls house in a shop window, displaying the new collection of jewellery..What a cute idea!
Inside the vintage fair I bought a few little bits and pieces, and also said hello to some of the exhibiters I knew… This is Victoria on her stand ‘The Wendy House’
They also have a fantastic etsy shop should you fancy a peek! They’re also the subjects of my next blogger interview, so keep your eyes peeled for that too! I hope you’re having a lovely week! Ps. I won’t leave it so long next time 😉

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