Style File – Frida Kahlo – Yours Truly

Firstly, thank you all for your patience at my lack of posting. Good news is that I am finally all moved into my parents home, and have almost got my new room to some sort of normality (though in desperate need of a chest of drawers!) Internet for my laptop is sorted too now – ahhh the bliss of being able to type in bed! I realised it was a while since I had last done a Style File, so to kick them off again, I chose one of my own personal style heroes, the wonderful Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

I have long loved the life and art of Frida. A horrific accident in her teen years that plagued the rest of her life with poor health. The romance and treachery of her beloved husband Diego. The unfathomably beautiful art she created, soft as a whisper, sharp as glass.

As so many of my personal icons can be described, Frida was truly ahead of her time. Bold, uncompromising and with a strong sense of her country, its politics and her place within it. Hers is truly a fascinating story.

And as for the clothes! WELL! Just how fabulous are those colours? The deep and bold teamed with heaps of jewellery and fresh flowers in bound hair. The traditional Mexican fabrics, draped scarves and shawls, and of course, that instantly recognisable mono-brow!

A woman so utterly comfortable in her own skin, is so rarely seen in these modern times. I highly recommend you look up her art if you are not already familiar, and if reading books isn’t your thing – the biopic starring Selma Hayek (how she didn’t win the oscar I don’t know!) is truly astonishing.