Spending those hard earned pennies! – Yours Truly

Well as promised I thought I would show you some of the bits I have been splurging on lately, which has consequently left me rather short for the rest of the month! Oops! Firstly I picked up this adorable crocheted box bag from Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane – a vintage shop which I am rather embarrassed to say I had never got round to visiting before – what an idiot I was! The whole place was packed full of really unusual, good quality vintage at quite reasonable prices. This little number set me back £20, and although I didn’t pick it up initially I knew I had to race back later to buy it or regret it immensely upon getting home!

I then had to finally make these adorable white brogues mine! I love their 1923’s lawn tennis style – and the cute folk pattern on the fronts. I’m just trying my best not to scuff them up and ruin them!

A couple of weekends ago I went along with some friends to a Sue Ryder sale (Sue Ryder is a British charity that regularly holds sales to raise funds for the charity and its work – you can get ANYTHING there!) Stupidly, though perhaps subconsciously, I forgot to withdraw any cash before we left so I only had a couple of quid in my purse to spend. Non the less I picked up some adorable bargains including this sweet little pinny (perfect for a bit of afternoon baking!)

A couple of table clothes, one with adorable cross stitch detailing, and the other a circular lace…

Which is now adorning the drawers I use as a bed side table! (I’ve also put up the framed portrait of Dylan Thomas that belonged to my Grandfather)

At the sale my friend Lexi picked me an awesome belated birthday present – Ah Judy!! What an awesome present!

And lastly I nabbed this tea tray, knowing that when I move out I will have to find a kitchen that suits it!

So there we go, nothing too outrageous but I think it’s the little pleasures that please us most sometimes!